Interior Sec. Haaland wants to be known as ‘Auntie Deb’


Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland told people at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas on Wednesday that she is to be known to them as “Auntie Deb.”

South by Southwest, also known as SXSW or “South By,” is an annual gathering of film, music festival, Ted-style talks, and technology that takes place every March.

On Wednesday, Haaland unveiled “Auntie Deb’s Guide to Equity & Inclusion.”

Haaland’s “remarks highlighted her philosophy about why representation matters, how to take it to the next level, and what can be possible when we recognize America’s full history and provide space for all voices to have a seat at the table. Putting her words into action, Secretary Haaland invited writer, transgender activist and military veteran Charlotte Clymer to share the stage for a Q&A session following her speech,” said a news release from the Department of Interior. Clymer has advocated for inclusion of transgender men-to-women in women’s athletic competition.

“Ok, so in Indigenous communities, pretty much everyone’s an Auntie. Calling someone Auntie is a sign of respect and an acknowledgement that Aunties are there to teach us. We are all part of not only our own Pueblos, Nations, Tribes, or villages, but we are also part of our broader Indigenous family,” Haaland said during her remarks.

“So, today — you are all my family. And I’m here as Auntie Deb. I’m here to share that knowledge. To go beyond what we know about equity and inclusion and representation. To empower each of you to be your own change-maker,” Haaland said.

Instead of speaking to the devastating impact of the Biden Administration on the national security of the country, through the shutdown of oil, gas, and mineral resource development, Haaland focused her speech on overcoming her humble origins, and how she survived in spite of a country that wanted to “exterminate people like me.”

Haaland said, “I serve as the 54th Secretary of the Interior. I’m a proud member of the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico. I was raised a military kid. I raised an amazing child as a single mom. I’m a wife, a sister, an auntie, and a public servant.

“And… I’m not supposed to be here. What I mean by that is this country was built on principles and systems that were meant to either assimilate or exterminate people like me – to either make me blend into the background of America or get rid of me altogether.

“But, against all odds, I am still here.

“The reality — that I am standing here as a figure of success in spite of my history of tragedy and loss – is shared by many people in our country. We cannot deny that laws and policies in our not-too-distant past here in the United States were built on doctrines of enslavement, land grabbing, and discrimination.

“In fact, in many states today including right here in Texas, there are still efforts to strip people of their dignity, discriminate against them because of their identities, and marginalize them. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting,” she said at the heart of her speech.

Other speakers at the conference include Twitter bully and model Chrissy Teigen, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, actor/screenwriter Ethan Hawke, TODAY show’s Al Roker and Tom Llamas, MSNBC President Rashida Jones and Bob Odenkirk, of the TV show “Better Call Saul.”

March 15 marked the first anniversary of the swearing in of Haaland, who had the support of the entire Alaska delegation in D.C.


  1. Evidently Lisa doesn’t know she doesn’t represent me nor most of the people of Alaska. Evidently Deb doesn’t know she doesn’t represent the natives of Alaska either. They are both working to destroy our State and our Country. They are both unacceptable!!!

  2. Adding a fresh, baked chocolate chip cookie moniker to the Secretary of the Interior is not giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

  3. Taking a note of out of Handmaid’s Tale, Aunts are the strict disciplinarians responsible for training and indoctrination in a dystopian, authoritarian, male-dominated society.
    From what we’ve seen of Deb and the rest of the Biden admin so far, auntie seems to be appropriate.

  4. “Space for voices” Seat at the table…,” Where’s “Infrastructure” and “Tools in the tool box” and “Equity.” All the Liberal buzz words we hear over and over that mean zilch. If she really wants to help native Alaskans, we need our own economically priced fuel. Here in SE Alaska our natives are basically marooned in their villages. Flights and chartered private vessels are more than they can afford, the ferry is hit and miss, and the barge service is putting the price of basic necessities out of reach. Address that Auntie Deb.

  5. Just like the rest of the current administration she’s OUT OF TOUCH with Americans! Shame on our representatives from Alaska for voting for her!

  6. “We cannot deny that laws and policies in our not-too-distant past here in the United States were built on doctrines of enslavement, land grabbing, and discrimination.”
    I grow weary of false statements that start with, “Clearly,” and “We cannot deny…” It is so sophomoric to think that antecedent will add weight to a statement that cannot be supported. Certainly enslavement and discrimination exist and existed WORLDwide. But the US was not built on such doctrines. In fact, we lay out the doctrines in our founding documents. Those are not listed, such as INDIVIDUAL rights. But keep repeating other doctrines and we’ll assume those are true.
    And if it were so entrenched, there is NO WAY “Auntie Deb” would be in her powerful position. Honestly, if it were awarded on competence, she wouldn’t be there either. So her narrative helps her. And she knows it. Be a victim. Preach victimhood. But pay no attention to the well-paid victim not too far behind the curtain.

  7. Of course, woke af deb wants us to think kindly of her and her bs
    Dont fall for this crap, she is evil and vile, another snowflake corrupt gocpvernment official
    Worried more about equity than doing her JOB as land manager.
    Crock o sht

  8. I don’t recall Ted Stevens ever asking for a “show of respect and acknowledgment that (he) was here to teach us.”

    Wish Uncle Ted was here to teach auntie deb a few things.

  9. Cute! What else do you expect from a woke, old woman who thinks that gem stones vibrate from another portal in the galaxy and polar bears are soft, loveable, cuddly little furballs. This old woman is deranged beyond belief. Too much peyote out on the reservation.

    • Peyote? I doubt anyone has that stuff anymore, last time I looked for that stuff it was all synthetic and was really just low grade LSD. Most likely its attributeable to high potency pot.
      I think the fact that she is half Norwegian might have more to do with understanding her dementia. Beyond that, I dunno, she makes more sense then Xiden or any number of his appointments. But then, that is a very low standard.

  10. Doesn’t work.
    “Auntie” is a term of respect, of endearment.
    “Revered Agent of the Great White Father” seems more appropriate.

  11. “On Wednesday, Haaland unveiled “Auntie Deb’s Guide to Equity & Inclusion.” ” I wonder if she uses the same publisher as Matthew Lesko. She should use regalia with dollar signs.

  12. “that I am standing here as a figure of success in spite of my history of tragedy and loss…”
    Ha! You are in your position precisely BECAUSE you push your Native American identity and your gender. No other reasons would get you where you are “Auntie” Deb. And as average Americans begin to deal with high fuel prices, we will be looking at you as the mean aunt no one wanted to be around. Your wicked, forced smile says it all.

  13. Land grab. discrimination. enslavement?…ummmm. Exactly what American Natives and the rest of the world did to each other thru the centuries. What is different in modern (1940’s) America is that American Natives helped greatly in the World War II war effort against Japan that helped win the war. We know from the attempted genocide of China and the Philippines by Japan that they would have done the same to American Natives if they ever got a foot hold on North America and they almost did. (so upset by writing and researching the book “Rape of Nanking” that the author committed suicide after writing it) This is why there were Japanese internment camps (that the left endlessly rants about) because of the great fear citizens had in the West and California.

  14. So nothing about the job she was hired to do? Is it a good idea to hire mainly on the basis of race, gender or sexual identity? Asking for a friend. Because if the private sector did it it would be in the courts. Maybe she is good at her job but it seems to be lost in the mix. This is what I found. Debra Anne Haaland is an American politician serving as the 54th United States Secretary of the Interior. A member of the Democratic Party, she served as chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party from 2015 to 2017 and as the U.S. representative for New Mexico’s 1st congressional district from 2019 to 2021. Not any qualifacations for this job. 2 years as a political party leader and 2 years as a representative. She managed the state’s second largest tribal gaming enterprise. So nothing really except woke values.

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