Peltola’s staff says she’ll return to D.C. if her vote is needed this week


Rep. Mary Peltola’s office has started breaking its silence. Two weeks has passed since the death of Eugene Peltola, the congresswoman’s husband, in a plane crash.

The communications director for Peltola said that while Mary Peltola is still home in Alaska grieving with her family, she will return to Washington, D.C. if her vote is needed to avert a “shutdown” of the federal government.

The federal government won’t actually shut down but will lack some spending authority on Sept. 30. Many programs continue, such as military, Department of Homeland Security, and nearly all entitlement payments, such as SNAP benefits and Medicare.

But other programs move into a limited role, and some programs that the public is used to having access to may be temporarily unavailable. Federal workers who are furloughed during a funding pause get all their pay once they are invited to return to work.

Peltola’s vote on this matter is not actually essential, since she is in the Democrat minority in the House.

Certain members of the Republican caucus believe they need to focus leadership’s attention on what is happening not just now, but 10 years from now. The Congressional Budget Office says the nation will be $50 trillion in debt by the end of the decade. The current national debt exceeds $33.1 trillion. That’s $14.3 billion per day being added to U.S. debt in just one week, and with another $3 billion per day of interest expense, it’s over $17 billion per day of added debt.

These Republicans have pushed the issue to try to curb excessive government borrowing.

Peltola also announced that a $50 million grant was awarded by the Department of Energy to replace a coal plant in Healy with wind energy and pumped thermal energy storage, which Peltola says will lead to a more reliable Railbelt electric power grid “and showing that Alaska is a natural proving ground for clean energy technology.”


  1. We as a country are way too dependent upon government. Those programs except for the military we don’t really need them.

  2. National debt, something that I can’t change makes no difference to me. Rest assured that our great grandchildren will pay for this atrocity and if you’re still around to see how, you’d have never voted the way you have/had.

  3. Instead of printing money we don’t have to fund government we don’t need, why don’t we deregulate and let the private sector create value? The congress and the Federal Reserve are destroying the middle class.

  4. She’s in the minority in the house. There is a one in a trillion chance she’s needed for a vote. Public fundraisers and grifting for sole source contracts for 8-A entities however….

  5. I remember a line from a book by Hemingway. One of the characters was asked how it was that he became bankrupt. His response was, ” gradually, and then Suddenly!

  6. “to avert a “shutdown”? Dems want to spend on stuff that Republicans don’t want. How could she possibly vote to “avert” anything since it is a 100% partisan vote and she is a 100% partisan?

  7. 17 Billion/day is only a number.
    Lets put Newsom/Hunter on the ticket backed by Soros to lead the sheep back to the promised land (slaughterhouse)
    Those two genius specimens could complete the “change” Obama/Biden promised in 2008

  8. $50 million to go green and replace a coal fired electric plant?????

    Why not put the money into power lines and run DC (Direct Current), with no line loss, straight from the North Slope to the Grid in Fairbanks??

    Then its a simple matter to convert DC back to AC, for all to use.

    Even the turbines in Western Alaska aren’t dependable and we get wind, like the interior never begins to get.

    Another waste of money. Another waste of breathe is advocating for nuclear.

    • Direct Current experiences immense voltage drops over distance, which is why Alternating Current is used for long distance power transmission. As for nuclear, it is literally the cleanest and most efficient energy source known to mankind at the moment (ensuring safety procedures is the biggest concern)

    • Probably not the difference you were looking for but just by simply replacing Don Young she alone has boosted Nancy Pelosis ego over the top.
      She now gets so excited when she sees Mary P she has to wear the leak protectors.
      (Don was a real thorn in her a**)

  9. I wrote her and urged her to vote with an eye toward an eventual balanced budget. If that means a “shutdown” so be it.

    Here in Alaska we like the federal money that flows in for special projects, grants & everything else. Our politicians boast about all the special funding they wrangle up for Alaska. Local city councils & borough assemblies talk about how federal money removes the need for local tax payers to ante up.

    We need to connect the dots.

    All these things contribute to the federal deficit along with all the federal money funneled to projects etc in all the other states. Alaska has about 750,000 people & a huge geographic area. But it seems like we function like we have a tax base of millions like down south.

    If we cut federal spending to move toward a balanced budget we’ll have to accept a lot less federal “free” money and adjust our expectations accordingly, using our own resources wisely & encouraging more private investment.

    Maybe that’s a good thing.

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