Juneau illustrator now indicted by grand jury over scary notes


On April 13, a Juneau grand jury indicted Juneauite Mitchell Watley for terroristic threatening in the second degree.

According to Juneau police and FBI, Watley left threatening notes at various places of business in Juneau, featuring the transgender flag and an image of an assault rifle, with the words “feeling cute might shoot some children” printed on the cards. The words were in reference to a popular meme on social media known as the “feeling cute, might… challenge” and the transgender version of this note was posted right after a transgender in Nashville shot and killed six Christians as a school before being stopped dead by police.

It’s not clear if the notes were a threat or a commentary on current events and the state of society.

Upon receiving reports of the notes, officers launched an investigation and compared security camera footage to the locations where the notes were found. This led to the arrest of Watley, who was found to be present at one of the locations at the time a note was delivered.

Watley’s preliminary hearing, originally scheduled for April 21, was vacated. His next hearing is set for April 25 at 2:30 p.m.

Watley is a well-known Alaska-themed children’s book illustrator of books such as “I Would Tuck You In,” and “I Would Teach You To Fly,” and is currently out of jail on a $10,000 bond. His arrest sparked a wave of anger in the community, and most, if not all, sellers of his books have pulled them from the shelves and his publisher, an imprint of Penguin Books, has discontinued its relationship with Watley.


  1. Its unclear after multiple posts about this on this website if Ms. Downing believes Mr. Watley is an innocent satirist who is being unfairly cancelled for hilarious hijinks or a careless jackass whose apparent threats ran him afoul of the local and federal constabulary, but repeated mentions of how this behavior has cost him his relationship with his publisher is pure capitalism and free market economics. Mr. Watley played stupid games, and he won stupid prizes for his efforts. Perhaps he should have limited his communications to social media, instead of chasing clout and attention in such a public way. Being a dickhead isn’t a crime, but violating the terms of a contract is a voidable action. No sympathy—he thought he was being funny, and he’s an an adult who can deal with the legal and financial ramifications of his irresposnible, juvenile choices.

    • “Its unclear after multiple posts about this on this website if Ms. Downing believes…”

      Downing is a REAL reporter: without bias or opinion in her news reporting. Maybe NPR is more your speed? They will tell you exactly what to think…

      • No, she’s not. She’s a blogger and an analyst, which she’s made explicitly clear here, and in her numerous quotes to liberal publications, conservative publications, and legacy media media outlets. Her brand is based around having a point of view and proudly expressing it.

        I have no idea why you brought up NPR. Perhaps you think its a clever insult? You aren’t that smart. Go take a seat at the children’s taboe, try not to groom any of them while you are there, dummy.

    • As a parent, I don’t care how anyone, including you or Suzanne feels about this idiot. He made threats against children. End of story. Now, lets get to the bottom of this and find out if he actually intended to do harm or was being ‘cute’. Until then he doesn’t need to be near kids (I don’t think he should be out of jail until cleared) and I’m pretty sure other people don’t want to be seen pushing his books, either. If he is cleared of any wrongdoing, then, and only then, go ahead and turn him loose and put his books back on the shelves. His own actions are the cause of all this fallout, not Suzanne’s reporting. Unless you think she is inaccurate in her coverage? If so, can you show an example?

  2. Everyday I see and read about “terroristic threatening” done by teachers, leftists, and other evil souls in regards to their acts and speech to children- some of whom are in their care. I can not wait until we begin prosecuting them and giving them their just and deserved punishments. We can begin with those teachers opposing HB105 this week.

  3. Republicans can’t figure out that only negative laws are for them, but positive laws are for democrats. I actually saw conservatives on the Anchorage assembly beg for facial recognition. Don’t these idiots know that it will only be used against republicans? And people wonder why we don’t vote

  4. Flipping off parent taxpayers is not cute while threatening to supplant natural parents. Indict that essentially threatening to kidnap kids from their God-given parents and God-given families. . These people do not spiritually qualify to influence while not teaching children while parents work to fund the flipping-off-the -public teachers.

  5. Rudimentary family break up artists at work like the illustrative anti-social texts allegedly swirling down the drain at Service High School this week need antiseptic justice treatments as well. The female sleep-arounds belong in this camp also based on their destructive behavioral patterns seeking to callously destroy all marriages near them are just as injurious to established families and societal peace. How camp.

  6. I can remember when Clinton’s and Biden’s campaigns in 2016 and 2020 threatened Trump with death, imprisonment and reeducation camps for MAGA folks like me. In this case, the semantics don’t add up to a threat. This is about transgenders shooting kids, not this guy. The record is clear, they, transgenders, are nuts. The mutilate a perfectly good body, delude themselves into a life of misery and medical interventions due to massive hormone intake necessary to maintain their ‘transition’ post the hormone blockers and surgery that destroys their sexuality. Too, there is the 1st Amendment, which protected the Clinton and Biden and congressional hacks that attacked Trump and his supporters so viciously. I think Whately was stating that “feeling cute” is a slam on transgenders who want to harm their fellow Americans as a snarkey condition precedent to the act. In any case, he screwed up by putting the flyers out. Unfortunately, he won’t get a fair trial. The prosecutor is probably a lesbian, given her feigned moral outrage, or at least a political hack looking for that case to make her name. AS 11.51.810 is a class C felony, but requires a showing of criminal intent. And, there is the end of the state’s case in front of a fair jury and an objective judge. However, Juneau is liberal. This is a 1st Amendment issue and not a criminal issue, given the semantics and the statements by Whatley that he acted out of fear himself after the Nashville shooting. Interesting that the prosecution has managed to twist that into Whatley being the threat. The graphic used, a rifle on a LGBTQ flag is a common symbol in use by the LGBTQ crowd. There is a t-shirt showing 4 rifles and the words “Transgender rights . . . or else” that was sold on Amazon for the LGBTQ crowd. Hardly peaceful intent. Hope Whatley has a good attorney. As usual, the LGBTQ crowd howled for blood.

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