Pinnacle Group stands up business for conservative candidates


From the looks of it, the new campaign consultancy Pinnacle Group AK is going to be busy in 2018.

While talking about their plans for their just-launched “campaigns for conservatives” business, Rick Whitbeck and Zach Freeman fielded yet another inquiry from a candidate needing their help. That makes five, and they only opened for business on Monday.

For a start-up, that’s beginning to feel like they’ll hit capacity within a few weeks.

“I feel busy already,” said Freeman, who came over from a company that has been active in campaigns in Alaska, but is not Alaska-based.

Freeman and Whitbeck are providing wrap-around campaign services and strategy, including web development, platform messaging and training, event and fundraiser planning, social media management, video, audio, and graphic design, media placement, reporting and administrative support.

But they’re only taking candidates who represent conservative values.

Rick Whitbeck

“Our goal is to elevate conservative candidates and causes, and help them be successful,” said Whitbeck, who has a long history with the Alaska Republican Party. He served on the State Central Committee for over 20 years, the past year and a half as vice chair of the party.

He also has 25 years of sales and business development experience, and has worked on many Republican campaigns since his days as the head of College Republicans in Alaska.

Zach Freeman

Since getting his start in Alaska in 2012, Freeman has been busy helping non-profit advocacy groups and conservative issues. A graduate of Liberty University in Virginia, he has been based out of Seattle, but spends half of his time in Alaska these days. He has a strong graphic and design background, and a knack for strategy.

Asked what the overall theme is for Pinnacle Group AK, and the two said that they only work for one side, the conservative side, and their goal is to move government incrementally toward conservative leadership.

They also want to provide affordable services to the right candidates.

“Realistic pricing for the Alaskan market place,” Whitbeck said would be one differentiator. “You just can’t charge $75,000 for a House race in Alaska — the money is just not there.”

Other companies that operate in the campaign management arena are Hackney and Hackney, Hellenthal, Fire Island Strategies, PS Strategies, Brilliant Media, and on the liberal end of the spectrum, Gov. Bill Walker’s choice, Ship Creek Group, and its partner company Lottsfeldt Strategies, owner of MidnightSunAk political blog.

Several individuals also manage and assist campaigns as a part-time business.