Sanders leads pack, Biden limps off to South Carolina



Has the field narrowed? Three strong Democrats are emerging out of the New Hampshire Democrat primary: Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, the two leading candidates for many months, are fading fast, while Klobuchar appears to be a rising star.

“Feeling the Bern,” Biden had left New Hampshire for South Carolina before polls even closed to try to shore up his campaign, which appears to be on the rocks after a fourth place finish in Iowa, and a fifth place in New Hampshire.

Biden canceled his appearance at his own campaign party in Nashua, N.H. Neither he nor Elizabeth Warren came away with any delegates from New Hampshire.

South Carolina is next in the primary process, after the Nevada Caucus, and it’s where failing campaigns go to die, as supporters of Jeb Bush in 2016 will recall.

While polls were not closed in New Hampshire, Biden jumped ahead to South Carolina.

Sanders was cruising to an easy victory on Tuesday night, but as the night wore on, Pete Buttigieg started nipping at his heels. Unofficial results are giving Sanders and Buttigieg eight and six delegates each, respectively, and Amy Klobuchar will likely be awarded six delegates.

Red lantern candidates Michael Bennet and Andrew Yang dropped out before the night was over.

At the 10:30 pm mark, the Democrat field had brought in nearly 232,000 votes, with nearly 79 percent of the Democrat votes counted.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, President Donald Trump was winning 85 percent of the Republican votes cast.

The Republican field was limited to Trump, Bill Weld, and “other” candidates. Trump had over 98,000 votes after 10:30 pm Eastern time.

There are 22 delegates for the Republicans. Trump has 19 of the bound delegates so far. Only Bill Weld stood a chance of getting any delegates; he must cross the 10 percent threshold and was far short after 10:30 pm Eastern time.


Bernie Sanders also won the New Hampshire primary in 2016, defeating Hillary Clinton by 22 points, 152,193 to 95,355 votes. She went on to become the nominee for the party, however.

In 2016, Donald Trump won New Hampshire’s Republican primary in a crowded field. He took 100,735, while John Kasich got 44,932 and Ted Cruz won 33,244. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie were 31,341, 30,071, and 21,089, respectively.

It appears that Trump will surpass the number of votes that he received in 2016 during the New Hampshire primary, while Sanders, facing a more diverse field, will bring in fewer votes than four years ago, and barely 26 percent of the overall Democrat vote.

Update: At 11 pm Eastern time, Trump surpassed his votes in 2016 with almost 105,000 votes and 93 percent of the vote counted.

With 70% of precincts results in at 10:30 pm, Trump had surpassed the New Hampshire primary vote total of every incumbent president running for re-election over the last four decades.

Trump also broke his own Southern New Hampshire University Arena attendance record, with an estimated 11,800 crowding the stadium at Monday’s rally. Another estimated 2,000-3,000 could not get in.


  1. I counted about six or seven Biden supporters in the accompanying photo. All of these fools are spiraling down. Hillary Clinton is waiting in the shadows to pounce. Her annointment once again will be driven at the brokered Democratic Convention. Rematch of 2016. Watch!

    • Naw. It just about killed Hillary Clinton last time she ran. Remember all those vampire infusions that she had to get? She didn’t spend one night on the campaign, but rather had to fly home every night to get whatever kind of miracle drug was keeping her going for one more day that’s why her campaign cost so much. She’s old news being propped up by the likes of Oprah and Ellen. Stop worrying about her. She’s a witch and her own party doesn’t even like her anymore. It was funny, though, watching her pass out and them shoving her into that van and she lost her shoe only to go over to Chelsea’s apartment and get a fresh dose of witch’s brew. It’s just all the man-haters trying to rejuvenate an old worn-out bag.

      • I wouldn’t call it complacency. Just confidence based on a proven track record. I like feeling safe and I like having low taxes and I like seeing anyone who wants a job can have a job. I never thought Hillary had an easy win of course I always saw her for the beach she was. All the dams can bring to the table now are healthcare no student loans and free college for everyone pay for you guessed it the American taxpayer. I have all that now the only difference is I get to choose what I want to pay for instead of some fool social list raising my taxes and taking it from me. Trump’s historic turn out in the New Hampshire primary that is beating all other incumbent presidents we almost two-to-one shows that our party is United and energized and that people pretty much like the way things are right now.

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