Peltola campaign cash report


Rep. Mary Peltola has raised $369,000 in the first quarter of 2023 for her reelection campaign for next year’s congressional race.

She has spent more than $579,000 in the same time period. Much of the spending was on fundraising. She has $483,556 cash on hand, a 30% decrease over what she started with in January.

Peltola’s campaign spent lavishly, and has purchased over 40 airline tickets from Alaska Airlines, eight tickets from American Airlines, more than a dozen tickets from Delta, and tens of thousands of dollars in hotels and catering in Alaska and elsewhere.

She has contracted with GA Campaigns, also known as GrassRoots Analytics, a Washington, D.C. company that also gave its best effort to the Bill Walker/Heidi Drygas campaign for Alaska governor/lieutenant governor last year.

FEC records show Peltola’s campaign, whose treasurer is Democrat former State Rep. Eric Croft, has paid GA Campaigns over $220,000 in the first quarter.

Other than Peltola, no other candidates have filed with the FEC for the 2024 congressional race.


    • I’m glad to, but how do we convince our elected officials to dump the best incumbent re election plan ever?

      It’s not in their interest to dump the Kendall-Porcaro incumbent protection act.

  1. No surprise: Rep. Peltola’s representation is not in tune with the wishes of most Alaskans. As bad as that is, Sarah Palin working with Marjory Taylor Greene would be worse. Let’s come up with a rational Alaskan not endorsed by Donald Trump to give Rep. Peltola a run for the money in 2024.

    • I favor Nick Begich in 2024. He is intelligent, honest, hard-working, accomplished, a good family man, AND he did not fabricate his resume as college non-graduate Mary did.

  2. Next question; How much of that money came from Alaska sources and how much of it came from outside Alaska and from what sources?

    • How about this question: if the left can do it, why not the right?

      That’s easy. The GOP is useless and conservatives are politically lazy.

      • As a true independent I was happy to be able to vote for Republican, Libertarian, and Democrat during the last elections cycle. RCV has given us the ability to vote for who we feel is best for the job not who the Parties choose.

  3. And I always wondered how californians could elect an obnoxious loser like Pelosi but now I have to wonder how bimbos in Alaska could vote for Peltola. My thoughts of Alaska and its residents has changed quite drasticly. There are many people who actually think she is representing the majority of the people.

  4. Did any money come from the Seattle based factory trawler fleet that is raping Alaska fisheries. One of Peltola’s campaign promises was to rein these pirates in. Be interesting to see if she has since been bought off by them.

  5. I still wonder who paid Palin to jump in. The Democrats are smart enough to have done so. Maybe her publicist thought her brand needed a boost?

  6. Not a surprise here, she checked all the right boxes and sold her soul. She will be here a long time.

  7. Fix the vote selection process and Mary will go away quickly. The current system is a selection and not a legitimate election. RankCV is just a second layer of fraud.

  8. So, pardon me if I don’t know everything: but from what funds will the plethora of needed Constituents’ Alaskan Cabin Services be obtained? Alaskans need this service(s) which is only provided now by Senator Sullivan’s staff per se?

  9. yeah but Kevin McCarthy isnt a sick deranged grifter with family members investing in the stock market that is directly profiting from market gains as a direct result of legislation that she is working 24/7 on. Which is illegal for conservatives but highly recommended for the democrats which guarantees they will have plenty of donations for reelection from the donors they share those inside tips with. Do a little research of the Paul Pelosi investment tactics before you even mention McCarthys name in the same sentence as the Pelosi Empire which has grown immensely since she became the speaker. Do a little market research and see how much Democrats wealth has grown from investing in War and Drugs. Pfizer Moderna Johnson whos profits have skyrocketed with mandatory vaccines @ hundreds of dollars a poke. Ratheon is another war machine with astronomical profits which Paul has somehow gotten lucky and known there was going to be a war in Ukraine…. He must be a psychic! GRIFTERS!!!

  10. We need to start are own affiliation for elective people. We can grow a new party with moral values and vote accordingly. The existing way does not and will not work. We need non politicians and people who care.

  11. One of the arguments for Ranked Choice Voting was that it gives the under-represented, under-funded candidates an opportunity to run with the big dogs. Not so. The money still goes to the big dogs. And as The Masked Avenger so aptly points out, our side f’s up and doesn’t play the hand that’s dealt ’em. Don’t rinse and repeat because, chances are, RCV won’t be repealed.

  12. Clearly she handles money well/ sarc. We really need people like this wasting our country’s money.

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