Alyse Galvin donated to who? Ethan Berkowitz, Byron Mallott, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton…

In 2016, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz rallied for Union Boss Vince Beltrami as he mounted an unsuccessful attempt to win a seat in the Alaska Senate.

Alyse Galvin, running for U.S. Congress as the Democrats’ nominee, has an impressive list of her prior donations to campaigns of Democrats, ranging from Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz to AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami. She also donated to current vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since 2012, Galvin has donated more than $13,500 to state Democrat candidates, even though she has been unemployed much of that time. A few of the names of her candidate donation list make up the “who’s who” of the Alaska Democrats:

  • Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, embroiled in a current scandal
  • Byron Mallott, left office prematurely in scandal
  • Bill Walker, served one term, left in scandal
  • Austin Quinn Davidson, serves on Anchorage Assembly
  • Harry Crawford, former representative
  • Suzanne LaFrance, currently Anchorage Assembly, running for House
  • Liz Snyder, running for House
  • Adam Wool, current representative
  • Matt Claman, current representative
  • Geran Tarr, current representative
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia, current Anchorage Assembly
  • Forrest Dunbar, current Anchorage Assembly
  • Meg Zalatel, current Anchorage Assembly
  • Elvi Gray-Jackson, current state senator
  • Berta Gardner, former state senator
  • Bryce Edgmon, current representative
  • Ivy Spohnholz, current representative
  • Tiffany Zulkosky, current representative
  • Andi Story, current representative
  • Sarah Hannan, current representative
  • Zack Fields, current representative
  • Felix Rivera, current Anchorage Assembly
  • Eric Croft, former Anchorage Assembly
  • Tom Begich, current state senator
  • Hollis French, former state senator
  • House Democratic Campaign Committee

A review of Galvin’s FEC reports shows she donated to:

  • Kamala Harris
  • Hillary for America
  • Alaska Democratic Party
  • Act Blue, the Democrats’ fundraising platform


  1. Well, there it is. A serial unemployed person who donates to Democratic candidates. She is nothing if she isn’t INDEPENDENT!

  2. Galvin can barely hold a job. But she uses her tiny income to contribute to all these Leftists? That’s a Radical Dem, NOT in Independent. That makes her a Liar.

    • According to radio ads from her campaign, Galvin is married to an employee of “big oil” — so she’s not donating her money she earned. She donates her spouse’s money. Sounds pretty liberal to me — spending other people’s money! Yet she claims she’s an independent. Ha!

  3. The fact that these people running for office put out blatant lies about their policies, when the public record obviously shows the opposite, shows how little regard they have for the intelligence of the voter.

  4. What, is she a trust fund baby? She seems to donate a lot of money for someone who can’t hold a low paying job. These “independents” certainly have a low opinion of the intelligence of the Alaskan voter, thinking we can be duped into voting for them if they don’t run as democrats. This brings up the fact that they realize their ideas are unpopular, yet they still want to cram their agenda down our throats. Thank you Susan, for keeping us apprised of their sneaky doings!

  5. Have to wonder if she is simply a conduit for pass-thru monies from a/some nefarious donor(s).
    Yanno, being an independent and all! LMAO!

  6. How dare there be in print, words containing fact and data.
    These sources of information needs to be abolished.
    What happened to the golden era of spoon feeding the alternative facts to the indoctrinators then to the indoctrinated.
    Ignorance is bliss. (based on an observation of my blissful friends)

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