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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Pence won’t intervene, and protesters get aggressive outside Capitol


In a letter to Congress, Vice President Michael Pence said he does not have “unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted.”

His letter was released shortly after President Donald Trump said that he did have that authority.

In the early afternoon, Save America protesters breached the Capitol Building, tearing down four layers of security fencing. They were attempting to occupy the building and were fighting with federal police. Police are outnumbered.

The Madison building has been evacuated. At least 10 protesters have been arrested.

Inside the Capitol, the joint session of Congress is underway. Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona rose to ask Pence to remand the electors back to Arizona, pending a full forensic audit of the Maricopa County tabulations. There appear to be enough lawmakers willing to certify the Electoral College and the effort mounted by a handful of the members is not likely to pass.

Among Alaskans at the Save America rally is Rep. David Eastman, although there is no indication he is at the front, where the breach of the fencing occurred moments ago (1:15 pm).

This is a developing story.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • We are witnessing the death of the Republican party in “real time” across America.

    • We are witnessing the death of America!

      • It happened before today mate. It happened when the Democrats successfully stole the election and put aside the Constitution and the rule of law and everything else that we live by. Today is nothing, we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

        • Truth. The country died with the Democrats stealing of the election. The GOP died when they would not stand up to the steal.

    • A lot of people will not mourn the death of the GOPe. They definitely worked to get “their” party back. They may have finally “Whigged” out.

      Take a look at the classic “data dump” early this AM. The vertical spike in Dem votes exactly the same as seen in ONLY the swing states’ cities. The designated Dem county to shut down until the margin of fraud is calculated. Have to admire the Democrat Party. They know how to consistently steal elections… it’s not art… it’s science.

      As for storming the Capital today. We’ll see you Antifa/BLM and raise the pot with with millions of Patriots to bring legality to elections. If Antifa is an idea with mostly peaceful protests with a hint of ash and smoke…well … here were are. Elections have consequences and stolen ones even more.

    • Just as the democratic party flat-lined on 01/20/2009, after a long undermining disorder.

    • Hard to believe how far the Republican party has slipped in just five years. Once they would have condemned this violence, now they’re instigating it. Clearly they don’t believe in law and order any more than the Democrats do.

      • 1 million people were there. 13 were identified as having breached the Capitol secure areas. There look to be more, but there is also good evidence that some were antifa. I saw in the footage, no looting, and no assault on the part of whoever it was that came into the building. No one set fires, that I could see. Laws were broken for sure, but condemning violence is easier when violence can be seen. The only violence I have seen, was the shooting, and eventual murder of an unarmed 16 year old woman, by the Capitol police or secret service.

        I can say that, until more facts are known, I’ll reserve judgment before condemning that act of violence—but at first glance it does NOT seem justified. I’ve heard no one on the left condemn it though.

        • Lawrence: Get a job and get productive instead of reserving judgment. You don’t have any.

      • We also believe an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

  • How many of those were BLM plants out to start the chaos?
    With all the deception and fraud from the left in this election you can not put it past them to deceive America yet again.

    • Agreed. One side, the left, has destroyed and pillaged violently all year including Portland last week. They are practiced. They seem protected. They may very well see their mission to stain the other side as well.

    • I believe that all of the violent ones were antifa, blm, and the usual suspects. They’re the Dems “Brown Shirts”.

      • They looked pretty damn white to me, and some of them brought their kids. And dogs. Sounds like a rabble to me. This is a blot on America, and with all the Trump and Gadsden signs I saw there, I don’t think BLM or the so-called Antifa (you do know that antifa isn’t an organized operation, in fact, not an operation at all, right?) had much to do with it.

    • None is the answer to BLM plants.

  • To quote a US Marshall recently, ” Its time for liberty loving citizens to have to do very terrible things.”

  • Public Broadcasting will make much of this but compared with even the smallest Black Lives Matter protest/riot this is a very quiet demonstration so far. Democracy is necessarily noisy. Possibly some good could come from this as we might see the US Supreme Court rule that the 2nd Amendment trumps Washington, DC gun restrictions. If so it will take some time to go through the lower courts. Great that we have a balance US Supreme Court that feels bound by the Constitution.

  • Republicans need to reopen the tent, stop the insanity, and move back to the principles that made it “grand.” In the last 12 years, but especially since 2015, Republicans won the world but lost their souls. Conservatism, honor, and respect used to be at the core of the party’s platform. Trump’s policies weren’t always bad, but his mouth and Twitter account have been tools of division, immorality, and winning at “all cost.” Enough is enough. No pointing fingers at Democrats until we clean up the mess we’ve made.

    • Well said.

      • Return to the party of endless foreign wars and the selling out of America to China?

        No thanks.

        • I didn’t say that.

  • It is a shame to see Repubs drop down to the level of Dems. We are better than this.

    • Sometimes it’s the only way to win a battle. We had to get down and dirty and world war II. Turn our soldiers into speed freaks to stay up with the speed ridden Nazis. Nuke the Japanese before they nuked us. All’s fair in Love and war.

      • Forkner: Time to consult your care provider about meds.

  • What did you expect would happen when there is a police escort of busloads of antifa disrupters meet the MAGA march?
    Who knows what will happen since the capitol lockdown has begun?

  • That is a BLM/ANTIFA gaslighting operation. Trump supporters have taken their lumps and refrained from violence for four years; they’re not stupid enough to storm the Capitol in live TV. And, beside, how many Trump supporters wear black other than the easy to get red hat?

    • Art – respectfully, this isn’t the kind of leadership we need today.

  • I enjoyed it. Not death, but an awakening. No longer playing by the rules, or at least going by the same rulebook has the dims and bro lives matter.

  • Voting fraud is nothing new. I imagine sometimes it even alters outcomes of elections. The problem with the 2020 POTUS election wasn’t so much fraud as it was collusion of the MSM and SM with the DNC. Everyone knows MSM is partisan and with a few exceptions (Fox & WSJ) it is Left to far Left. The bigger concern is SM, which is 100% Left and, like a noxious gas, impossible to see. But we all know it it there and that should be troubling to those who think beyond the moment.

    Trump was a creation of physics. The DNC cannot control themselves. The reaction to that in 2022 and or 2024 will be more severe than Trump 2016 – 2020.

  • Pence’s apparently unprincipled and cowardly stance will certainly help Senator Sullivan if he opts to tuck his tail between his legs and cave in like Lisa and Don are evidently on the verge of doing.

  • Ughm,protesters are getting aggressive INSIDE the capital.
    Typical out of control republican mob.
    The deplorables at work
    Time to put the Sedition down

    • “Typical out of control republican mob”
      Oh, that’s ripe. Can you point to one other protest where the folks on the right went out of control? Please do not pull Charlottesville as an example, the narrative surrounding that one has been disproved several times.

      • I seem to remember an armed mob taking over the capital in Michigan. With encouragement of the president.

        What was different about today?

    • Steve, where were you while Seattle and Portland were being burned by Democrats? You are a POS.

  • Well there you go Suzanne…the start of the civil war you wanted so much. How does it feel to be complicit in the death of America and our democratic republic? Your late father would be so proud of you…NOT!

    • Wow, Antonio.
      Your mind reading skills make Greg F.’s look amateurish by comparison.
      When did Suzanne ever call for a civil war? I have been reading MRAK for quite a long time now, and I do not recall seeing a post that said anything even remotely like that.
      It is perfectly understandable to have political disagreements, and to take something out of context occasionally. However, this is a bit of a stretch. There is a massive difference between disagreeing with what someone on the other side of the political aisle, and calling for civil war.

      • Hey I appreciate that but I come by mine after 60 some years of observation in human behavior. If you want to know what the future is bringing, you better know the past.

    • That’s pretty damn cheap of you troll. Sometimes a great country needs a little improving from time to time. More than likely you didn’t help out in any way except running your mouth so I don’t see how you have the stones to come on here and bad mouth Suzanne.

    • You’re the exact right person to make personal and denigrating remarks aimed at others. A model citizen that only our friends at Courtview would be able to take issue with.

      Perhaps a portion of your time could be spent focusing on a better understanding of how much exactly 4oz is… or maybe what the best defensible reasons are for domestic violence. There’s no doubt much you could teach.

    • I disagree with your rhetoric, Antonio. I am horrified by yesterday but posts like this don’t help things.

  • You started the civil war with your greasy cheating and violent looting and murdering. We Patriots are ready to take out the trash.

    • Well said.

  • Let’s pray that this is the end to the republican party.

    • You’re a proponent of the country being taken over by glad handers, cheese line affiliates, EBT card carriers and other democrats? Don’t forget that we all have responsibilities in one manner or another.

      Republicans are responsible for working long and hard such that your much relied upon EBT card can arrive with a positive available balance.

      Democrats are responsible for memorizing the TV Guide, looting the occasional WalMart, keeping prisons full, the court system busy, and urinating on carpets in drug rehab facilities.

    • Let’s pray that this is their reawakening after 12 years of wandering in the desert.

  • The situation on in DC was instigated by the left…..BLM Antifa. A member of Antifa was photographed protesting alongside past riots and the same person was seen in the Capitol building wearing the same Viking costume and was the same person.
    This is just another false flag created to blame the Patriots.

  • The guy in the viking horns is BLM. He was there today pretending to be a Trump supporter but is just an agitator there to make the patriots look bad. We have pictures of him at the BLM protest in Arizona. Unable to post here.
    And it’s not Dems vs. Republicans. There are lots of Deep State sold out Republicans. It’s light vs. darkness. Good vs. evil.

  • Good for those there for the rest of us unable to be there. Love to see more Patriots there taking a stand agianst the lying, corruption, and thieving.
    This crowd are Patriots! the GOP and DNC are cut from the same cloth, most of these elect lost their patriotism except a handful members elect still know the difference between right and wrong. It took Trump to shake those members elect to confront what they were doing wrong before 2016.
    Even MRAK need to grow a spine and start reporting on the massive voter fraud during this presidential election, its just remained GOP quiet as Fox News. The writers of MRAK should be in D.C. covering. Democrats will shut down MRAK for being a Republican site anyway when they can.

    So disappointed in V.P Pence, but i am not surprised. This was his moment showing courage, and he had no courage to stand up agianst the corruption.

    • Well said Jen

  • Trump’s hatred and division finally came home to roost today. Aren’t you all proud?

    Happily, the result of his actions will be the uncontested control of government by the Democratic party, and the fracturing of the GOP, which further works in the Dem’s favor.

    Well done Donald. Now get out of DC and we hope never to see the likes of you again. Enjoy your irrelevance, forthcoming prosecutions, and probable bankruptcy.

  • We are disappointed in you, Suzanne, for presuming that anyone who would scale four layers of security are pro-Trump people. That is clearly the civil agitators who have been destroying our country, pretending to be pro-Trump just so that gullible journalists and passive Americans will fall for it. Looks like it worked

  • So an unruly mob breaks past security into the nation’s capitol immediately after a pep talk from Trump and begins to rifle through the contents of the Senate and House chambers as well as representative and senate offices, all attired in Trump gear, and they are supposed to be from BLM and “antifa?” And you believe this?

  • President Donald Trump warned protesters they face 10 years in prison after targeting a statue of Andrew Jackson, while the threat could extend to those who have damaged other memorials amid recent demonstrations.

    • What difference does it make now, they’re about to unlock all the gates at pins and open all the doors to our borders. I hope you like living in Carnage.

  • Trump colluded with Russia to start this protest.

  • I don’t condone any of the acts on the part of the protestors today, who trespassed on government property unlawfully—but that said, how is anything they did today, this ONE day, worse than the crimes committed by those inside the building, which are committed every day of the year? Not to mention, I didn’t see any of them attacking people or looting or burning anything. In point of fact, the only violent act, was the murder of an unarmed woman. If it turns out to be justified, so be it—but right now, it looks like it was manslaughter at best, in reaction to a woman who was trespassing, but unarmed, and not posing any obvious threat to anyone.

    • This was the United States Capitol building during our democratic transition. I’m sorry, but it’s different and not equivalent. That said, I think Antifa needs to go away and violent protests of any kind are unAmerican. It was a bad summer.

  • People like the dog are misguided uninformed leftist sheep, they need to be told what to do and say. I will pray for our republic as the democrats are destroying it.

  • This has all the markings of a left-wing impersonation of a right-wing coup attempt. We don’t play by those “rules”. But we will NEVER have anyone in msm admit that a staged impersonation took place – they just want to destroy the Republican Party, and this is a convenient way to smear all conservatives as thugs who don’t respect their vision of America. This is the end folks – communist dictatorship starts January 20. Media will celebrate. Donald Trump will be tried for treason, convicted, and possibly executed. I should have bought land in Costa Rica while I had the chance…

    • Maybe but the Republicans didn’t draw first blood.

  • Rich: Don’t delay. Costa Rica is calling.

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