Pelosi husband emerges from surgery after hammer attack at San Francisco mansion


Early Friday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked with a hammer at the couple’s San Francisco mansion. The speaker was in Washington, D.C., when at the intruder entered through the back door of the home in Pacific Heights, and yelled, “Where is Nancy?” according to news reports.

Paul Pelosi, age 82, called 911, hid in the bathroom, fought off the intruder, and after police arrived after 2:27 am on Friday, they found the man and Pelosi wrestling for control of the hammer. The man then attacked Pelosi in front of officers before they could intervene, according to William Scott, San Francisco chief of police.

“Our officers immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took him into custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid,” Scott said.

“This was not a random act,” Scott said. “This was intentional.”

Latest reports indicate that the man was a friend of Paul Pelosi.

According to the call that was made to police dispatch: “RP (reporting person) stated there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.”

Pelosi underwent surgery after suffering from a skull fracture and other injuries to his arms.

The alleged assailant, 42-year-old David DePape, will be charged with attempted homicide, elder abuse, burglary, and other charges. DePape was in the hospital with injuries from the incident.

DePape moved from Powell River, British Columbia, Canada to Berkeley, Calif. 20 years ago and has been a nudist activist who made and sold hemp bracelets and had on-and-off drug problems, in addition to being taken in by political conspiracy theories from the far right. He was also a member of the Green Party in past years. Many who know him say he has become increasingly unhinged.

The daughter of DePape reported on a blog that her father is “consumed by darkness” and sexually abused her and her brothers while they were children.

Paul Pelosi has had a tough year. In August, Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence charges related to a May injury crash in Napa Valley, and was sentenced to five days in jail and three years of probation, along with a community service requirement. Pelosi served two days in jail and received good-behavior credit for another two days, and his eight-hour community service requirement was accepted in lieu of the remaining day.

Paul Pelosi founded a venture capital firm through which he and his wife have about $114 million. Some Americans consider the Pelosis to be an example of how corrupt Washington, D.C. has become, as Paul Pelosi makes investments in advance of legislation. Nancy Pelosi has become a hated icon due to her perceived corruption.

She is considered so corrupt, in fact, that a group of investors now follow what Paul Pelosi invests in and they make the same investments, reported NPR.

“Among a certain community of individual investors on TikTok, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stock trading disclosures are a treasure trove. ‘Shouts out to Nancy Pelosi, the stock market’s biggest whale,’ said user ‘ceowatchlist.’ Another said, ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that Nancy Pelosi is a psychic,’ while adding that she is the ‘queen of investing.'” NPR continued.

“‘She knew,’ declared Chris Josephs, analyzing a particular trade in Pelosi’s financial disclosures. ‘And you would have known if you had followed her portfolio.'”

“Last year, Josephs noticed that the trades, actually made by Pelosi’s investor husband and merely disclosed by the speaker, were performing well. 

“Josephs is the co-founder of a company called Iris, which shows other people’s stock trades. In the past year and a half, he has been taking advantage of a law called the Stock Act, which requires lawmakers to disclose stock trades and those of their spouses within 45 days.

“Now on Josephs’ social investing platform, you can get a push notification every time Pelosi’s stock trading disclosures are released. He is personally investing when he sees which stocks are picked: ‘I’m at the point where if you can’t beat them, join them,’ Josephs told NPR, adding that if he sees trades on her disclosures, ‘I typically do buy… the next one she does, I’m going to buy.'” 

A Pelosi spokesperson told NPR that the speaker does not personally own any stocks and that the transactions are made by her husband. “The Speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions,” the spokesperson told NPR.


  1. Should I feel bad? Or would i be acting as Lot’s wife look at that wicked city sodom? The pelosis and I are on two opposite lifes. I don’t know what to feel about this attack. My first thought is how lawless people are today. So much lawlessness.

    • You don’t know what to feel? You quote the Bible all the time, search there. How about some compassion or is compassion not warranted since you and the Pelosi’s are “on two opposite lives”? You’d have a baby on the sidewalk if the victim was My Pillow Guy or Jim Minnery.

      • An atheist telling me to search out info from the bible! Its supposed to be fairytales to you-lucinda. Mmmheheh. Read between my lines if you are smarter than how you react. Of couse Lucinda You need to be reading the bible to see what’s not plainly written, and To understand how one responds to another’s crisis from the . Old
        testament to the new testament . The pelosi’s committed alot of evil in their lifetime, the atheist would say karma found them out. A christian, would go to mr.pelosi’s home with meals and help him recover-and teach the bible to him cause he ain’t getting any younger- eventhough he doesn’t deserve such kindness after all the pelosi’s evil doings. The christian would care for him because him being a child of God-a child who walked away from God. And jesus commanded his followers to love their enemies. But! You don’t have to like them and accept evil lifestyles. You know compassion and grace are different. Lot’s wife showed compassion on sodom. God showed his grace on the ninevites the first time because of its repentence out of his concern for lost people or enemies of isreal on their way to hell.

      • Ew gross. Please don’t pretend that we consider Paul Pelosi in any way equivalent to the other individuals you mentioned. Paul Pelosi is neo-royalty, he was drunk driving and barely punished. He cheats on the stock market with no punishment, and chances are he was intimate with the attacker that night.

      • I know what I feel Lucinda. The crime stats are way up so your liberal ways aren’t working. Bring back stiff sentences and no parole or plea bargaining. This is only going to get worse thanks to the bleeding hearts. Let’s put the criminals in your Neighborhood right next to you. And you can support them.

          • Where have you been living?
            Under a rock? Crime is up all over the Country by double digits because of the Marxist Liberal Policies! They are hell bent on destroying America in any means necessary. Targeting the family, schools, the police, military, religious beliefs, victims of criminals and innocent children in the womb. Very sick and evil people in my opinion.
            ALASKANS, GET OUT TOO VOTE, let’s stop these people ruining our state and country. Vote for the Constitutional Amendment, so we can stop them now and in the future, because the Liberal machine will NEVER give up!!

      • Hammer-man wasn’t a law abiding church going Christian, no, he was the product of Pelosi doctrine. Suck it up Lucinda, your lot kept her in office, now your lot aren’t safe behind your walls of ill-gotten gain.

      • Lucinda,
        Go to Breitbart News. It says the man that attacked Paul P, was there for sex with Paul, they both were in their underwear when the police arrived. Hmmm, seems like maybe an argument ensued, thus leading to the assault! The Pelosi family are not only corrupt, they live an immoral life, too include their children! Then they have enough nerve to judge President Trump! Isn’t that rich!!! ??

        • Debbie. There are so many news sources out there. It’s hard to know who to trust. But I know this: Briebart’s voice is Steve Bannon, an obvious grifter and thief ( bilked millions from MAGA folks who supported a southern wall). He also praised the most despicable human ever to walk the earth:Alex Jones.

          So Brietbart, no thanks.

          But like I do with most claims from the far right, I wonder if the information source is valid. So where did the underwear claim come from?

    • Dear Jen, if this is such a mystery to you, then please open your Bible to Romans 12:17-21 for guidance.

    • May this be a wake up call for instilling law and order amongst people, for without that, we have no civilization.

  2. Hammers are now officially outlawed! Next time attack with Nancys girdle and that will be on the list as well!
    Money filled carpet baggers!

  3. Horrible that Mr. Pelosi or anyone else would be attacked in such a way but the whole thing, along with the timing, just seems very suspicious.

  4. Two blogs written by a user who called himself “daviddepape” contain an array of angry and paranoid postings, including antisemitic sentiments and concerns about pedophilia, anti-white racism and “elite” control of the internet.

    DePape is a fringe conspiracy theorist. “We know that this person has a long history of fringe conspiracy theory views,” Wiener said.A blog titled “God Is Loving” was written by an author named David DePape. The blog focused on “Big Brother” conspiracy theories and censorship. The author rails against an “elite ruling class” of mainstream media and technology companies for censoring people not in power.

    DePape appears to have made racist, and often rambling, posts online, including some that questioned the results of the 2020 election, defended Donald Trump, and echoed QAnon conspiracy theories.

    • Someone should tell District Court that it is “angry and paranoid” to have “concerns about pedophilia “.

    • Police were called by Paul Pelosi for a welfare check of his friend David, who it turns out was in his underwear when Police arrived, and the hammer attack happened right after Police arrived to question Paul Pelosi’s nudist San Francisco friend, who was in his underwear. It turns out Paul Pelosi was holding the hammer, and DePape took it away from him and beat him with it in front of the cops. Which means the broken glass above was less likely to have been done by DePape with the hammer, which it sounds like Paul Pelosi may have picked up to use as a weapon himself, before it was taken from him and used against him.

    • You are cherry picking, Lucinda, as usual. The guy may have been deranged and all over the map politically. Green Party, Democrat Party, BLM. But like Paul Pelosi, he was in his underwear and he had a hammer. Definitely not MAGA. MAGA don’t pack hammers.

      It’s always dangerous to jump to conclusions based on the first media reports. Who is the person who reported he said, “Where’s Nancy?” Oh yea, that would be Paul Pelosi. He is the only source of that information. Stand down on your jumping to conclusions because you’re getting out there on a stupid limb.

    • He never did those things. He is a typical San Fran hippie, he hates America, capitalism and especially President Trump. Please re-read the news and adjust your hate filled comments.

    • Lucinda, you are getting really good at this copy-and-paste thing. It’s almost like none of us can read other news sources and see the same things you see. You are so enlightening. Such a sleuth. Maybe try attribution, though. You know, out of courtesy.

    • The internet is a fantastic source of data. There is tons of information available if you know where to look. Things like “when were those websites created, and when was the content added.”
      It is curious how these websites where “created” by a mentally ill drug addict mere days before the attack. And, the content you are talking about somehow got posted to those sites the day of the attack. Yeah. Definitely believable. I see clear proof he was a right wing nutjob.
      Pro tip. When stories like this show up, 99% of the information you see in the first weeks is wrong.

  5. Those who knew the alleged attacker, 42-year-old David DePape, say his behavior has been concerning. His Facebook page featured conspiracy theories common on right-wing media, saying Covid vaccines were deadly; that George Floyd, the Minneapolis man murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin, actually died of a drug overdose; that the 2020 election was stolen; and the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol was a “FARCE.” He reposted a number of videos by Mike Lindell, the Trump loyalist and chief executive officer of the MyPillow company, lying that the 2020 election was stolen.

    Matthew Gertz of Media Matters reviewed DePape’s blog and found it “a standard case of right-wing online radicalization. QAnon, Great Reset, Pizzagate, Gamergate and all there, along with M[en’s] R[ights] A[ctivist]/misogyny, hatred of Blacks/Jews/trans people/’groomers,’ and anti-vax conspiracy theories.”

    • Oh sweetie….Its going to be so embarrassing for you when the truth comes out after you spent your evening collecting talking points and lying to all the 60-something boomers on here.

      Paul Pelosi had already admitted to the police over the phone that David was his ‘friend’. The audio tape is public. Which explains why the cops didn’t waste the ‘intruder’ like Ashli Babbit the second they entered the house. Paul Pelosi didn’t even get attacked (Police stated he was holding the hammer initially) until after the police arrived on the scene. David was arrested in his underwear, which is exactly how you dress when breaking and entering, right?

      Afterwards, David’s house was raided – it was a well known free-love nudist commune festooned with nasty gay decorations. You know – just how right wing MAGA people like to live.

      This was an 82 year old pervert looking for some strange while Nancy was out of town, and the late night homosex went badly wrong. ‘Breaking and entering’ indeed. Nasty old man, but can you blame him? I’m sure being married to Nancy would turn anyone.

    • Paul Pelosi reportedly told 911 dispatch that the individual who allegedly attacked him with a hammer in his home “his name is David and that he is a friend.” according to a police dispatch call early Friday morning.

      Officers later identified 42-year-old Berkeley resident David DePape as Pelosi’s attacker. DePape was reportedly wearing only underwear when officers arrived on the scene.

      Gay lover????

      • Knew the intruder was escalated and referred to him as friend in attempt to lower escalation of intruder? Basic mental health skill demonstration in crisis mental health moment.

        But hey-gay lover sounds better. In San Francisco at that! And an arrangement his wife mayvery well be ok with. But whoo, what a rise it gives!! And at the expense of an older man so all the better, right? He had brain surgery because of the attack, that’s what he gets right?

        You good with Falwell paying the pool boy to watch the pool boy have sex with Falwell’s wife? Now that may have been ok between Falwell and his wife, certainly not to Southern Baptism, the religion behind Liberty University. ABT home of republicanism in Alaska had to give up their pastor to Liberty because of it. Prevo’s initial work also included shutting down any reports of un-university conductcodes of sexual assault by male Libert students towards female university students. Wants to keep the arbitration clause which disallows victims of Liberty from having lawyers other than Liberty’s lawyers. Liberty has long discouraged victims from going to local police. Please attend to your people of *od. They are failing you, but for some reason you keep supporting them to fail the rest of us.

        • Classic red herring redirect technique bringing in Falwell’s failings, Maureen. You are tiresome. Take your meds and then take your “whataboutism” elsewhere.

          • What meds were you thinking I need to take? Presently my meds happen to be a second round of chemo because the first round defense no longer works. Been taking meds since April THIS TIME. but thanks for your concern for the cancer that is killing me.

            The red herring was Musk boosting the underwear lie. Sorry you were taken in by it. Might want to reconsider who needs to take their medicine.

            Take care of those in your own faithbefore going after those not of your faith.

        • Huh? And the relation to the story? The entire Pelosi attack, albeit egregious, no matter whom orchestrated, is fishy. Too many bizarre unanswered variables.

      • It is San Francisco, after all. So not out of keeping. DePape made hemp bracelets for a living and liked walking around nude while protesting clothing. It would be entirely in keeping with his homeless, drug-fed lifestyle. But anyone who blows the whistle on Paul and David will have a short lifespan.

    • Media Matters? Seriously? What a joke. It is like someone on the right citing The John Birch Society as a source. You can’t find an organization as blindly and willfully partisan the Media Matters. David Brock was odious when he was on the “right”. He has only grown worse in his mendacity, but thankfully he is ineffective politically and culturally other them raising copious amounts of cash from leftist institutions and wealthy donors. He is literally speaking into the wind. Except for you Lucinda and a few fellow travelers far out on the fringe of American society. You would have done better to cite a CPUSA source. At least they are more honest.

      • Must read Alaska? Seriously? what a joke.

        But thanks-as a Must Read reader I have learned the name of someone who a local person is rattled by and I want tou derstand better. So I’ll look further.

        Looks to me like Lucinda’s crowd is getting bigger here.

        Micah-Would love to talk about your concerns, but when I read I am considered a traveler of a fringe, and it would seem not just a neighbor who has a different opinion, most folks just want to resolve conflict and get along through compromising among MANY interests.

        Are you possibly a war vet who is having a hard time letting go of the extreme competition of war? So sorry if you still suffer war wounds. There are folks who can help you feel less extreme now that you are out of the war zone.

        Did you know that some vets are so wounded by their service that they take to the woods? We all loved it when Rambo did it, but not now. Homeless are vagrants, right?

        Vets are still in the woods.A lot of the wounded and still affected were able to sustain jobs and pay for homes (likely by the welfare programs we have to assist vets-GI bill, vet homeloans, base grocery and greater recreation options and a bunch more). Unfortunately their wounds of war still have them in the isolated communities they built when they isolated to them. Their continued, so afraid of a different opinion that They must take and wear their gun everywhere to let folks know how scared of life the gun wearer is.

        How about owning that you are suspicious of others’ points of view? That’s ok, so am I. That’s why I try real hard not to call names on groups.

        Also Catholic School through college person here. But when they said I couldn’t be a server or be a priest because I was a girl and women were barred from high office, they lost me.

        Hey, does your church allow women to hold the highest church positions? I might consider THAT church.

        • Lucinda’s crowd getting bigger at MRAK?
          I’ll say it again…….my office opens at 8:00am. Walk-ins always welcome. We take Medicaid and Part 2 Medicare for those needing prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, and psychotropics. Luckily, for Lucinda’s growing crowd we do group therapy in the late mornings. We have additional beds for those who are somnolent. Electric shock therapy for those with TDD. Padded walls for atheists. And special posey belts for those who feel the constant need to interfere at MRAK. We service mostly deranged Democrats, or those considered to be part of Lucinda’s crowd. And if you mention MRAK and bring along a like-minded friend, we will give you a 10% discount as long as you complete the program. We are a full-service rehabilitation facility.

        • I will give you credit for advanced deranged projection. But if you want to play with me you are going to have to bring your A game- which I doubt you possess. I only play with the best Maureen and it does not seem you are worth my time. At all. Do better.

          • Oh you are “playing” here. Thanks for that clarification. I’m not playing. I’m living the life I have left by participating with my neighbors in discussion regarding concerns we all have right now in effort to reduce fears and build community. Personally, I’m dying of cancer right now. Please rest assured there is no time for me to “play”.

            Interesting projection you made.

    • Will Pelosi’s attacker get no-bail pretrial release?

      Context, this was two men wrestling in their underwear at 2 in the morning. Paul had the hammer for the majority of the time. How did a nudist get past the normal congressional security for a high ranking congresswoman? Why is there glass broken from the inside out and no signs of a break in.

      • Doesn’t matter what they were doing intheir underwear other than the police seeing the perpetrator hitting the victim with a hammer causing the victim injury and brain surgery. The perpetrator also said “where’s Nancy,” while in assault of the victim.

        Yes, more needs to come out. Did the victim threaten the perpetrator before the winessed assault? That could have happened too, sure. Or that the victim was familiar with a mentally challeged individual who hung around his house and learned his name that way. THAT is also possible. Also it was around 2a-were they tired at all being up at that time, Imean they are in their 40s and 80s why weren’t they sleeping?

        But I understand that even when the police have arrived after a call to 911 from the victim, that should anyparty be in their underwear during any assault the police witness, the underwear moots the law. Got it.

        • How do we know what the perpetrator really said? Ah yes, because it’s what Paul Pelosi told the police. You should go into law enforcement, you’re so good at this.

        • Maureen, seriously, get on B-17. Laetrile has helped many cancer patients to recovery. Sorry to hear about this.

          • Thanks for the suggestion. There is no recovery for stage IV Ovarian Cancer.

            Didyou know that laetrile is not legal in the US, nor is B17 a vitamin in the US?

            Or are you suggesting I break the law? Don’t really have a medical doctor degree now do you? Certainly not licensed if you are recommending folks break the law.

            Let me put a good word in here for Alaska Women’s Cancer Care in Anchorage. They are the care and treatment leaders locally for all women’s cancers “down there” as they say.

    • No matter how you try to frame it, the guy is a nut job. His own daughter says so. So spin it how you see fit for your politics. That’s your right.

    • So, ‘guilt by association’ is your line here, eh Lucinda?
      Again as I said in a previous comment: please stop trying to use logic here. Because you suck at it.

      • The constant grift. No wonder common Americans are concerned about not having enough money. They give it all away to extremist speakers.

    • Lucinda, Hold the phone, it seems unlikely that this attacker could have entry into the Pelosi Mansion without first being known to someone inside… given the above there are reports that David Depape is telling investigators that he and Pelosi were engaging in Gay sex when an argument ensued. Of note according to the report is that the Pelosi’s are refusing to turn over surveillance video. Apparently Depape has been arrested in the past for male prostitution as well.
      So… given that report and the obvious way which the MSM protects it’s own who knows what the truth is.

    • I appreciate your interest and investigation in this, but as is ever the case of late, it’s very hard to put much faith in much of the media (left or right), and it’s my perception that the Matthew Gertz of Media Matters characterization as “..a standard case of right-wing… radicalization…” is disingenuous at least and demonstrates a clear bias. There is nothing standard about someone entering someone else’s home and attacking them with a hammer in front of police. Further, there ARE a lot of unanswered questions and inconsistencies that will probably NEVER be publicly answered or clarified by the media in this case. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that the media will spin this event that because one unstable individual acted violently in support of his political ideas so to all people that give credence to the same or similar ideas are inherently violent. It’s also true, that individuals on the opposite side of the coin will not and have not been similarly judged by the media. The left has and will again burn cities to the ground in support of false political beliefs propagated by the main stream media ie: Russian collusion, hands up don’t shoot, Supreme Court Justice nominee is a rapist, insurrection narrative.

      Prayers for Mr Pelosi’s speedy recovery and Mrs. Pelosi’s even speedier retirement.

      • Let me guess….. The guy was looking for Nancy’s laptop? He should have checked the computer repair shop first. That’s where Paul dropped it off. Probably lots of smutty photos and videos of the Pelosi’s extraneous sex life in it. When it comes to raunch, these elected Democrats sure entertain.

  6. Godspeed to the man. May he heal completely.

    Also, police audio of the ‘welfare check’ call for Paul Pelosi has him call “David” a “friend” who seemed “confused”.

    So, a Berkeley nudist in his underwear struggling with another man in his underwear over a hammer at 2:30am in San Fransisco with the Speaker of the House in Washington D.C.?

    Got it.

    • Ok, so you wear pyjamas to bed and would meet the person breaking into your home in those pyjamas. I would have pjs on too. I do know a lot of the general population sleeps in their shorts. Like enrique Tarrio of the proud boys who was areested as police came for him while he was still in the underwear he had worn to bed.

      It seems being in underwear at night denotes homosexuality. Is that what you are saying?

      • Explain to all of us plebs why the Pelosi house did not have an alarm system. Can you get us the recordings from neighbors’ house alarm systems, since you have so much inside info?

        • I wasn’t the one who had inside info on the underwear CO. Why not ask them? Oh it was Musk spreading false information again and he has since deleted that tweet. Twitter CEO, scion of free speech, deletied his own tweet after 2 days on the job.

  7. Lucinda, remember Republicans were shot while playing softball not long ago by a Bernie supporter. You tying this to so called right wing conspiracy theroies is about as crackpot as blaming Bernie for that. Oh, Covid MRnA gene theraphy clot shots do kill and hurt people or have you not been keeping up with the news…..

  8. An 82 year old senior citizen attacked in his own home. Terrible.

    One hopes that this incident may convince the liberal elite that the massive crime wave the Democrats have created in the USA that kills and injures thousands of Americans every day is not acceptable.

  9. Life in a leftist run city. Ugly and violent.

    I would never have someone like that in my house, but Paul seems OK with it.

  10. Regardless of whatever nefarious deeds Paul and Nancy have done, to invade their home intent on mayhem is unacceptable. There are legitimate questions about why their security procedures failed, which clouds the overall picture, but the alleged perpetrator needs to pay the price. Then prosecutors need to get on the Pelosis for their own behavior, and aggressively prosecute the folks who attack everyday people who don’t happen to be rich and powerful.

    • Since this person was a “friend” of at least Mr. Pelosi, I am not sure the term “home invasion” is correct. You generally do not have a nice chat with an underwear-clad burglar breaking into your house. This sounds more like David was visiting and the two of them had an altercation. Mr. Pelosi called the cops to help him remove his clearly disturbed friend and violence ensued.
      My best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr. Pelosi.

      • With ANY training in working with the mentally ill, one knows to be gentle and accepting to reduce escalation of mentally ill folks. Who may be dangerous at that.

        • Running in the radical leftist extremist circles that you do, Maureen, I have no doubt that you have a great deal of experience in working with the mentally ill.

        • Maureen, since you purport to be an expert in mental health I am sad to see your statement here isn’t more nuanced. Mental health crisis intervention is very much situational. You are clearly implying that Mr. Pelosi, who finds himself in an altercation with Mr. DePape in the middle of the night, has the ability to mentally detach himself and clinically assess his situation applying your course of action. Contrary, if this man is a stranger to Mr. Pelosi, he in your opinion was able to assess the mental health of this individual and act in a professional manner. Both scenarios seem farfetched. Generally speaking people under duress or high agitation/anger do NOT have the mental capacity to make up stories. Law enforcement calls this an “exited utterance” and it presents an exception to the hearsay rule. Based on that I take Mr. Pelosi at his word that David is a friend.

          • I did study mental health, worked all over the state with my degrees.

            Kind friend, basic mental health intervention skills might be helpful for you to understand, even impliment.

            But Certainly not if you are here to pick off those who have opinions, experience and education different than you.

            Can’t tell you the number of religious folks who I don’t know have said to me “hi friend.” Works so much better than, “get lost heathen.”

          • You are sadly deflecting my points regarding your stated opinion on the topic, by judging me to know nothing. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I am sad for you that you are so angry and hope that you will find peace, contentment and joy.
            As my wonderful mother always said:
            “The way you shout at the mountain, it will echo back”

  11. “Latest reports indicate that the man was a friend of Paul Pelosi.” We find this a potentially confusing and misleading statement and demand you remove it. Everyone knows the couple had no friends.

  12. Must be a slow day at ADN or this story must hurt worse than we know.

    Remember, don’t feed the troll. It wants attention. Don’t give it any.

  13. I don’t believe much of the news. It is useful to the plutocrats to present stories to evoke, if possible, certain energetic responses from the naive, unsuspecting, trusting, believing public(s).

  14. The stories are gilded with evocative details and circulated and recirculated pervasively around the world instaneously from Caracas to London, NYC to Ontario, Belize to LA.

  15. MAGA Conservatives have already confirmed attacking politicians in their offices is acceptable for a “stolen election” Now when politicians families are attacked in their home it is their fault for not using the $10k security system taxpayers provided. Getting kinda spooky near Halloween

    • Don’t suppose you have any proof of your delusions?

      With anyone else I’d post the long list of leftists crimes from attempting to assassinate the GOP house to attempting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh. But with you, it wastes my time.

    • Why was the security system not activated when he broke in, there in the richest part of town where the neighbors even pay for additional security patrols? Why was he in his underwear and Paul in his underwear? Why, Frank, do we say “Where’s Nancy?” when only Paul Pelosi could have reported this and he has every reason to lie? Why does his house have a sign that says BLM? The two men in their underwear struggled over a hammer, but whose hammer was it? Paul’s or David’s?

      • Why were they in underwear? Because Elon Mush blasted the underwear misinformation. And your news programs supportive of Musk accepted the misinformation as truth and further blasted it out to those who are at risk for accepting misinformation as truth.

  16. This reminds me of the time when Bret Maness attacked those radical leftists with pepper spray at the Church Of Love in Spenard

  17. I haven’t seen any other news report that claims that the attacker was a friend of Paul Pelosi, and question what the source of that claim in this article is. Without exception, every other news article I have seen has reported that the attacker was a mentally troubled man. His social media posts indicate that he became radicalized by conservative conspiracy theories such as Q Anon, and the claim that the 2020 election was stolen. His target was apparently Speaker Pelosi, who was not at home when the assassin broke in through the back door. Regardless of your political views, you should be outraged by the use of violence to attack political leaders. Political blogs that support, condone or incite such violence are a malignant cancer on our society.

    • Rick, I appreciate your note. I am referring to what appears to be the actual dispatch recording which I have since embedded for readers to hear for themselves. Earlier, I did not have the bandwidth to include the recording. However, to be clear — I cannot verify the veracity of the recording, which appears to have been made by a citizen with a police scanner. For other sources, please see:

      Paul Pelosi Attack: Police Scanner Recordings Give Eerie Insight Into Break-In

      Because of your name-calling vitriol and views that this blog is a malignant cancer, however, you may want to head on down the road to your usual sources of news. – sd

      • Per the linked source, the full quote from the call to police is: In back and forth radio chatter about the incident at the Pelosi home, one dispatcher said: “RP [Reporting Person Mr. Pelosi] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is. Be advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend. RP sounded somewhat confused.”

        It seems some of the commenters were confused by the portion posted in the MRAK article, which doesn’t include the portion about RP (Paul Pelosi) not knowing who the male is. There’s also the incongruity with what has been quoted in multiple news stories–where RP states he’s going to wait for his wife. It seems like some of the reporting is not addressing that what dispatchers may have heard was Paul Pelosi trying to talk down and or delay an attack by the intruder.

        Of course some of the comments may also be driven by the fact that 2/3 of this article is about Paul Pelosi’s stock trading and not the attack or why the attack may have occurred. The article has used an assault on a politician’s husband to attack the politician. I suppose the jokes/comments about a Grindr hookup gone wrong could stem in part from some of this reporting.

        I suppose comments taking what appears to be politically motivated attack and commenting that this is a result of liberal policies that encourage crime to flourish shouldn’t be surprising. The whataboutism (see comments about Representative Scalise being shot) are par for the course and not unexpected. Still, the tenor, tone, and accuracy/completeness of reporting certainly helps direct the nature of the comments.

      • Massive cover-up underway. That neighborhood is filled with security cameras. Have they all been magically erased?

      • Your feelings about Palin sending out political mailings putting riflescopes on districts she wanted to change?

      • They are the same. No one should resort to violence against politicians with whom you disagree. It isn’t acceptable whether the victim is a Republican or a Democrat,

  18. Another bizarro version of a Jussie Smollet like deception.

    Pelosi’s attack was real, but came from a “friend” that just happened to be in his home wearing underwear.

    And the left wants to blame a bunch of conservatives (none of which live in San Francisco) investigating election fraud as the culprits.


    • The attacker was not a friend. He broke into the home and attacked Pelosi with a hammer. The claims by people posting on this blog that they were friends. Gay lovers, etc., are made up nonsense. There wasn’t a security detail at the house because Speaker Pelosi was in Washington.

      • I like your certainty regarding the incident when so much is still unknown. I think the ultimate facts will tell a different story.

  19. Why did the San Francisco police conduct a “wellness check’ at 2:27 am ? And I’m supposed to believe that the third in line for President doesn’t have a security force around her home.

    • The Speaker has an assigned security detail, but Speaker Pelosi was not at home at the time of the attack and her security detail was with her.

      • You mean like a crazy person in the home of the speaker of the house threatening the speaker’s husband? Yeah, what’s up with that?

        They could have been both naked and an assault still happened.

        Maybe the police personwho called him a friend ment that said police knew him well. Apparently now it was the police who said he was a friend not that the victim called him friend.

  20. When things don’t make sense there is usually a lie in it somewhere. I believe this desperate story is a political effort by the cunning left. If true, it was thoughtful of this blog owner to present it. I still believe the truth is strategically still withheld from the (still voting) public.

    • I would suggest all the facts are not in after 2days. After that, if it doesn’t add up, someone might be lying. Or having a hard time thinking/speaking because or escalated mental illness of one and the head injuryr equiring brain surgery of the other?

  21. The attacker is a nudist from Berkeley who makes hemp jewelery. The feds have a tall order trying to turn this guy into a MAGA Republican. But we’ll see what the boys in Quantico can come up with.

  22. More for Rick:

    Time and again modern “journalism” rushes out with “facts” and talking points which have to be quietly walked back later.

    When dealing with someone as prominent as the husband of the Speaker, prudence and professionalism dictate taking a wait and see, focusing on known facts. Not speculation on motive or associations.

    It’s the rush to politicize events by the media which has rendered it untrustworthy.

  23. To be clear, I did not say that Must Read is a malignant cancer, I said that blogs that radicalize people with false information and that demonize people who have different political views to the point that they physically attack politicians, are a malignant cancer. The person who attacked Speaker Pelosi’s husband broke into their house through the back door, asking “where is Nancy.” When he learned Speaker Pelosi was not there, he decided to wait inside the house for her to return. He let her husband use the bathroom, where his cell phone was located, and while he was in the bathroom he called 911. He left the phone turned on, and he dispatch could hear him trying to talk his attacker into leaving. The dispatcher figured out that something wasn’t right and sent the police to investigate. The attackers social media posts show he was an adherent of right wing conspiracy theories.

    The claims by some previous posters on this story that Mr. Pelosi knew or had a relationship with his attacker seem to have no merit. It’s fine to disagree about politics, but can’t we all please agree that this sort of violence is despicable and cannot be tolerated or condoned?

    • “seem to have no merit”.

      Seriously??? Take off Your leftist blinders and read the police report.
      Do Your own search so You can feel it is a legitimate source/site.

    • His hookup went off the rails. This is the coverup story. Do you really believe the pelosis don’t have the best security money can buy? Why was the guy in his underwear? A Berkeley nudist, hemp wearing pervert is super duper mega ultra maga? Ok then.

      • He was in his underwear because Elon Musk said that. Boosting it all over the place. Sorry you got pulled in by it.

        • No, Maureen, it was KTVU that reported David DePape was wearing only his underwear when police busted through the glass door. They have since removed that statement but we don’t know why they removed it. Did police detectives ask them to? Was it media coverup for Pelosi? Was it wrong to begin with? These are things we don’t know, you don’t know, but you blaming Elon Musk for reporting what the mainstream media reported is just a few degrees more disingenuous than your usual commentary.

          • It was wrong to believe in the first place. Clearly sensationalizing over the fact that an elder man was assaulted in the head with a hammer, requiring brain surgery.

            Didn’t it occur to you that the concern for the head injury of an elder was being lost to what was being worn? It sure was clear to me.

            Do you not know the damage a hammer to a skull, especially an elder’s skull, does?

    • You are letting your personal politics get in the way of a logical analysis. More, you appear to be backtracking.

      But you are entitled to your opinion.
      I stand by mine:

      Rep Steve Scalise. Shot by James Hodgkinson in an attempt to murder as many GOP reps as possible. Hodgkinson was a Bernie Bro radicalized by Maddow. As soon as this tidbit came out, it disappeared from the press and national commentary inside of a week.

      Justice Brent Kavanaugh had a madman attempt to murder him AND his family. Plus hoping to get at least two more Justices. Once it came out he wasn’t just a psycho, but a left wing psycho, the “press” ignored it.

      I’m sorry but neither your piety or wanting to all get along is incongruous with leftist reality.

    • Rick, I agree that violence is unacceptable and should receive vigorous prosecution of the perpetrators after an investigation has been completed and all the facts are known.
      I have serious issues with your claim to “know” the sequence of events. Even CNN early yesterday reported that cops made a “well being check”. That basically means the next available cruiser is going to go by there an see what’s up. No cop worth their salt calls an active burglary and assault a “well-being check” and the response will be completely different.
      Also according to you Mr. Pelosi left his phone in the bathroom. Okay he is 82, but the vast majority of people will have their phone by the bedside at 2 AM. Further from CNN and other reports initially it appeared that the police officers where in contact with both gentlemen, when the assault occurred. Again if you have an active burglary and assault the cops will secure the perp immediately, instead of having him continue to present a danger. I know your scenario fits neatly into your preconceived negative view of conservatives, but if you take all the reports together, they do not make sense.
      Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, especially if it is embarrassing to the Pelosi family. Media now spins this to further foster division in this country and gin up anger. It took CNN all of a couple of hours to basically blame the MAGA people and then conveniently report that the Facebook page was taken down, so nobody could verify their claims. At this point I will keep an open mind and wait what the investigation reveals, instead of giving too much credence to media narrative. There are just too many unanswered questions and quirky details.

    • Thanks Rick, But isn’t it more fun to froth at the mouth and make up stories to support my Q anon view of the world ?

    • When Republican Congressman Steve Scalise got shot on a baseball field by some Left-wing Democrat, the press keep the story on page 12.
      Never a headline story, and Steve was actually elected, where Paul was just a house husband. The media always shows it’s disgusting, partisan agenda by the way it reports the news.

    • Unless you were there, your version and all the others are just speculation. Patience folks and maybe the truth will emerge from the typical Democrat coverup apparatus.

      • The underwear story was a great Republican cover-up.

        How about we agree it’s a bad thing when any politician or group of politicians try to cover-up anything in respect to the people’s understanding of what happened.

  24. Next I suppose it will be Hammer control, this shows even derelicts are mad at the people who are abusing us in this administration.

  25. Democrats once again on full display of hysteria. Democrats are divisive and mean-spirited, fomenting hate and anger. If its a civil war they beckon, they will surely get one. Soon.

  26. In “normal world “, for such a high office especially, we could expect all of the facts to be revealed. But I don’t think anyone, from either side can honestly say that it would happen. This will be the most secretive investigation ever so the media will be free to spin it however they wish. If it not for a citizen with a police radio, that information would never be known. The other obvious fact is that no unknown nutcase would ever able to pay a house visit, otherwise it would be a daily occurrence. And explain how two mostly nude men would be wrestling at this hour. Not sure that we want to hear the true story. But this Dave person will disappear, of this we can be sure. And so will the police reports. What I took away from the story was the great stock tips. I am sure that there are decoy purchases and many more made in other peoples names but it is a fact that many politicians become wealthy after a long period of being in office. Nobody is that lucky or intuitive. To believe that is ignorance. And to believe the home of someone third down in this administration could be penetrated by an uninvited guest is utter nonsense.

    • Maybe you could share with us the source of this information. I saw Breitbart refer to a report by a Fox network KTVU. When I read the KTVU article I see nothing about underwear. I see a correction: An earlier story misstated what clothing the suspect was wearing when officers found him.
      I also do not see Breitbart making any underwear references in further reports.

  27. When hammers are outlawed…
    He would have gotten away but slipped on poop. I wish Pelosi a speedy recovery but he and Nancy are an evil pair

    • Massive cover-up underway. That neighborhood is filled with security cameras. Have they all been magically erased?

  28. So, he got hammered. This story has changed a few times from its inception. Why doesn’t the article mention the child in Pelosi’s car when he got pulled over while hammered? Talk about a light sentence.

  29. Pity there’s not some sort of law or legal theory that an American can own a gun and defend himself from attack in his own home. If only such a law existed. Perhaps we should ban hammers as they are clearly capable of applying deadly force on unsuspecting victims. Do we know know who manufactured this deadly hammer? Craftsman? The manufacturer should definitely be sued, clearly those commercials with burley men pounding on “nails” (we know now that nails are just a subliminal replacement for old people), are clearly marketed to violent people. What’s worse is the tool industries blatant marketing to children with Bob the Builder cartoons. EVIL!

  30. This red meat served up to the crazies on here has worked, in spades. And many of them needed several posts to calm their biased thoughts on the matter.
    Because the victim was not of the right political spectrum this fake-news article has succeeded in clouding up an ordinary home assault to include various forms of undress and even a possible homosexual meet-up.
    It’s staggering how any reasonable person could jump to such conclusions, without help. And frankly we are lucky that the dispatcher, that fielded Paul’s phone message, was able to understand that Paul was indeed in trouble.

    • Sorry Bill, those jumping to fringe hope was the left. The left put up a fake web page immediately afterwards to paint Paul’s companion as being on the fringe right.
      Elon Musk calls out Hillary Clinton who posted a story claiming Paul Pelosi’s attacker is a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist. Elon posted a link to a story that reports that Paul met his attacker at a gay bar and took him home.
      Like usual it’s best to take a breath and watch closely. There are people on all sides trying to twist a narrative.

      • And your “Pelosi’s attack was real, but came from a “friend” that just happened to be in his home wearing underwear.” comes from out of your whatever? Heheh!
        Also reed, Musk deleted his link-you thinking this is because he has more information trying to “twist a narratime?” You are a joke with your asinine explanations of this “fringe” is the left, but keep them coming so we can continue to laugh at your BS.

      • Did that page put up include the perpetrator’s own facebook pages that identified him as on the right?

        Oh, you believed Elon Musk. I understand your point completely now.

  31. Yeah know one wants to report on the two websites that Depape supposedly had. They were both supposedly created on Friday and taking down Saturday.. Hmmm also he was part of the Castro nudist, depape was a member of at one time. I dare anyone to Google that castro nudist. You will see this group is far from being a conservatives group. Too many weird things going on with this, and the libs in their usual to blame republicans/conservatives for everything wrong in their lives have took this narrative that this guy is a maga hat wearing conspiracy theorist and ran with it. Yelling see told you republicans are horrible..

  32. Yeah, because all conservatives are nudists. Here’s some speculation for you…Why did Pelosi identify the guy by name to the police? Why has it been reported that the window looks to have been broken from the inside? I’m sure the Pelosis are “rich and important enough” to have a security system that would automatically call the police upon a breach but Pelosi had to call 911? Something is fishy here. Hopefully some security and police cam footage will emerge, but by then will we even be able to believe that?

    • We have a security system, pay $100 a month for it. For a mere 100 bucks a month We have a camera outside that alerts us to anyone coming into our drive way, doorbell camera, we have the sensor in our home to detect broken glass. we have two panic buttons one in our bedroom other in our hallway. So you cant tell me a millionaire married to the 3rd most powerful person in this country did not have a better security than I do??? Yeah I think ol Paul might have picked up the wrong dude at the bar.. Now the cover up is on…

    • They can sense the truth when it is hurtful to their beloved radical ideological cause (which it is, always), even if they cannot admit it publicly, or even to themselves. Cognitive dissonance, logical contradictions, and rampant hypocrisy are a radical leftist’s constant bedfellows.

  33. I did notice someone claiming to have gone to Catholic school who claimed she dropped out when she found out the Priesthood is men only.

    Either a really bad lie or a really, really, really bad student. I knew before I was six Priests are men only. And I didn’t go to Catholic school.

    It’s also telling the implication of she couldn’t serve the way she wanted, she took her ball and went home.

    The Church provides many, many ways to serve. Just gotta let God drive, not your ego.

    • So you are a guy. Obviously one who wants the church to himself.

      The church does not allow women in lead roles. I understand your point, I can be a nun. I heard that in ‘69.

      • They lost me doesn’t mean I dropped out. My parents ensured that I attended church weekly with them, and with the kids in my classes at the Catholic schools I was put in by my parents. Who by the way were happy to pay taxes for public schools, and knew religious instruction was extra to government that my parents were financially responsible for religious instruction. They struggled financially to do it. I, not my parents, paid for Catholic college.

        The only time a teacher called my parents in my regard was when my 3rd grade religion teacher called my parents because I questioned the doctrine of ‘free will’, and the nun was quite concerned. No other students my age ever did. My parents responded by saying, ‘yes, we discussed free will at the dinner table last night.”

  34. Nice work, y’all. Nothing but falsehoods being repeated here to further fabricated notions: Democrats/liberals are trying to increase crime, Paul Pelosi was having an affair with his attacker, they were both found naked/in underwear, hammers need outlawed, this never would have happened to a conservative because they would have shot them in self defense, it’s Hillary’s fault, Nancy and Paul are criminals, etc., etc., etc. Quality reporting and revealing commentary. Of course my favorite part of the comments is a tie between this is all an elaborate liberal conspiracy (although apparently liberals are incapable idiots) and liberals are responsible for this violence and it has nothing to do with the tenor of the rhetoric in the public sphere these days (from leaders and the public). Good stuff. Can’t wait to read the follow up article–on this, Joe Gerace, Charlie Pierce, etc.

  35. Yes we all should be ashamed of ourselves for not believing the MSM that’s propped up and told the democrat lies for the last 14 yrs.. God forbid we think for ourselves and don’t repeat what we read off of the democrat underground website..

  36. Pelosi is third in line for the Presidency of the United States of America, and the Leader of the Free World.
    I would have to believe that you could not get within a mile of her home without scrutiny.
    Your plates would be run, you would be checked with facial ID, there are camera’s everywhere.
    And her home Security Detail had to be second to NONE.
    They have everything except a moat full of Hungry Cranky Alligators and boiling oil on the roof-top.

    • Mark….Mark …you gotta understand ……this is San Francisco. Paul had to leave the sliding glass window open to the house so that the carpenter could sneak in at 2:00 am for a quick nailing with Paul. Paul is on the DUI watch list and Nancy don’t him cruising around the Tenderloin for late night hook-ups.

    • You would believe wrong Mark. Had Nancy been home her security detail would likely have intercepted this yahoo but they (detail) follow her, not her husband. Of course this may change as family members of congress may well be getting their own protection detail, after this.

  37. Boy. Some people are really unhinged over this. It really speaks volumes over leftist hysteria over the upcoming elections.

  38. An important thing to note is the perp went through a GLASS door. GLASS!!
    There were three GLASS doors at the back of the house that a 10 yr old could enter w/ a Little League bat.
    Any cop or security worker can tell you glass doors are a terrible idea ….bad security.
    I know its Pacific Heights, the best neighborhood, but still, these people are targets, like it or not.
    And they think they are the smart kids & should run the country?
    Don’t think so.
    The only thing these “smart” kids do is use their power to steal (at the stock market level)

    • Interesting George. Pelosi has glass door= can’t run country. Critical thinking would not link those to concepts.

      • It’s a bad idea to have large glass doors on any house, but especially that house.
        They are not in a gated community, they are in a high crime city, at a house that has been attacked by protesters in the last few years.
        They are our superiors. Our smart leaders.
        And yes, you are correct SF progressives “can’t run a country”. except to run it into the ground.
        See you on Nov 8th. Blue wave?

      • Actually, people who think logically, and are capable of doing a cause/effect analysis will understand what George said perfectly. Of course, because both you and Pelosi are leftists, neither George nor I have enough time or crayons to explain it to you.

  39. It’s pretty sad that even on the day that a woman’s husband is beaten on the head with a hammer, MRAK could not see fit to write a compassionate and sympathetic article, including well-wishes for the person’s recovery. MRAK (today) requests civility of its readers, but apparently all it can muster itself is criticism and insinuation.

    NB – This is a kinder, gentler repost of a comment made earlier, which apparently is amongst the 855 living in the MRAK trash can. It’s in good company, however, as I have quite a few others that have landed there – and not for the fault of poor grammar, punctuation, or illogic. They are there because MRAK disagrees with my opinions.

    • Hard to have sympathy for the uber rich Pelosi’s.
      They created this urban chaos w/ their bad policies.
      It is nationwide now, but it all started in anything goes, liberal SF.
      Not to mention, that these two use insider knowledge to enrich themselves.
      But of course Senator Pelosi doesn’t buy or own ANY stock “That’s my husband: she claims.
      Ever been to Baltimore or seen “The Wire”?
      That’s a town controlled by Pelosi’s “family” for decades. They did a great job there also.

      I have sympathy for the poor & working class of America, that have had their quality of life greatly diminished by bad progressive ideas; not so much for the Uber rich, in their mansions.
      AND they don’ even understand simple security measures, that anyone can do to protect themselves.
      Then our President blames it on Republicans, even though this guy has been a liberal, anything goes hippy his whole life, until 2 months when he jumped back on-line and went straight for the Q nonsense.

      • George:

        1) It’s easy to have sympathy for any human being, rich or poor. It’s called compassion (oh, and it’s a tenet of Christianity, as well).

        2) There are plenty or GOP politicians who have enriched themselves using insider info. It sounds like you are envious of those better off than you. Isn’t that #6 on the list of the Seven Deadly Sins? Why, yes!

        3) If memory serves, it’s the GOP that recently cut taxes on the rich, thereby widening the wealth chasm in America. They’re also the ones who want to cut social programs, including Social Security, Medicare, Affirmative Action, and a host of others that help the less-fortunate.

        4) And it’s also the far-Right, including many who contribute to the MRAK comments section, who promote “tough love” approaches to helping those in need and/or homeless, so please spare me your “sympathy for the poor” BS.

  40. Where are the photos of these broken glass doors? Some of richest, most powerful people in the country and all you have to do is break a crummy glass door or window to get in their house? I smell a rat, a nasty vile rat. These things lie, steal and murder, for fun and profit. And other things right here on MRAK defend them. The Bible is full of stories about them. Let them laugh, it’s all they have.

    • The photos of the glass doors in the back of this residence are all over the various news reports.
      There are six BIG glass doors leading from the house to the back yard. Six of them.
      The perp bashed the glass on one of the doors, reached in & opened the door for entry.
      VERY BAD security.

      My mom’s retirement community had doors w/ glass windows in them.
      The cops came & gave advice to the seniors at a ‘safety meeting’.
      First thing they told the old folks is to replace the doors or put in locks that can only open with a key from inside. That’s what we did to my mom’s door. They sell these security locks at Home Depot.
      How the Pelosi’s, or the speakers security team, allowed these easy enter glass doors to stay is beyond me.

      Even w/ the security locks a perp could walk right through the broken glass as the doors are very big, as are the glass panels that make them up.
      I guess everyone thought “this is the best neighborhood” we don’t have to worry about that kind off thing here. Even though the house has been harassed by protestors’ in the past.
      It’s just dumb …. even in Pacific Heights.

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