Only in Alaska: Plane makes water landing, and two swim to shore, aided by floatplane passing by area


A Bellanca Scout plane, which is a two-seater with wheels, made a water landing near Middle Point off of Douglas Island today near Juneau. The two onboard were able to swim to shore, less than 100 yards away, according to accounts. By chance, a passenger in a passing floatplane owned by Alaska Seaplanes spotted the splash in the water and the pilot circled around and landed to give aid to the two, who were a bit bloody, soaking wet, but otherwise ok.

The U.S. Coast Guard arrived on the scene shortly after on Tuesday afternoon. The news of the crash was reported by KINY radio and photos were posted on Facebook by the family of the man who spotted the crash as it happened, seen above.

(Photos posted by Pauline Jim on Facebook)