Over 30 in Capitol building test hot for Covid-19


At least 33 people who work in the Alaska Capitol have tested positive for Covid-19, including seven positive cases on Wednesday and four on Thursday.

The chief of staff to House Speaker Louise Stutes said that the cases were in members and legislative staff from both the House and Senate. Only those who are still in isolation are considered active mass, said Matt Gruening in a note to House members and staff. Five of those who are now quarantining are legislators.

Last weekend, numerous staffers were out on the town in Juneau, and many partied at the annual Sham Jam fundraiser at the Red Dog Saloon. After that, several tested positive for Covid. The House has not held a session this week because at least three Republicans won’t wear face masks, as ordered by the House Speaker. The budget is being held up by a combination of too many legislators from the Democrat-led Majority needing to stay in isolation, and some Republicans refusing the mask order.


  1. Speaker gets free pass from 3 Republican House members.
    Without three Democrats available for business, Speaker Stutes could not control the house floor and conduct business. Her three member majority was missing.
    Rather than being required own her failure to proceed, the Speaker captured an opportunity to target Republicans Eastman, Kurka and Carpenter as her operational problem.

    • Maybe they did it on purpose. Couldn’t be, all politicians are so honest! Either way, Alaskans lose.

    • Eastman, Carpentar and Kurka win either way. Stutes keeps the session closed and they win. Stutes capitulates and reconvenes, and they win. She painted herself into a corner with her baseless masking ultimatum. The only thing masking does is provide a false sense of security and provide an opportunity for disingenuous virtue signaling. What’s wrong Louise? Isn’t the vaccine working?

    • No. They aren’t playing chess. They are on the clock ready to work on our budget with all their might for the people who write their paychecks. If the rest of them aren’t they need to quit or get run out of Juneau. They think they are cute as they impede those trying to get the budget work done.

  2. I cannot say with certainty, but I have heard that almost all of the 33 infected were vaccinated. How is the NHS and big pharma getting away with even calling the treatment a vaccine? Given this fact pattern, it seems the number of cases at present is barely newsworthy. It would seem, at this stage, the newsworthy dimension of Covid would only be the numbers of hospitalizations and fatalities. And, perhaps the percentage of hospitalizations and fatalities that were vaccinated.

    • The CDC changed the definition of a vaccine over a year ago, so the leaky genetic altering jab would fall within the new meaning. The small handful of hospitalizations now are, like the those that die WITH covid, among the unhealthy and aged. If you are reasonably healthy, take care of you natural, innate immune system and avoid being browbeaten into accepting the jab–you have better odds of living, then you do at 80mph on the Glenn, Seward or Sterling…

  3. The rest of Alaska is enjoying near Covid-free. Seems that the fully-vaxxed Democrats are the biggest spreaders. And in Juneau, no less. Sweet justice never felt so good.

    • Since March 2020 there have been 3741 Alaskan’s hospitalized with Covid. During the same period, 1195 Alaskan’s died of Covid.
      Currently there are 272 new active cases in Alaska…….We are hardly Covid free.

      • So in two years time, 1,195 died from covid.
        In year 2000 (just one year) 1,043 died from cancer, 915 for heart disease, and 465 from accidents.

        Just for some perspective…

        • So, in the last twenty years, the deaths from cancer and heart disease declined 18 to 22 percent. Meanwhile, in the same time period, deaths from covid went from zero for the first 18-yrs to 1,195 in the last two years; an immeasurably large percent increase. The fact patterns of these diseases are as relative to each other as they are to the amount of kumquats harvested in China this year.

          As a matter of perspective, there is none to be seen in these comparisons.

          • Wayne, I’m not sure if you have been consuming the kumquats from China or if you just haven’t had enough oxygen after wearing their face diapers.
            The purpose of the comparison on numbers that have died from various diseases etc is perspective on the lethality of covid. It certainly doesn’t warrant shutting down a country, abusing children in school with worthless Chinese face diapers, or forcing experimental drugs.
            You made a completely nonsensical argument in order to push your Branch Covidian Cultish fear of this disease.

        • And even more from drugs. Which the left has caused…Anyone Remember Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll? Funny how they never mention AIDS, which continues to kill millions worldwide.

        • This is my favorite. Always love this.

          When people compare these stats, they’re saying “I didn’t care about all these people dying preventable deaths, so why should I care about the covid ones?”

          And it’s fine if you think that way! It’s just a little self report, which cracks me up.

          • So Pat, you are amused, when you perceive others to be callous? Wonder what that says about you?
            You appear to deliberatedly miss the point here. This isn’t about compassion or caring, but risk-assessment. Like it or not we do it every day. You make an assessment whether or not to drive, when it rained on ice, or to eat that meat you forgot in the bottom of your freezer for 5 years…..
            Comparing numbers gives you an idea of the odds and in the case of Covid while tragic, 1195 deaths in over 2 years or 597.5 per year in a population of 730,000 let’s you assess the level of risk your are comfortable with.
            As for “preventable” deaths, it has become quite clear that individuals with serious health issue are more prone to having a poor outcomes with Covid. Still today with vaccines that same statement holds true, so your claim that Covid deaths were preventable is questionable.

      • Correction, Bob: Since March 2020, 1195 Alaskans have died after testing positive for the Wuhan Virus using a spurious ‘test’, which is actually a DNA amplification method, that is not, cannot be, and was never intended as a diagnostic tool, as its inventor himself vehemently argued for years.

  4. The budget is not being held up by some republicans refusing to obey the mask order. It’s being held up by a twit house speaker trying to impose a worthless mask order.

    Isn’t it about time Stutes was removed from the Republican Party?

  5. Kudos to the lawmakers for declining to pass mandates. People need to accept there is covid constantly circulating in the population along with the half dozen other viruses that cause upper respiratory disease. Being able to have widespread testing is a relatively new phenomenon so we are more aware of it. Just chill out. I for one do not plan to run out for a test everytime I get a runny nose. Maybe once they are no longer free testing the COVID neurosis will end .

  6. It is time she is passed over for thwarting and stopping the justification reason for being there – preparing Alaska ‘s budget. She is not an employee of the cdc corporation (with registration in the city of London). She is taking money from us to MAKE THE ALASKA BUDGET – orders from us. If she won’t stop thwarting budget work the others are duty bound to appoint someone obedient at once thr office to the reason they are there – the budget work for the people.

  7. It is beyond apparent that the “vaccine” does not work. The question to ask now is, is the “vaccine” actually infecting the “vaccinated” with Covid?

  8. “TESTED positive”. “Cases”.
    The Wuhan Virus, the disease so deadly that only a bogus ‘test’ can determine if you suffer from it.

  9. Honestly, I don’t care who the hell tested positive! The game is over! Just because Covidian Juneau can’t figure out the rest of the country is getting on with their lives, hey let them enjoy their little Peyton place mess. It’s getting to the point when our state government doesn’t wanna do their jobs and they are using Covid as a tool. So obvious. These idiots are ALL vaccinated right? Sorry, just can’t contain my laughter right now!

  10. Perhaps they will soon tire of twirling sticks against the blood brain barrier and testing, testing, testing to satisfy their liberal hypochondria and political obfuscation tactics.
    Juneau is a mess. Keep supporting a move to weaken their presence in Juneau and bring as much legislative business as possible to Southcentral where the population center exists and common sense is more prevalent.

  11. Part of this is Juneau’s psychotic insistence on masking. Instead of letting people breathe and live, Juneau does everything it can to keep the virus alive.

    Tourists are coming. Can’t wait to see what idiocy CBJ has for locking them down, too.

    Covid is a fact of life, like flu. Live with it.

  12. The only folks getting this crap now and the so called “super cold” that lasts for weeks are those who have been injected. They can hide data but they cant hide bodies.

  13. From what has been published. 16 socialists staff/members went to a socialist function (most likely none wearing masks and all vaccinated at least 3 times). So, of the 30 now, I bet not a one is a Republican. Now as to Stutes, Rasumssen and Merrick wonder if their staff went to the socialist function?
    Also, from several Republican legislators, Stutes showed up sick last week, hacking and coughing, no mask i violation or her rules!

  14. Each person inhales about 100,000 virus particles each day. A test with a 95 percent false positive rate says 33 people got a tiny fragment in their sinus mucosa over a period of several days, but cannot tell if any virus has actually entered their cells to cause an infection. After 2 years of fear porn, we are still expected to worry about this “news?” Just more excuses to not pass a budget, steal the PFD, and rake in more per diem.

  15. We must all learn to live with it. Don’t ever forget that the survival rate is +99% so, it’s most likely that all of those with these new covid cases at the Capital will survive. And … Life will go on!

  16. Top Medical Pros worldwide have said that “CASES” do not define pandemics, only deaths.
    So let’s stop the leftist malarky and BS as they only want to get Obama Care any way they can and control your life, and death too if they can!

  17. This is terrible news.
    Clearly, the Holy City of Juneau must be closed, quarantined to protect the masses from this incredibly dangerous pandemic.

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