Peltola searching for a fundraiser


Rep. Mary Peltola is advertising for a fundraising associate, to be located in Washington, D.C., with opportunity to travel.

During her first quarter of fundraising for reelection, Peltola spent far more than she brought in. She raised $369,000 in the first quarter, spent more than $579,000 in the same time period, and a significant amount of the spending was on fundraising. She ended the quarter had $483,556 cash on hand, a 30% decrease over what she started with in January.

Peltola and her chief of staff, who was her former campaign manager, were spotted in Palm Springs, Calif. over the weekend; the well-heeled community is a fundraising destination for many politicians from both sides of the aisle.

According to the job description in Society of Financial Service Professionals, the successful applicant will:

  • Schedule regular call time sessions required to meet stated fundraising goals
  • Staff and support candidate during scheduled call time sessions by taking notes and conducting donor research as needed
  • Conduct pledge follow-up with donors, including timely emails, letters, and calls
  • Maintain integrity of donor database by accurately recording all notes, follow ups, and other donor information in NGP
  • Other fundraising duties as assigned to support event, email, and political fundraising programs.
  • Plan, manage, and recruit for small and large-scale fundraising events and build fundraising swings for the candidate
  • Provide regular, accurate, and timely projections to the campaign leadership for events and meetings
  • Maintain a working knowledge of donors and institutions engaged, identifying new potential funding partners and opportunities to collaborate with existing partners in new ways
  • Build and maintain relationships with donors and potential donors
  • Provide the necessary information and preparation for the candidate to maintain relationships with major donors, institutional partners, and allies
  • Manage and staff call time when needed
  • Staff events and finance meetings

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must be willing to be located in Washington DC, this work can not be done remotely
  • Must have access to a laptop, smartphone, and driver’s license- access to a car is beneficial
  • Experience building and executing fundraising events of all sizes
  • Knowledge of campaign finance laws
  • Political strategy/acumen
  • Relationship cultivation and management
  • Flexibility to work outside normal business hours that include evenings and weekends, and work extended hours to accomplish the requirements of the position
  • Excellent and persuasive written, verbal, and public presentation skills
  • 3+ cycles of working experience in political fundraising
  • Alaska experience preferred
  • Knowledge of NGP, ActBlue
  • Willingness to travel


  1. She may have a difficult time finding a young Liberal to fulfill this job. Looks like it requires: Getting up early, working everyday, communication skills, owning & maintaining/operating a car, locating to DC with no remote working opportunity. But then, look at our president and VP. Merit and experience don’t matter much.

  2. Representative Peltola had done a piss poor job representing Alaskans so we’ll see where this goes and I’m not holding my breath

    • No question about it. Mary Peltola is a colossal waste of our time. I hear she has just now rented office space in Anchorage. Alaskans deserve better!

  3. Good luck on the fundraiser but you can’t do a crap job of representing constituents and expect a pat on the back!

  4. What’s the problem, Mary?

    Have you not lived up and acted in the (full) expectations of your donors George Soros and Klaun Schwab, and they’re withholding their formerly generous checks until you fully “shape up”?

    Although it is hard for me to figure out how you may have let down the globalists and radical climate extremists in any way.

  5. Just tell people all that stands between Sarah Palin and national office is your “humble” self.

    That should bring in a boatload.

  6. All the RCV voters there is your Dark Money that you stupidly believe was going away. In California looking for funding (DARK MONEY). Outside investors careless what happens to Alaska’s economy along as they shut down our Oil production and turn us into a National Park.

  7. Campaigning in Palm Springs over the weekend??? What was the topic? The importance of maintaining a subsistence lifestyle through hunting wild game(with a pea shooter) and fishing Bristol bay? Touting her boat captain experience in the Palm desert with an electric boat? Does anyone have any question who she is representing now? Paul and Nancy are so proud of their poster girl from “the bush”

  8. What does she need a fundraising advocate for? ActBlue has her well covered in the finance department.

  9. she is am embarrassment, what a waste for everyone who voted for her, she is only for herself, cant see anything she done to be proud of for Alaskans yet, spending money in Palm Springs sad.

  10. Could Peltola fill that job description? No. The person who does will be far more qualified to represent the people of Alaska, without a limo SUV or trips to the spas of California.

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