Pam Bondi on the STAND podcast with Tshibaka covers why the Trump trial is ridiculous

Pam Bondi, right, on the STAND podcast with Niki and Kelly Tshibaka.


Several of the country’s top legal minds have come out against the newest lawsuit against Trump, labeling it everything from “ridiculous” to “an embarrassment”. Pam Bondi, who was part of Trump’s defense team during the first impeachment trial, is one of these legal minds. This week on STAND, with Kelly and Niki Tshibaka, Bondi offered her legal insight into the newest case against Trump. 

According to Bondi, these criminal charges against Trump are nothing but a farce.

“This is a case that the Justice Department years ago…declined to prosecute. The Southern District of New York also declined to prosecute. The statute of limitations…expired years ago.” Bondi explained.

In fact, because the statute of limitations had passed, “[The prosecution took] a misdemeanor, and they have to tack it on to thirty-four felonies just to make it within the statute of limitations so that they can bring this case years and years later.”

But that’s not the only legal embarrassment of the case.

“Now, Alvin Bragg and the New York DA, they come into this case, and they basically air-dropped a special prosecutor who is from the Biden Administration. You can’t make this up. I mean, it’s such a concerted effort to get Donald Trump”, Bondi pointed out.

Furthermore, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is a key witness against him in this case. The prosecution is blatantly violating attorney-client privilege, by compelling an attorney to testify against his client, severely infringing on Trump’s constitutional rights. 

This recent barrage of legal attacks has clearly been initiated for a more sinister purpose, according to Bondi, and the timing is intentional. Because of the criminal status of the lawsuit, Trump is unable to leave the courtroom. The result? He suffers on the campaign trail.

“Their case is falling apart, but they don’t care. The goal is to try to embarrass him and to have him sitting in a courtroom, which, they got him.” Bondi explained.

This “lawfare” that the Left has employed to hinder Trump’s ability to campaign in 2024 has so many legal contradictions, it’s a wonder it’s still permitted to be in court. However, there is some solace in the fact that the blatant tactics of the Left seem to be backfiring. Bondi talked with Kelly and Niki Tshibaka about how Trump is leading in polls nationally, including in toss up states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

Bondi also offered her insights into the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent hearing on President Trump’s immunity, having attended the arguments in person. She opined, “I think most likely what’s going to happen is they are going to rule that there is immunity but it’s going to be remanded back to the appellate court, back to the trial court, to make the determinations on what acts are immune and what acts are not immune.”

She made the astute observation that if presidential immunity is not protected, then subsequent administrations would prosecute prior administrations for policy decisions they opposed: Abraham Lincoln would have been criminally prosecuted for the Civil War, and Harry Truman would have been criminally prosecuted for dropping the atomic bomb in World War II.

When asked why Bondi supports Trump, she told a heart-gripping story about a boy who was about to pass away, and his last wish was to speak to President Trump. So, Bondi reached out to the President to see if it was possible.

“This little boy is about to die. All he wants to do is talk to you. So he calls me, ‘Pam. What’s the number? What’s the number, what’s the number We’ve got to talk to him.’ He writes the number down. He writes the number down himself–this is our world leader, when everything is going on in the world. And so he says, ‘Okay, I’ll call, let me call him.’”

To hear the rest of the heart-warming story about what happened when President Trump called the boy and what he did for him, check out the latest episode of STAND. You can also view the episode on YouTube, Rumble, and your podcast streaming platform.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.


  1. Andrew Weissmann, American attorney and professor, former Assistant United States Attorney from 1991 to 2002, served as Chief of the Fraud Section in the Department of Justice (2015–2017) and is currently a professor at NYU Law School and Neal Katyal, March 12 an American appellate lawyer and professor of law and a partner at the Hogan Lovells law firm and is the Paul and Patricia Saunders Professor of National Security Law at Georgetown University Law Center, disagree with the claims by Pam Bondi, a longtime ally of Donald Trump’s and one of his defense lawyers during his first impeachment trial, a Scientologist, recipient of 22 fraud complaints regarding a sketchy donation from Trump, led the chant of “Lock Her [Clinton] Up!”, made debunked allegations that former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were involved in corruption in Ukraine.

    No cred.

    • If you’re serious about discrediting a speaker focus on what the person says, promotes, or argues against – in a democratic debate to sort facts from fiction – the response should be to the issue or ideology the speaker has addressed. The history, politics, or position of individuals that may disagree with the speaker’s statement is irrelevant. What do you think?

    • Remind me which Biden showered with his daughter? And which one had Chinese financed hookers and blow? You make me puke.

  2. Just because they are out to get Trump, doesn’t mean he didn’t commit crimes. The GOP as the “law and order” party is a sad statement. Just like the “election fraud” they make all sorts of allegations but present no evidence to back up their claims.

  3. Still voting for Trump, you munchkins haven’t moved me or many. a blind person can see through evil.

  4. Lots of taxpayers money being wasted. So third world. What’s next on the lawfare agenda? Ya better start printing phoney ballots in spanish.

  5. Lol Only the trolls have responded so far. Too funny!

    I say, lock Trump up. Then, lock up Biden. Lock up Obama. Lock up Clinton (x2). Lock up Bush. Lock up every president that is still alive. Try them all for treasonous acts in the People’s Court. One president will walk free.

  6. Man-o-man where to begin. Working with some Trump U grads here. First this hush money matter is not the newest lawsuit against Trump. It is actually the oldest criminal case. Second, the statue of limitations in New York can be extended for an additional five years when the criminal (Trump) leaves the jurisdiction. Third the DOJ did not prosecute because AG Garland made and announced a decision not to prosecute Trump for any of his multitude of crimes committed prior to 2020. Forth, so why then wasn’t Lincoln or Truman prosecuted?


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