Palmer City Council flips


Political newcomer and kombucha businessmen Brian Daniels has unseated Linda Combs on the Palmer City Council. With absentee and questioned ballots now counted, he edged out the incumbent Combs by 13 votes.

“Some of you might know me from my days at Vagabond Blues or as current co-owner at 203 Kombucha. I’m also a huge music nerd and absolutely love the talent that Palmer has to offer…which has culminated into starting a music production company called 3000-21 Productions,” Daniels wrote. He is a graduate of Colony High School.

With Daniels joining the Palmer City Council, the edge is decidedly more liberal with a 4-3 liberal advantage. Daniels’ kombucha business was one of the prime sponsors of a Black Lives Matter rally this summer in Palmer.

Some 1,211 people voted in the Oct. 6 municipal election. Also elected was Sabrena Combs. 729 people voted absentee, questioned, early, or special needs ballots, while only 482 voters showed up at the polls on election day.


    • Your phrase “no city is safe from” implies cities are being invaded by crazies when, in fact, people are freely choosing Marxism. Our only satisfaction will come later… by telling them the squalor is what they wanted.

    • “No city is safe from crazy city councils?” Meaning crazies are invading cities? In reality, voters choose council representatives. People across the USA are now choosing Marxism. Failure to vote is also a choice… whereby the right to vote is surrendered.

  1. Great, so now Palmer begins its descent into the leftist gutter. There are over 7,300 people residing in Palmer and only 1211 people turned out to vote? Come on people. This guy sponsered a BLM rally this summer! You know, the “mostly peaceful” protesters that are responsible for all the riots, destruction and even murder going on. We must not ignore our local elections. Leftists are very good at infiltrating at all levels of government.

    • Yes, the one where the city they told the militia they are not needed. The one held in a town that has a police chief who has demonstrated racist beliefs on his social media.

      It’s a mix ok.

    • I agree the voter turnout was pathetic….I love Palmer but I see this new member as a joke. Soon Palmer will be pot shops and breweries.

  2. Hahahaha!!!! Palmer. Liberal Mecca.


    Next we see this on a national level. Only with 105% of registered voters in each district voting via mail in ballot.

  3. Unlike Anchorage, Palmer *has had* a different breed of liberal. Take note how Palmer did away poisonous fluoridation in their city water. A certain liberal Palmer business owner has been fighting (behind the scenes) the tyrannical FDA and their toothless “organic” certification for years. Spend a little time in Palmer, talk with the established business owners and you’ll run into many independent thinkers/voters (yes, they do exist). It has been a traditional liberal town for years. I hope this isn’t a turn towards Anchorage liberal anarchy.

    • Agree. Also knowing Brian as a customer at both Vagabond and 203 Kombucha, I would say he is a super nice guy, very engaging, hard working and intelligent. I was surprised to see he was running for a public office but it is heartening to see younger people getting involved especially those whom are also entrepreneurial. He is a business owner which will bode well and may tilt him toward more conservative leanings in time.

      On another note how discouraging to see such low voter turnout. Ok people if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and doing nothing rarely produces desired results.

  4. It’s not just that it has turned liberal. Go check out the comments on FB on the Frontiersman article on this. Commenters from Palmer blatantly state that they want out of town people to stop spending money there and want other people out. The “progress” that Palmer voters want is going to create an interesting show there.

  5. This vote was not made public like regular voting. I as well as others were not aware of this vote. I suspect if it was better advertised there would have been a different out come.

  6. I’m sorry but I believe for anyone to run for city council you need to have experience under your belt. Not just being a liberal business owner who supports looting, killing, malfeasance and harassment of innocent people via BLM. How old is this clown?? Not old enough to be on a city council that’s for sure. Needs to get back to no one can do this unless you have some serious education and knowledge of being on a board like that… Its like letting an 18 yr old know nothing be a judge… Yup Palmer is doomed if they don’t fix this now.

    • Okay Disgusted, we get it. The election didn’t turn out the way you wanted so you are proposing we change the rules. So, run for office or start an initiative to make good on your comment.

    • So I imagine you are solidly against the orange man in the white house, since he has no experience at anything except for losing money and paying no federal taxes.

    • One problem we have is the perversion of our English language. The classic definition of liberalism is that of supporting liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law.

      Somehow the term is now interchangeable with Marxism. We need to refer to leftists accurately; call them Communists or Marxists. Its what they truly are.

  7. I think we should blame the Federal government. It was the Feds who “seeded” Palmer with these types! AKA the 1935 Matanuska Colony Project. Someone told me they only picked farmers who were on welfare to be colonists. What else would you expect the outcome to be?

  8. The ten happiest countries in the world are all Socialist. Eat it, Capitalists.
    It’s refreshing to see the pendulum swinging back to the left. Since Reagan it has just gotten worse in this country as it progressively has moved the needle too far to the Right of the political spectrum.
    Also, we would see better representation if we allowed more than two parties to get into our government. We should vote by party, this way when 1% of your party gets the vote, your party gets to put 1 percent of the available seats in the House or Senate. As it stands 49% of eligible Americans don’t vote. My take is that these people, like myself, don’t feel represented by Republicans or Democrats.

    • Hi Chris, the happiest countries in the world are Social Democracies, such as the Scandinavian nations. They rely on capitalism as their basic form of economy, but use the tax system to redistribute funds to mitigate the disparities of income inequality. They also have the lowest amount of a variety of social problems, such as infant mortality, life expectancy, crime, social mobility, health care, and gender inequality to name a few. If only our country would move in that direction.

    • I’m sure you don’t feel like you’re represented by the publicans or dems. I am sure the communists are more on your plain.

  9. Wasn’t this kid in the movie Mad Max 2 ?? I’m pretty sure he was… Fossil fuel was very important in that movie.. So I don’t think he would be anti-fracking…

  10. Glad to see new faces on Council in Palmer. Linda is fine, but we need young people with a fresh view, not old Boomers who are responsible for the mess we are in, and somehow trying to blame their own children ?‍♀️

  11. If more people would’ve known about the election it wouldn’t of turned out that way They keep it as quiet as possible when they do these elections

  12. Anchorage transients move from Los Anchorage to the Valley and walla…
    Kinda what could happen to Texas following the big sucking sound of droves leaving California

  13. How “crazy” are they? What about the people who thought “crazy” people are running for office, and still did not vote?

    What about the nation as a whole? The Pew Research Center reported that the USA ranked 26 out of 32 in voter turnout of “voting-age population” of highly developed Democracies (“U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout” Drew DeSilver, May 21, 2018 Pew Research Center).

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