Palmer voters head to the polls to decide whether to recall three council members of ‘MatSu Moms for Social Justice’


Three members of the Palmer City Council who violated the Open Meetings Act will face their fate with voters in Palmer today, in a recall election that took a bizarre turn last week, when one of the council members showed up at a Palmer City Council meeting apparently while under the influence of a behavior-changing substance. The strange actions of Councilman Brian Daniels during was caught by video, and after the council took a break, he was driven home.

The three facing recall are Brian Daniels, Sabrena Combs, and Jill Valerius, who were part of a secret Facebook group run by a radical group called “Moms for Social Justice” that discussed city business and planned agenda items for the council, without legally notifying the public. Their group included one other council member, Julie Berberich, who has since been replaced via the election process. That four were meeting in a private chat group constituted a quorum and made their meetings illegal.

Many Palmer residents have participated in the election already in early voting. The clerk reports over 400 people have voted either early or absentee, a record.

History shows it’s challenging to recall sitting elected officials, and even those who disapprove of the actions of the three remaining offenders on the Palmer City Council don’t necessarily agree with recalling them because the election process is a form of recall, and recalls are expensive and disruptive. Recent recall efforts in Anchorage have failed, even though the offenses of the members being recalled involved misuse of millions of dollars in federal CARES Act monies.

Polls opened at 7 am and close at 8 pm at the Mat-Su Borough Assembly Chambers and the Mat-Su Borough Gym, both located at 350 Dahlia Avenue in Palmer.


  1. Like, is he asking for a trophy? Perhaps he “Like” wants a Mommy, Like, he sounds drunk. And he likes to say “like”.

  2. Having watched the video clip, one thing is crystal clear: Brian Daniels carries himself like a self-centered 15 year old that has come to the conclusion that the world is unfairly out to get him, and it is others responsibility to rescue him from the circumstances that he finds himself in. I doubt that any amount of effort on the part of those whom he is imploring would make one iota of difference in how he views this, and he would continue to lay the blame upon them instead of accepting responsibility. Only he is responsible for and can fix whatever it is that is ailing him. It stings to be rebuked, but it is necessary part of the learning process. Brian, time for you to discern the lesson.

  3. “The strange actions of Councilman Brian Daniels during was caught by video, and after the council took a break, he was driven home.”
    His Big Wheel was transported back to his house separately.

  4. Good luck, I really do enjoy Liberal meltdown that Brian Daniels displayed. It’s a witch’s brew of immaturity, medications of varying dosage, and very thin skin. Keep it up!

  5. Well no matter what happens I’d like to congratulate cryin Brian Daniels on his new job as ASD superintendent

    Congrats Brian and keep telling the mayor to stop people from being meanies on the internet

  6. If it weren’t for a little humor we would all go mad! Suzanne, the facial expression of the young women (MAT-SU MOMS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE) in the top photograph of this article should bring a chuckle to everybody who examines it–all politics aside! And for those who factor in the politics….

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