Palin leaves for Knicks game in New York City


Sarah Palin, running for Congress for Alaska, was spotted at a New York Knicks game on Wednesday night, just six days before the Nov. 8 general election. A photographer snapped a picture of her and boyfriend Ron Duguay in the stands as the Knicks played the Atlanta Hawks. She is expected to return on in time for a get-out–the-vote rally on Sunday that is hosted by the Alaska Republican Party, although her name does not appear on the invitation as a candidate.

Nick Begich, also running for Congress, is speaking on Saturday at the Alaska Outdoor Council banquet, and will be featured as a speaker at the Alaska GOP get-out-the-vote rally on Sunday at Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Mary Peltola, the incumbent, is having an event on Election Day with Interior Sec. Deb Haaland, who will be appearing on video in a get-out-the-vote rally. This is the same Haaland, who has led the charge to shut down the Alaska economy.


  1. The Alaska RINO Party is supporting her opponent, why should’ shego to their shindig??? She is on Eric Billing right now

    • Chuck, the election is happening in ALASKA in 4 days. Sarah wanted her fame refreshed. Mission accomplished but that’s all her run was ever about. That is clear for all of us now. Begich #1.

    • Sorry Chuck I for one am not a RINO, not even remotely, and I am voting for Begich first, but will rank the red. I think Sarah would be far better than Peltola as she would buck the Pelosi system but in all honesty I saw the strong lure for attention years ago, before she was even governor. Palin is smart, I will give her that, and even charming. And lovely. But opportunist is first overall descriptor that comes to mind. Labeling anyone RINO that doesn’t support the candidate you want is a cheap shot and a page from the left who love to name call.

    • Chuck, no matter how much you fawn over her, she’s never going to love you; there are so many Palin sycophants out there suffering from unrequited love. It’s all about Sarah and she got few moments in the Sun and can stay away from cold, dreary Alaska for awhile, at least until the coffers run low again.

      • Art, I am disappointed in your take. You have the same viewpoint as the deep state RINOs and Socialists. In your view, a successful Republican should be canceled. I can’t believe you echo the Deep State propaganda.

      • Chuck, Art’s right! Sarah put on them shiny, black high heels, fluffed herself up, and walked right out the door and down the road–gone to town, just like that! Hay-stackin’ ain’t good enough no more. I’m so miffed I’m votin’ Begich. Didn’t say nothin’, just got prettied up, sashayed through the house, and then walked out the door and down the road–just like that! Didn’t say nothin’! Gone, just like that! Can’t believe it–she just got all prettied up, walked out the door and down the road, and went to town, just like that!!!

    • Chuck, Eric Bolling, the guy who attacked Tucker for investigating and reporting about the Ukraine war? That RINO? Rumor was he did it for ratings, weird huh? Like a total in the tank of the industrial Military Complex RINO would. Yeah I watched Sarah and the whole time I was thinking, Sarah, come home and listen to us in Alaska, come see the folks here at home.
      So Chuck, ask yourself one question who is the real RINO?
      But, regardless remember to RANK the RED!

    • Did you mean Bolling? And if so, why did she go to the Alaska RINO party’s get out the vote party and bring her hooligans with her? She acted like such a big shot with her posse of thugs. No class lass. I watched online and she just drips ick.

  2. …”The Alaska GOP Get out the vote rally at the Anchorage Baptist Temple….” is happening is concerning enough.

    But yeah sounds like Palin leaving the state just a couple days before election day would be concerning for that candidate.

    • Quit putting the christians down. For someone with cancer the afterlife should
      be voyage you are seriously considering. If i had cancer i’d be too much in pain to be opinionated, and i’d not have the energy visiting mrak. Besides ABT is a sweet church with tender hearted members especially the jerry prevo flock-the abt lifetime members- who care about their community.

      • Let it go. Some people have a hard time with the fact there are bigger, more important things than themselves.

        It’s especially common among lapsed Catholics.

        Best to just feel bad for them. Maybe even pray for them. For those people, this world is as good as it’s ever gonna get.

        • I was thinking your opinion TMA is reminiscent of Southern Baptistist dogma.

          At least that of the guys in that sect who are being exposed for their heinous sexual abuse and teachings in that church, like in other churches such as the Catholic Church.

          Lapsed Catholic, hahahha.

      • Jesus Christ. What kind of a horrible person says something like that? Despicable and not representative of any conservative viewpoint.

        You’ve lost in the market place of ideas Art.

          • Julia-Do you not call on *od when you are met with meanspiritedness that is intended to cause harm on the infirm?

            The good Samaritan parable pretty much laid it out in that story recorded of Jesus the Christ’s own words.

          • Just to be clear, you’re perfectly content with someone wishing another person an excruciating death caused by cancer, but not good with someone saying Jesus Christ? Some so called christians have their priorities completely out of whack.

        • All you leftists are without pity. You’ve been anxiously waiting for the demise of Conservatives and gloat when a Republican dies off. The tables are turning, peeps. You are about to get a very strong taste of your own filthy medicine. In just days henceforth.

        • Nah, Art just calls em like he sees em. Not everyone here needs to know Maureen’s medical history. In fact, no one does. Right Maureen?

          • Elaine-you, me and everyone here calls ‘em like they see ‘em.

            When my ability to participate by law is impeded by others who wish to impede the law, I have a problem. Yeah, I couldn’t and still can’t go to Assembly meetings because I have cancer and am at risk to all the others, some who died of Covid, who can’t bring themselves to consider any basic public health precautions in public areas during a worldwide pandemic.

            Their cry of freedom doesn’t extend to all.

            And what’s the problem if folks know here I have cancer that will kill me? I released that information, and it helps folks to understand where I am coming from. My question is why you wouldn’t want to know a neighbor is suffering? Right Elaine?

          • Elaine-you, me and everyone else here calls ‘em like they see ‘em.

            People here all the time talk about their church participation and folks don’t need to know that, right. Bur it affects them deeply regarding their participation in politics.

            I, one time said I had basically bad cancer but can’t attend assembly meetings because a bunch of myneighbors can’t bring themselves to consider others in public spaces. Yeah, when others impede my government participation, I am gonna say something about it.

            It seems Art was upset I spoke against a gop exclusive event held by ALaska Baptist Temple. Art knows it is against the law, and projected his fear of legal consequences for in an illegal Church sponsored event. I could be wrong. He did pick a pretty severe hope for me, so I can only take he took my original message very personally and seriously. Couldn’t hold the reality of it and projected his hurried political death on me.

            Elaine, I released my cancer condition in an effort for folks to understand where I am coming from. Just like folks who talk about their religious beliefs, who they like as a candidate, their families, etc. here. We don’t need to know any of this-but it does help folks understand where folks comefrom in their comments. We see each others as humans dealing in the realities of life, not just rhetoric responders. Right, Elaine?

        • Gunner, Art has a respectable snarl and a nasty bite! In today’s world, that helps to keep the “goody-goodies” at bay. Where do you think we are, in paradise? If you go by the “Good Book,” you’d know that we haven’t been there for years!

  3. So much for the people giving her “crappy campaign advise”. Doesn’t seem like she’s too vested in the whole process and that it is more of a game to her at this point. At a minimum, the optics of it are not good. Maybe she really was brought in to the party to spoil it for the real conservative candidate since she seems to align herself so much with the democrats and seems more interested in hanging out with her new love interest rather than putting in the time campaigning.

  4. When Sarah took the deal offered her to be a spoiler. She had 1 stipulation.
    “I’ll come to Alaska on my schedule…. Not yours”
    Hope their plan isn’t successful.

  5. So what? People leave for a weekend trip all the time. I’m more concerned about Peltola being cozy with Alaska hater Haaland.

    • But you are not concerned about Sarah being cozy with Mary? With Mary’s new ads it is apparent poor Sarah was “played” well by Mary just like she would be if she made it to DC.

    • Every Alaska representative since territorial days has been cozy with a secretary of Interior or with multiple secretaries if they long careers. It’s part of the job. It’s true in every western state.

  6. I hope Ron can get her to the House Floor for an on time vote. I had a hard time getting her to the finish line when I won snowmobile races. It’s always all about Sarah! She’s still #2. Rank the Red.

  7. Good for Sarah. Enjoy life like every day.
    Her campaign is what it is by now. Rank the Red or live with the Socialism you deserve.
    It’s up to us now in the deep red State of Alaska.
    And if Nick wins, then Sarah will be the first to congratulate him.

  8. She knows where her priorities lie. Exposure.

    She only ran because of ego and the need for attention. Once it was clear we didn’t want to anoint her, she lost interest and bailed.

    • NO…..Ranked Choice Voting takes the wind out of any informed voters sail’s. Thank the loser Murkowski team and uninformed voters for it!
      It’s not an election anymore, we have to live with the results of an alga-rhythm.

      • We were all informed that political parties and not individual candidates themselves were driving the elections.

        We got the focus back on the individual candidates. And the right of the people to choose candidates, not a couple of folks in a party club doing it for us.

        You want someone else telling you who you can vote for? Or do you want to make that choice yourself? Do you understand what informed voter means?

    • If I got tickets to a Knicks game, I’d sure go, especially if the seats weren’t at nosebleed altitude. The last time I went to a Lakers game (and already being in the LA area to start with), it was a $1K bill by the time I finished paying for tickets for three, dinner nearby, and parking. If she got Duguay to pay, it would be worth the airlines miles………

  9. I voted last election I just found out today and it took forever to find out, my vote was recorded as a democrat and my dead mom voted as a democrat. Jesus is in charge of the oath integrity force oath breakers.

  10. Sarah has given up. Look at her face — she knows it’s over. She has that sad, tired, defeated look. Why not go enjoy life.

    • Because what she thought she would gain in $$$ has slipped away from her. Faster than she can keep up with. The crimes she was a direct part of is haunting her now. Courts are rumbling. Funny how those she hunted now became the hunters.

  11. No better way to say loser then going to see the loser NY Knicks.
    Are they sitting next to whiny Spike Lee at courtside?

  12. Y’all are beating a dead horse while you rearrange the chairs on the titanic. Y’all have turned the selection into a football game . You spent a whole year or more debating which one of these Drop shots could win. They are nothing but door men of a big building. All you see is the doorman, you never see the owner . None of this is going to mean a damn thing in the end but y’all make Federal Reserve notes from it….

      • I seriously doubt that DJT is the doorman of Trump, INC. That’s why the Establishment hates him, and the People LOVE him. It’s coming, James. The Titanic is getting refloated. Your chair will be waiting for you.

  13. I quit the Milwaukee Bucks after they played in Saudi Arabia and the Owner stated on CNBC how much more money he makes due to inflation. No more China loving, repressive regime It’s all about the money NBA for me

  14. She’s a hick from the sticks that only craves fame! Alaskan’s need someone who is serious about protecting the best needs of this state’s people!!!

  15. Her message could be telling us to RANK THE RED so Mary P won’t get the vote. Maybe she’s staying in so we can vote her as #2..hoping to beat out Petola, and allowing Nick to WIN!!. She knows she probably doesn’t have a chance, BUT to keep a Republican in Congress.

  16. I was surprised to see her pop up on Fox News’ Jesse Watters show yesterday afternoon. My first thought was why aren’t you home campaigning? But I was actually quite surprised that she equipped herself well, and I didn’t even cringe once.

    I guess that makes it a little easier to rank the red.

  17. Suzanne, seriously, time to start screening these comments !! Using ( and publishing) the name of JC in vain as is done above is unacceptable in a site like yours. PLEASE PERFORM SOME SERIOUS CLEAN UP BEFORE PUBLISHING,!

  18. On a lighter note, I predict Sarah will eventually devolve into the Second City Television character, Edith Prickley. Google that one. Happy Saturday, All.

  19. THE PHOTO: Sarah is a ‘CINO,’ Christian In Name Only.

    • Sang about lusting after big butts on national TV, defying Jesus’ warning in Matthew 5
    • Lives with her boyfriend
    • Dresses like the world, while claiming to be a Christian

    False Christianity is why we’re going down:

    “History fails to record a single precedent in which NATIONS SUBJECT TO MORAL DECAY have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to overcome the moral lapse, OR a PROGRESSIVE DETERIORATION leading to ultimate national disaster.” – Douglas MacArthur

    I wrote this article:

    “The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy”

  20. She did not “leave the state for a Knicks game”. She went outside for interviews with the NATIONAL media. Do your homework Downing! Because of amateur unethical dishonest “journalists” such as Suzanne, the only way for Sarah to get the truth out there is by talking to real reporters and journalists. Not the local-yocal biased women like Suzanne.

    • That is such a great story. You should get into politics, Molly. You have a gift for spin. Sarah went out of state on a date and was able to bill it to her campaign because she did some interviews with national media that everyone else is doing from their homes, including Sarah. She did not need to go to New York to appear on Newsmax with a green screen shot of New York behind her. Try harder. And insult Must Read Alaska more, while you’re at it. It’s really helping you make your case.

      • Agree with you on most of this B. She went on a date and for some reason thought national tv exposure is what her campaign in Alaska needed to get her message out to Alaskans.

        Write off on the ‘ol taxes. Game the system. Sticking it to the IRS is what it’s all about, amirite?

    • 100% maybe these folks should check out facts on to why she actually went to NYC
      NEWSMAX plus another national interview for ALASKA! ??

  21. She did not “leave the state for a Knicks game”. She went outside for interviews with the NATIONAL media. Do your homework Downing! You can watch several of the National interviews she’s given just this week alone. Because of amateur unethical dishonest “journalists” such as Suzanne, the only way for Sarah to get the truth out there is by talking to real reporters and journalists. Not the local-yocal biased women like Suzanne.

    • Don’t forget Porcaro who pushed and pushed the concept.

      Yes, RVC is a pile of crap. But that doesn’t change the basic fact she couldn’t be bothered to campaign up here. When she was here she spent most of her time whining.

      Queen Sarah’s entire campaign was spent waiting for the public to adore her simply because she is her.

    • Funny thing. There are any number of modern conveniences which allow for people anywhere in the world to interview people wherever they are.

      In fact, face to face interviews are rare. If she has to go to them, they really aren’t interested.

      Your point is meaningless and invalid.

        • Kind of weird that she’s are on here whining.
          Doesn’t she have someone else to grift?
          Family tradition ya know. Laugh.

        • Yes, it’s her sis Molly. The one who also wanted fame, but didn’t have the wiggle or the curves to go with it. Not as smart as sis either. She made the mistake of trying to hit up on me while hubby was lost with the bottle. But she always dreamed of being a Palin and getting more than just a infrequent pat on the rear.

    • Molly, Your comment was so good you just had to post it twice? Hope you’re feeling better. Pro tip: Never blog while drunk.

  22. Personally I’d rather clean my lint trap than go to an NBA game. Better things to do with me time.

    But it’s more important to the Queen to be there than here, fighting for votes. There you have it Alaska.

  23. I thought I saw her distinctive bun at the Trump rally near the front. She has been treated to very savvy top-notch real patriot associates for years now. Her sole campaign promise is to back the patriots, make America great again agenda. Alaska would do worse with the anti-US Constitution crowd.

  24. Sarah Palin is a true inspiration,sacrificing herself in that hellscape crime town of New York to try and convince basketball fans to support Alaska with their tourism dollars. Can’t vote for Mary or that Rhino guy. Just putting Sexy Sarah as 1 on my ballot and then leaving the rest blank.

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