Oops: Gross admits on private call he’s with the Democrats all the way


The problem with lying to voters is that eventually they’ll find out. They always do. In this case, Alaska Senate candidate Al Gross found that out early. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Gross told Democratic donors last week that his “independent” claim is a front. It’s all fake, he admitted.

“I will caucus with the Democrats. I’ve been an independent since I was 18, but if you look at my platform, you’ll see that most of my values are to the left,” Gross reportedly said to a group of high-dollar Democrats last Wednesday. “I’ve met with leadership in the Senate and they are very understanding that my best pathway to win is to remain as an independent.”

Gross made his admission during a meeting with California and New York donors at the Democratic National Convention’s “virtual happy hour.” Of course, that is not what he is telling Alaskans. To them, he’s a rugged independent who once killed a bear.

Even that was not quite the truth. He told Alaska Public Media last year that he had been registered as nonpartisan for much of the past 25 years, but had registered as a Democrat in 2017, and then switch back to nonpartisan a year later.

“Gross’s admission may harm his ability to distance himself from national Democrats in historically red Alaska, which President Donald Trump won by nearly 15 points in 2016,” the Washington Free Beacon wrote.

Some 58 percent of the state’s voters are registered as either nonpartisan or undeclared, which is why more and more Democrat candidates are ditching the D after their names and trying to appear independent.

For Gross, it’s a charade he is willing to endure. He won the Democrats’ primary in Alaska last week, with the party’s endorsement, funds, and best wishes. Now it’s on to the big show — and to persuade nervous donors elsewhere that Alaskans will believe the “independent” label, but that he’ll actually put Sen. Chuck Schumer in place as Senate Majority Leader.

Read the rest of the story at the Washington Free Beacon.


  1. It is almost comical that some Democrats find the political stench of corruption & incompetence of their Party such a barrier to election that they decide to run as an Independent in the hopes of conning the electorate. Truly pathetic!

    • Dr. Al, is gross and so are his self admiring commercials! I didn’t like Sullivan to start with, but believe, he works for Alaskans.

  2. He’s been the second caller on KYUK talkline every Friday. This socialist BethelPublic Radio station gives everyone five minutes to State your piece.

    Last two weeks, he’s burned up 10 minutes, hasn’t said anything useful. Brags about being a fishermen, commercial none the less, but fails to mention that he wasn’t even given the backing from the very group he brags about being in.

    Kick his butt Senator Sullivan.

  3. Mr Gross, you reek of those we want NO PART of in our great state. The left radical mentality does nothing but create more of what we do not want. More liberal whiny babies that seem to think it’s all about them.

  4. Ray Charles could see Gross is a liberal dem. Backed by the Lincoln Project a bunch of RINO losers. The Lincoln Project and dems are attempting to “Ted Stevens” Senator Sullivan and have admitted so. Im standing with Sen Dan Sullivan

  5. Gross gives new meaning to the word “gross”. He tries to start his political career based on lies, like every good democrat/leftist. It has been obvious from the start that he is no independent. He’s a died in the wool leftist. Typically, he thinks conservatives are stupid enough to fall for his ‘resume’. If the fool did, indeed, kill a grizzly, I’ll bet he was at least a couple hundred yards from the unsuspecting bear, a rifle worth several thousand dollars in hand and probably been shot at least three times, shaking like a leaf, with a guide standing by for when he missed or only wounded the grizzly. Safe and sound with a dead ‘grizzly’. Full of himself and his “deeds”. No Alaskan to me. I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

  6. A friend asked me what I thought of gross. I said, “Lincoln Project”. ’nuff said…..

    A long list in Alaska, starting with murkowski and ending with von imhof…..

  7. Al, I think your ads are disgusting , what obvious pandering to the public in an attempt to portray yourself as an “Alaskan”. However what really bothers me is the bragging about destroying a Grizzly. What were the circumstances? Were you doing something stupid and provoked an attack? If you were attacked why didn’t you use Bear Spray?
    How were you sure that it wasn’t a “Bluff Charge”? Jay Hammond knew the difference, but then he was a Republican. As a life long Alaskan who has spent a ton more time in bear country than Al, I can tell you that bear attacks are very rare, unless you are doing something stupid. Even if this bear death was justified I find bragging about it pathetic. Oh, yeah, Al if you are a Democrat you better keep this bear killin, gun toting nonsense under wraps. Might hurt you with the big funding types?

  8. A detail: Senator Chuckie Schumer would serve as Majority Leader, not Senate President. And at that point, at least for me, the United States of America would be no more.

  9. I am impressed with Al’s great ‘research’ ability….it appears he has discovered that Alaska is next door to Canada. and that he is running against Dan Sullivan…and now has learned he is s democrat…

    • And speaking of research, I had to dig on the Internet a little but learned that poor starving Dr. Al fails to mention that he completed high school at the fashionable Phillips Academy Andover before attending Amherst College in Massachusetts for his undergraduate education. (Why would someone gloss over these little details?). After elbowing someone else out of a slot in the WWAMI medical program – intended to largely train physicians for primary care – Dr. Al went for the big bucks of a specialty surgical practice.

  10. There hasn’t been a true Independent running for office in decades, nowadays they run as Independents but only to try and fool the people. Gross wasn’t even really trying to hide it and was sniffed out within days of announcing his candidacy. This guy isn’t even a real Alaskan, at least not like any I’ve ever met in my 28+ years living here.

  11. Did daddy buy that big boat for you? You must think Alaskans are stupid and gullible. Another phony politician wanna be. I’ll bet he can’t wait to kiss Schumer’s ring.

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