Breaking: Alaska’s U.S. Judge Joshua Kindred resigns


It has not been announced by the U.S. Court in a press release, but it shows up on the court’s website: Alaska’s U.S. District Court Judge Joshua Kindred has resigned, effective July 8.

 Kindred was appointed by President Donald Trump in 2019 to serve as a judge for the District of Alaska. He is a graduate of University of Alaska Anchorage and Willamette University College of Law, graduating in 2005.

The move is sudden, unexplained, but came in a letter of resignation offered by Kindred, who is 47 years old.


  1. Good.

    I was there during the Garrett Elder trial when Kindred mumbled incoherently into his hand, made excuses for how he liked to give miscreants that had bad fathers a pass, said directly that he had zero experience with financial crimes (and by extension the devastation and havoc they wrought w/in the community). He even had the audacity to say that he’d read the prosecution’s recommendation twice as he hadn’t understood it the first time but when a member of the victim pool pointed out that the defense had purposefully included a lie in his closing statements Judge Kindred chastised the victim saying that he would not have his esteemed colleagues chastised in court. News Flash: When the least qualified in the room is pointing out that prosecution, defense and the judge are all asleep at the switch it’s not chastisement; it’s a real time notice that two of the three need to wake up. And they’re not esteemed colleagues; judge, defense and prosecution are little more than three guys that work for the same company.

    Kindred’s coup de grâce in that case was his final decree.

    Soapy Smith was shot dead in the street by city officials for having stolen the inflation adjusted equivalent of about $100k in today’s value.

    Garrett Elder financially raped his own aunt and supposedly several w/in his extended family. Garrett stole 300x what Soapy did and at the hands of incompetent judging rec’d 8.5 years in Club Fed; an absolute embarrassment by any standard.

    Good riddance, Kindred. You failed many Alaskans when you gave Garrett Elder a sentence that proved crime paid… in Elder’s case it paid $3mm per year under your gavel. Pathetic, really.

    A greater embarrassment yet was S. Lane Tucker. Fitting that she as US Attorney for the District of Alaska would have been appointed to the post by the worst US President in living memory.

    • its often what happens to big business that do pretty terrible things here in the bottom 48. The sick companies budget money to pay off whatever fines they get for killing, maiming, or making destitute as many families as they need to make a profit.

      They look at the fines as a cost of doing business…..while the dead people…well they aint thinking too much anymore about business

    • JB won’t do an appointment unless he wins in November. Then it’ll be an environmental activist judge. Bye-by mining, oil exploration, fishing, timber (that’s already on life support) and any new roads or expanded communities.

    • Biden isn’t in control of his own bowel movements let alone in control of his administration. Biden’s puppet masters, not Biden, get to appoint.

    • Hm so you do not like a strong central federal government and feel that powers should primarily lie with the states?
      Sorry to be pedantic, but from where I sit, Biden for all of his years in office, has been running rough-shot over state’s rights and ignoring or curtailing states input. In other words the worst aberration of federalism…..just saying

    • A real Biden Disciple in the wild… will wonders never cease?
      Undoubtedly ready to give his all for the Great Leader, surely Elstun Lauesen will share Biden’s thought process, Biden’s guiding principles to which his judicial nominees must adhere?

      • M, you don’t know why this guy resigned yet you have it all figured out. Making conclusions without evidence is very Trump Cultish.


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