Parade politics: Ester, North Pole, Eagle River, Tok

Ester Fourth of July on left, and North Pole Fourth of July

Fourth of July parades in the Fairbanks North Star Borough were markedly different between the enclave of Ester and the town of North Pole. As different as the politics of the two towns.

In Ester, Democrat candidate Savannah Fletcher, running for Senate, and Democrat Rep. Ashley Carrick, running to keep her seat in the House, were featured arm-in-arm in the precinct that would tend to favor them. With them was school board candidate Morgan Dulian, who led the recent effort to bust the borough tax cap and raise property taxes. She was walking the parade with Carrick, who spent her time in the 33rd  legislature working on HB 17, a gender-identity bill.

Ester is left-leaning. In 2016’s election for president, 268 voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton, with 159 voting for Donald Trump. In 2018, Gov. Mike Dunleavy only got one-third of the vote in Ester.

In North Pole, hundreds lined the streets to watch the parade, which included Shriners’ funny cars, various farmers and their tractors, scout troops, and community organizations. Spotted was John Coghill, running for mayor of the borough, Assemblywoman Barbara Haney and her “support the tax cap” parade entry, school board candidate Loa Hubbard, and Miguel Ramirez running for Assembly.

John Coghill, right, and his antique car entry for the North Pole parade.

The Mayor’s Choice award for best float was won by Assembly candidate Tammie Wilson. Later in the parade could be found Rep. Frank Tomaszewski, Rep. Mike Prax, and State School Board member Barbara Tyndall. Democrat Sen. Scott Kawasaki dined on pancakes at the Senior Center, watching the parade festivities.

In Eagle River, congressional candidate Nick Begich walked the parade with a large contingent of Team Nick supporters.

Nick Begich for Congress walks the parade in Eagle River, accompanied by supporters and support vehicles.

In Tok, Rep. Mike Cronk, running for Senate, had a patriotic entry that included two blonde dogs that were sporting red and blue paint.

Rep. Mike Cronk and his parade entry in Tok, Alaska, complete with two very tolerant dogs.


  1. Sorry John Coghill. I can’t support you, as your late entry into the Borough mayor’s race gives Grier Hopkins the advantage. I’m voting for Aaron Lowjewski, who unlike you, supports the full, statutory payout of the PFD. But I do wish you well in retirement, John.

  2. Savanah Fletcher was seen hanging or leading the protest at the Wein Celebration two days ago, if people were paying attention she ran for GVEA board running on a “Black Lives Mater” platform, and the protest at Pikes was to support Extermination of Infedels (HAMAS/Palestine)

    • First, Palestinians and HAMAS are one, and swear on the Quran to exterminate all who are Infidel (Not of Muslim Faith) this lady with child in arms left that child in a running vehicle 300ft away during inclimate whether (October Fairbanks) and her spouse told a confidant they didn’t want to expose the baby to a politically charged event and she wants to be an Alaska State Senator

  3. Now that parades have become more about trumpets for political hacks, I won’t be attending them anymore.

  4. Today I was proud to shake the hand of Nick Begich during the Chugiak parade. I don’t know whether he is right on every issue, but I did notice that neither Dahlstrom nor Peltola showed up. Just sayin’.

  5. Nick Begich for House. Not “because it just feels right.” Rather, as a matter of indisputable fact, he is far and away the most qualified in every every respect; the perfect candidate. I don’t feel the need to rely on “feelings” in this case.

    • In this day and age, qualifications do not matter as much as integrity and keeping your promises. Will Nick fully support Trumps MAGA agenda or will he back stab him and join the swamp? I do not know at this point if Nick has Trump’s endorsement. Ms. Dahlstrom is claiming to have Trump’s endorsement although I haven’t seen proof of it. I will not support anyone in the Alaska race without Trump’s endorsement! There are still too many establishment RINOS in the Republican Party.


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