AK Dems took money from Franken PAC



The Alaska Democratic Party was a beneficiary of Sen. Al Franken’s political action committee, “Midwest Values.” Some $2,500 went from the PAC to the ADP.

Franken has recently been accused of sexual misconduct by more than one woman and is under pressure to resign from the Senate.

Another Alaska recipient of Franken’s PAC money was former Sen. Mark Begich, who was trying to hold onto his seat in 2014. He took $5,000 from Franken’s Midwest Values PAC.

Will ADP give the money back, or will they use it to buy sexual harassment insurance for their executive director Jay Parmley, who has been accused of similar blatant transgressions?

Jay Parmley, executive director Alaska Democratic Party


Must Read Alaska wrote about Parmley, a man with a past, when he was hired last year, quoting a story in the Daily Caller that said Parmley’s former girlfriend accused him of infecting her with HIV. Another Caller story detailed accusations of sexual improprieties.

The Alaska Democratic Party knew of these allegations when it hired Parmley.

They only needed to do a cursory search online, which would also have turned up this information from the Atlantic Monthly:

Turmoil in North Carolina’s Democratic Party has been no secret, thanks to some salacious details leaked to the press from a staffer’s sexual harassment complaint in 2012. The party’s then-executive director, Jay Parmley, resigned after accusations from another male staffer but denied any wrongdoing. The party chairman eventually left as well.

In March, current chairman Randy Voller described the party as “broke” and said it was evaluating whether to shut the doors on its Raleigh headquarters. 

On his own blog, Parmley writes: “Jay Parmley is an asset that any political party would be grateful to have on their side. Luckily for the Democratic Party he has been committed to their cause since he was a youth. Jay Parmley has been affiliated with a number of Democratic organizations over the years including Young Democrats of America, the Democratic National Committee, South Forward, and Democracy for America. He is a member of the State Democratic Chairs Alumni Association, American Society for Public Administration, University of Oklahoma Alumni Association, and Technology Student Alumni Association.”

Elsewhere on the web, it’s noted that Parmley has served as executive director of more state Democratic parties than anyone in party history—all in the South.

Did the Alaska Democratic Party not believe the women and men who made these accusations? What will the party do now with the Franken money it took?

As for Mark Begich, he can’t give the money back to Franken — he donated all of his campaign’s excess funds to … wait for it … the Alaska Democratic Party.

OpenSecrets.org has details.


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