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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Pew Research says climate change is low voter concern

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Something to think about as politicians on the Left line up to push their fixes for climate change: A Pew Research survey concludes the issue ranks near the bottom of the list of American concerns.

In fact, it ranked 17th of 18 on the list concerns in 2019. Moreover, it has ranked at the bottom or near the bottom since 2014.

What was at the top of the list? The economy, followed by healthcare costs and education, as you might expect. Climate change even ranked below “improving the country’s roads, bridges and public transportation systems.”

Does that mean climate change is not causing concerns? In Alaska, we know it is, but across the nation the concern is not the top worry.

Fear is a powerful political tool and the notion of havoc caused by climate change plays into the hands of those who would upend the American economy with programs such “The Green New Deal,” which is little more than a ploy to redistribute wealth and political power.

When a politician suggests we “need to do something” about climate change, we should ask why he or she is not more concerned about out real worries.

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  • Hey, we lose Florida but we gain Siberia and Antarctica.

  • “Hide the Decline” – Data Molester Mikey “Nature Trick” Mann before he received $2.4 million in ‘stimulus’ money.

  • Why should I care what Pew research gives us?? They gave us SB 91? Remember that fiasco, how can I believe them on anything else??

  • I’m honestly not sure why climate change is news. The climate changes all the time and has for ever. Why do we need a poll to tell us something that is so obvious.

  • Anthropogenic climate change is the greatest scientific hoax of our time. No matter what politicians tell us, raising our taxes will not change the weather. Climate change existed before there were humans and it will exist after humans are extinct.

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