Pam Melin: The recall of the Palmer Three and the meltdown of Councilman Brian Daniels



After Tuesdays theatrics at The Palmer City Council, the public has a clear indication that the recall of the three council members who violated the Open Meetings Act has reached a boiling point. 

I was the intended target of those theatrics from an incoherent Councilman Brian Daniels. Why? I stood up for local businesses during the attempt by the Chamber of Commerce and a group called Moms for Social Justice to rebrand the Colony Days and Colony Christmas festivals. I asked for prayers of civility during that debacle, so we as a community could find a path forward.

But that wasn’t good enough for the Palmer Three. The anti-recall group interpreted my call for civility and prayer as blasting the volunteers and board members who attempted to, by fiat and with no public input, change the name of Palmer’s signature festivals to “Braided River Festival” and “Hometown Holidays.”

In a previous council meeting, the deputy mayor had called for the code of ethics to be brought forward, as I had heard from six businesses in Palmer who came forward, asking for anonymity, reporting about extreme intimidation from members of the MatSu “Moms For Social Justice” group, and the four sitting council members (one is now gone), pressuring council members to get onboard with the mask mandate or be labeled and boycotted by the group. 

The deputy mayor asked, “Why would these businesses be so afraid to come forward with their names? Please explain this to me.” 

The recall of the Palmer Three has brought out truth, and people have become more confident, fed up, and are speaking their minds about events that occurred. This is precisely how we got here two year later. 

After reading through all 2,000 screen prints provided by a whistleblower, it’s clear to me this recall of Sabrena Combs, Brian Daniels, and Jill Valerius has merit. What they did with this private Facebook group, “MatSu Moms For Social Justice,” was not innocent or an accident. It was calculated and manipulative. I didn’t want to believe it. I never thought they wanted to harm or damage Palmer and were acting simply as just citizens being involved. But then it became very clear.

During their attempt at a mask mandate, Julie Berberich, who was on the council (and who is now gone from the council), jumped down the throat of anyone in opposition, in that Facebook group. Even after being told by business owners that they did not support being the enforcement arm of the mandate, the four council members pushed it forward anyway.

There was blatant contempt in the Facebook group posts and a collective agreement that conservatives are brainless scum. If you had Christian values, the vitriol against you would only ratchet up.

Here’s what wasn’t in the attorneys’ report in relation to over 2,000 screen prints from the exclusive Facebook group that the council members were part of. You can read more about this at the RecallPalmerThree website and decide for yourself.

1. Councilwoman Sabrena Combs posting her proposed mask mandate into the private Facebook group (before was even on the agenda) and telling the group members to wait for it to be “set” before sending letters in that would be read into the record. This was Sabrena Combs holding secret strategy meetings with other council members outside the public process, a violation of the Open Meetings Act.
2. The post from one member tagging the four council members to get help with how to  proceed with the police oversight commission. Additionally there were Sabrena Combs’ comments about the Open Meetings Act and the administrators responding that they would facilitate serial communication. Serial communications are an explicit violation of the Open Meetings Act.
3. Julie Berberich’s post about the need to fill up the boards and commissions with progressives, and subsequent serial communications about that endeavor.
4. Julie Berberich’s asking a group member to get businesses to sign the pro-mask mandate letter and subsequent serial communications about that topic, which was a policy discussion held in secret.
5. The post in which the group talks about “it all comes down to 4 votes.” 
6. The post in which they recap the meeting on police oversight and say a council member was advising them on the subject.

I think back to the chaos created and constant front page stories in the news over a two year period, and it’s clear to me that power and influence were brokered through the four council members within an ideological group on Facebook, who had their woke tentacles operating in very impressionable organizations across the Valley.

I’m done with the one-sided publications, with whom these remaining council members have created a cozy relationship and that try to steer the narrative in their favor. It’s time for truth, as painful as it may be. 

As long as I am in a position to fight, I will do so. We must never let this happen again. Not in our town and not on my watch.

Pam Melin is the deputy mayor of the City of Palmer.


  1. Civility?

    Ignoring “no soliciting” signs posted at seniors-only sub-divisions to pound on doors until the elderly residents finally make it to the door and then rave on about how there was no secrecy? “Soliciting” is not limited to selling. Are there NO rules? Were rules suspended in secret?

    It certainly provides incentive to make the effort to shine some light into dark corners!

  2. Thanks for going against the grain and calling out these unlawful violations!! Palmer is too great of a city to have these kind of people in an elected positions making decisions contrary to the will of the people and it’s historical past!!

  3. Time to reign in or cancel ALL unconstitutional emergency powers that deep state corrupt politicians granted themselves. Any citizen that will turn in, berate, intimidate, belittle fellow citizens for exercising their Constitutional Rights, is a coward and/or a tyrant! Thank you Deputy Mayor for standing up for freedom. Time for everyone to start civil disobedience and NEVER obey unconstitutional unlawful mandates.

    • What porcupine are you sitting on Truth Seeker? The issue is a name change to a beloved holiday in a tiny Jerkwater town in Alaska, not deep state corruption or unconstitutional mandates. This kind or overreaction weakens your complaint.

        • Huh. I least we know what “braided river” or “meandering stream” means. The description “jerkwater” is a bit baffling

          • Oh here it is: noun: (formerly) a train not running on the main line.
            I think it’s where a steam engine would pull off the main line to collect water for the mainline reservoirs. So yeah, Palmer is off the main line. But there’s coal further up the line so it’s not just for collecting water.

  4. Let us put into perspective the criticism of Western heritage. Many seek to cease cultural acknowledgement of Christmas. However, Christmas is less a religious construct than our 7-day calendar week which is taken directly from Judeo-Christian scripture (Genesis). Our calendar years are derived from the birth of our Savior, the Christ. Would disturbed cultural revisionists have us discard our calendars for an entirely new version?…. like the French revolutionists’ failed attempt to form a 10-day week? In other words, these revisionists very selectively criticize the low-hanging fruit of a few religious features while ignoring the larger, and more fundamental, features. It is nothing more than pseudo-virtue signaling to draw attention to themselves. Pathetic.

    • Sadly Caterina, I was wondering the same thing. It appears that Mr. Daniels can not form a coherent sentence or a rational explanations, so those on the council can actually respond with substance. Kudos to the mayor for ignoring the insinuations and moved on with the agenda.

  5. It is clear after watching this video that Brian Daniels is stunted in his mental development with only the cognitive abilities of a 4-year old that screams when he doesn’t get what he wants. After the last two years of seeing the kinds of people that push these “woke” policies and using COVID as an excuse to by-pass God-given rights (yes, I said it, God-given), it is clear that “woke” people have angry feelings inside themselves about how most of society judges their life-styles and beliefs. We have laws in this country to protect all classes of people. But some of these people, these three on the Palmer council, and the types of people we see on secret Disneyland management meetings, that there are people throughout this country and world that are pushing, pushing, pushing to normalize things that are not normal. They attack Christians because the Bible says that the behaviors of these “woke” people are not normal. That they are sins according to God. So they hate God. The Bible says their “lifestyles” are abhorrent. So they lash out at anybody or anything that adheres to Christian values laid out in the Bible. And you know what? The Bible predicts all these things happening; the falling away, the persecution, and what will come to those that don’t repent their sins to Jesus Christ. Believe it or not, “woke” people, we Christians want you to find happiness. To find it in the truth in the Bible and to be saved. We don’t want you to go to hell. We want the best for you. And yet you fight and fight and fight and hate and hate and hate because you want to justify the ways that you live. God have mercy on your souls.

    • Gawd, the arrogance of Christians! You force your lithic religion on the rest of us incessantly. Like Big Government restrictions on abortion in Kentucky, or the constant interest in other people’s private parts and what they do with them and with whom. Locally you force your exclusive beliefs at city council meetings and school board meetings.

      You do not know what’s best for me. Stay out of my business!

      • Because NOTHING demonstrates “arrogance” like trying to keep you people from killing innocents for your own convenience or forcing your perverted beliefs on innocent children..

        “Exclusive beliefs”?!? You say that as if you don’t have your own beliefs that you force on others.. ?

        As someone once said, “You do not know what’s best for me. Stay out of my business!” expect pushback when you cross that line..this is what it looks like…

      • Give it a rest, groomer. It is not the right or the Christians who are actively grooming preschool – 3rd graders in LGBTQWTF ideology these days. It is you on the political left, specifically the teacher’s unions. And the ONLY people these days interested in private parts are you on the left wanting to subject the whims of 4 year olds to medical mutilation, hormone replacement therapy, and active grooming.

        Your problem is that you guys already lost the aborto-wars, which is why you’re opening a second front in the kindergartens. Good luck with that. Cheers –

        • I agree we are losing the right for women to make personal reproductive choices like in Kentucky where an unbridled overreach of government has shut down the last two clinics, but you fully own your weird attention toward children’s private parts.

      • Gladly, Lucinda.

        Now you stay out of theirs.

        Oh, wait.

        Judgmental does not apply should it be unto you, does it?

        You, as an individual, are obviously damaged, and have been for some time, no doubt, as you, unlike most others, take personal offense as to others belief systems, when they have nothing to do with you personally, yet you take said belief systems as such.

        That reaction says much more about you than it does about them, does it not?

        Have they come to your home and attacked you personally? Of course not, but yet you feel as if they have simply by having beliefs differing than your own, and that, sorry, is a sad tell upon your part, Lucinda, within that you obviously feel guilt, and are defensive because of it.

        • I recognize your argument, I’ve heard it before from christian apologists. You think I’ve been hurt somehow, perhaps by god, and so I am sad. I am not. I’m frustrated by the blatant hypocrisy and intolerance of the Christian Right. I wish you would mind your own business. Bake cupcakes for your church, pray, tithe, believe your stories but don’t inflict it on me. Stay out of my business.

          • Ah. You believe me a Christian apologist because of my opinion of your ‘situation’…

            You are wrong, as my opinion is based not of Christian views, but of a pragmatic and logical dissention of your own words, within reaction to others belief systems.

            You are indeed injured, and not ‘just’ by any outward source, as much of said injury is internal as well, otherwise you would be content within who you truly are, rather than negatively reactive to those who believe differently than you do.

            What difference, honestly, do the opinions and thoughts of others make unto you, as an individual, should you be content within who you feel yourself to be?

            Again, your ‘business’ is your own, so why do you worry so much about what others may perceive of it?

            Does that change your own self perspective somehow?

            If not, then what is the problem?

            If so, the problem is you.

            I wish you contentment.

          • To play devil’s advocate here.. You’re on the “my body my choice” bandwagon. That’s fine. It’s your choice. How do you feel about vaccinations and mask requirements to fly…? Think carefully before answering.

          • I think the old Devil got his claws wrapped pretty tight around Lucinda. You can always tell because the misery just flows out. Life must be cruel to Lucinda to spend so much time cruising around MRAK searching for places to inject negativity and hatred. Not a good life to be living, in fact, not living at all. The question is: why even waste your time here? You only hurt yourself.
            Go find God and free yourself.

      • Lucinda, since according to your earlier post, you can not show any respect for the residents of Palmer, Alaska, I suggest you take your own advice and stay out of their business. The arrogance of atheists to demand that no religious word EVER touches them, can be perceived the same way you view religious people. Why so defensive, if religion doesn’t matter? Why not just allow all to live life in a way that works for them with honor and respect?

    • Now again when the weather was too severe it was fun to go to Palmer City Council meetings (they don’t ask for proof of residence to attend) instead of the zoo—just to see the animals. Fortunately they’ll be gone as summer approaches so the loss of them won’t be of much importance.

  6. Does that kid come to council meetings on dope?
    My 7th grader is more coherent. Maybe if he took off his girlie headband and sat up straight, he might be able to hear and act like an adult. He looks more like a truant junior high kid that the Palmer voters placed on the Council as a bad prank.

    • Those Palmeranians need an IQ test to establish a minimum standard for the next election. Mr. Haircut there definitely is on the wrong side of desk. Ouch!

  7. Can we use the 25th amendment on Brian Daniels? That is so sad! He needs to graduate at least high school before he can be on a council!

  8. I want to say that Brian Daniels got elected by a very small margin of votes, I can’t remember the exact count . This is what happens when only 14% of registered voters VOTE. This should serve as a lesson to ALL Palmer residents that if you want to keep our town from being taken over by radicals, you better start paying attention!!

  9. Voters need to think about a ballot question aimed toward adopting something like the 25th Amendment (to The U.S. Constitution) in Palmer. Extending it down through council and all elective or appointed “boards”. The video in this article demonstrates the urgent need!

    Please add to your prayers divine assistance for the mentally troubled!

  10. Brian Daniels reminds me of Kamala Harris. They talk, but nothing sensical comes out. Just a word soup and you have no idea what point they’re trying to make. Then they get angry. I would demand a toxicology test on Mr Daniels to see what meds he’s on and if they are prescribed and legal. Holy cow! How do these people get into office?

  11. BIG PRINT for untruths; fine print for secrecy.

    Palmer mailboxes are daily flooded with slick anti-recall cards.
    Postmarked in ANCHORAGE yet warning against “outsiders”.
    Did someone close the Palmer post office without telling anyone?
    Is ANCHORAGE magically a part of Palmer?
    Or were the outsiders not willing to take the time to come to Palmer to put those cards in the mail?
    Too far?
    For one major contributors the cost of airfare might have been a serious consideration.

    It asks you to support local business owners.
    You’re being asked by the clique which wanted to cripple Palmer business by destroying the celebrations that drew many shoppers to the community.

    Asking that you reject time-wasting political stunts – with a campaign consisting entirely of stunts meant to keep you in the dark about what’s been done and will be done again and again if not stopped dead in its tracks.

    Asking you to stop outsiders from dividing us.

    Who are those divisive outsiders? The truth is there on the mailers. In the fine print:

    #1 contributor:
    SARAH PHIPPS who, right there in the fine print she helped pay for claims residence in BEND, OREGON. Was Bend, Oregon somehow annexed to Palmer with only one resident of that liberal town in a liberal, Cancel Culture state aware of that?

    #2 contributor:
    MARK BEGICH Is the ex-mayor of ultra-liberal, high-tax ANCHORAGE now a Palmer resident? Or is he a divisive outsider?

    Full disclosure, one (1) of the top 3 contributors claims Palmer residency.

    They tell you to say NO to “Cancel Culture”. Are those outsiders not aware of the Cancel Culture crowd that wanted to drive Colony Days and Colony Christmas into obscurity? Or were they funding it? Unaware of the thriving Cancel Culture movements in their home towns (Anchorage and Bend, Oregon)?

    Remember that their own legally-required admission of who is contributing reveals them as outsiders. So it IS very important to heed their third point and STOP OUTSIDERS FROM DIVIDING US! The very outsiders who mailed these cards.

    Read the fine print. Use a magnifying glass if you need to. Please be aware of who and WHAT is really driving this. If you have elder neighbors please help them read the fine print – the destructive outsiders are counting on them not seeing it clearly.

    They LOVE secrecy!

  12. Since the advent of high THC potency Pot there have been many studies which suggest that the rate of mental illness skyrockets with its use. This appears to be especially true when coupled with use by individuals in their early teens.
    After reading the comments above I would think that we should not blame tight headbands for the behavior of this young assembly member.

  13. Look, you Tweedledums and Tweedledees, I don’t give a damn what you do regarding the “deep state,” city deliberations. If you’re really charged up, settle your differences in the alleys–whatever excites your fancy! I just want my streets clean and looking nice, and I don’t want my taxes raised! Outside of that, you have carte blanche to dot your t’s and cross your i’s, and you don’t have to be civil about it! And I will do as I please!

  14. This is who you elected, Palmer.
    Arrogant, entitled, self righteous 4th graders.

    This is who you actually are.

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