Pelosi, age 83, will run for another two years, saying she needs to promote ‘San Francisco values’


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that is is seeking reelection to the House in 2024, and that she will be part of a Democrat all-hands-on-deck push to regain the majority, now held by Republican.

Pelosi, 83, made the surprise announcement in San Francisco, which she has served for decades. She also posted on X/Twitter her intentions to run.

“Now more than ever our City needs us to advance San Francisco values and further our recovery. Our country needs America to show the world that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for ALL. That is why I am running for reelection — and respectfully ask for your vote.”

Pelosi was born March 26, 1940, and will turn 84 during next year’s campaign cycle. If she succeeds in winning another term, she will be nearly 87 at the end of that term.


  1. Look at the job she has done. I think the people should vote her in to finish the job. They deserve her and the policy’s she brings.

  2. Well, she has a right to run and her constituents have a right to vote for her or not.
    Health, physical or mental, should be considered by the voters.
    She’s running because she revels in the power, easy work, and extraneous income provided bt the position.

  3. San Francisco definitely needs her. It is not completely a dead city yet, though very close. When can these idiots retire? Maybe they are already zombies, held together by artificial means.

    • Sabatini:
      Another twisted Democrat and America hater.
      You can’t post here because your *ssh*le is on Air Force One pretending that he was elected president.

    • What a despicable and ignorant comment. Visit Dachau, Bergen-Belsen or Ausschwitz and learn. Words have meaning and while it seems “hip” to call those you simply don’t like, but have no argument to debated “Nazis”, it really highlights your abject callousness for the suffering and deaths of people, whose only misdeed was their faith and their race. Shame on you!

      • Taxpayer, I agree with you. The term “nazi” is thrown around far too often and I wish it would stop.

        I know a man who fought against that true evil. Unfortunately most of those who had to deal with them are gone. They would not approve of just throwing that out there and using that term on others.

        It was real life for them. A real thing they had to face. Not something that was glossed over in our school system as a concept with no real significance.

        Let us all please stop throwing that term around. Let us all politely correct others who do. If for no other reason out of respect for the generation that had to fight against the real deal.

        Thanks to anyone who reads this and gives it some thought

        • Your comments are valid, but I’m glad my parents’ generation for the most part are in heaven and don’t have to witness the downfall of the America they fought and died for. I am part of a gyration who fought in Vietnam, in Operation Desert Storm, and the Global War on Terrorism. I am very worried about our current military and the ability to fight an attack on our homeland. I know many good fighting men and women currently serving but hope their fellow brothers and sisters have their six.

    • I was in Florida earlier this year. Only thing close to Nazis I saw were pampered white liberals working in Orlando at the theme parks.

  4. San Francisco values? Rampant crime, homeless defecating in the streets, drug abuse, out of control taxes…just what the country needs more of.

  5. Let me translate:

    I didn’t get the ambassadorship in Italy I wanted, so I’m just gonna stay in Congress and continue my insider trading.

    It’s not like I want to live with my husband in that hell hole.

  6. Well. Look on the bright side Pelosi like Rosita worl, has a healthy brain to continue their leaderships. Unlike some leaders who don’t know when to call it quits.

    • They are re-presenters of the people’s will according to the US Constitution. Our guaranteed FORM of government of this nation is a confederate republic informed by the people’s consent and will. They may never, any of them including Pelosi, evolve into dictators. Pelosi of all people knows this to be a Constitutional fact. Some people are breathtakingly ignorant. Pelosi is not one of them. Therefore they are not leaders.

  7. Pelosi is Lisa Murkowski’s good friend.

    San Francisco values:
    Free pooping on the streets.
    Fornicate wherever and whenever.
    Free robberies for items worth less than $800.
    Put up a tent wherever.
    Dump your garbage anywhere.
    Democrat values town.
    Welcome to paradise.
    Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. You endorse everything that causes people to move. Loser Pelosi can’t even stay home and take care of her sick, aging husband. A pathetic old witch.

  8. Ok, so what? There are 435 House Representatives. They include Pelosi, AOC, Paul Gosar, Gaetz, Boebert, Peltola, and top Republican George Santos. Assigning any national meaning to any particular media darling or opposition villian is folly. Clickbait, nothing new here.

  9. She is a deluded idiot. Promote San Francisco values? Does she mean the values that have literally destroyed that city, forcing droves of people to flee, and making visiting there such a traumatic experience that few venture there for an actual vacation. Those values? Does she think people believe her? Well those that have not drank her party’s koolaid likely do not, but sadly too many in that sordid community have, and are too lulled by power, money or entitlement to see realty.

    • -The right to rob people and businesses at will.

      -The right to bankrupt small businesses and cripple uncompliant large one.

      -The right to live in squalor while the rich white liberals eat designer ice cream.

      -The right to do drugs in the streets.

      -The right to poop in the streets.

      -The right to spread diseases not regularly seen in this country for decades.

      -The right to force others to pay for your self destructive vices.

      Ah, utopia. SF style.

  10. She doesn’t need voters , she is installed by permanent Washington . This would be a prime example of it . The streets of San Francisco have a different meaning than from the seventies . Totally destroyed the beautiful city by leftist politicians and she wants to promote this . She’s absolutely nuts . Maybe the voters in Anchorage will take note !

  11. Beats work if you can get it. The Grand Dame of the House should dye her hair purple just to rub people’s noses in it.

  12. Typical California crap. She does not represent the 40% of California that would like to leave a once dynamic state that was at the forefront of progress and education. The streets were clean, the criminals were in jail and people could move around without fearing getting killed by some juiced-up bozo. Sadly, she will probably get re-elected because seniority delivers perks to the locals. A real shame.

  13. Such a nice picture of her and our Alaskan delegate chosen to be mentored by the best in the business.
    Nancy and Paul has brought more bacon home to there portfolio than all the bacon processors in the country combined.

      • Which is why we need term limits. There aren’t enough informed voters and the majority of the population are a bunch of mouth breathers.

        • Ditto on both, John.
          I never liked the “dynasty building/permanent entitlement mentality” that pervades Washington DC. Many politicians constantly claim to speak for the American people, but none of them actual speak TO those very same Americans, unless it is a strictly controlled event. It is like the kings of old riding around in their horse-drawn carriages, waiving at the people from afar, then closing the palace gates to keep the rabble out. Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein and even Lisa Murkowski are prime examples.
          At the same time we as citizens have been neglectful of educating the next generations on actual civic rights and responsibilities. There are many young folks running around screaming “I KNOW MY RIGHTS”. When you ask them, they can’t name you an actual one (and no abortion is not an enumerated right under the constitution) or they heaven forbid actually know what it means.
          So, John, term limits absolutely and mandatory civics in school definitely, as our nation can only survive with a well educated not indoctrinated population.

  14. Why doesn’t anyone want to promote US Constitution values anymore. What is wrong with these stipend receivers?

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