Inclusivity is not for everybody in Pride Month: Man kicked out of Assembly Pride ceremony for not being LGBTQ


Dustin Darden is often a pain in the neck for the Anchorage Assembly majority. He serves up public testimony at nearly every meeting of the Assembly and disagrees with the liberal majority on many items during public hearings.

On Tuesday evening, he rose to join a group of the self-identified “LGBTQ community” to receive recognition for Pride Month, with an official resolution being read by Assemblyman Chris Constant.

Vice Chair Constant had invited the members of the LGBTQ community who had come to the meeting to step forward. Darden joined the group of rainbow-decked citizens.

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel handed Darden a copy of the resolution and then posed with him and the group at the podium. Zaletel knows Darden, just as everyone on the dais knows Darden, and she intentionally pressed a resolution in his open hands, the video shows.

Darden dutifully held up the Pride Month resolution for photos, and then reached into his bag and took out a sub sandwich and took a bite. After putting the sandwich back, he took to the microphone to say a few words. This is where it started to go sideways.

Dustin Darden takes a bite of his subway sandwich during the Pride Month ceremony at the Anchorage Assembly.

Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance ordered Darden away from the microphone and said he needed to leave the podium. Darden stood his ground and said he was a letter, too — “the letter D.” One of the members of the LGBTQ community shoved Darden away from the microphone.

The security team arrived and Darden was eventually force-guided to the back of the room, where an argument ensued over whether he could be kicked out for simply taking part in a ceremony in which he felt entitled to be included.

The security team called police for backup, and Darden continued his argument with the police, stating his free speech rights, as he was hauled away in handcuffs, with members of the public shouting at the police, “Shame, shame, shame!!”

All the while, LaFrance and the LGBTQ members at the podium continued their ceremony.

Watch Darden get hauled away on the Must Read Alaska Facebook feed.

Chairwoman LaFrance then called for a break as pandemonium was breaking out in the Assembly Chambers over the incident.

The police searched Darden and dropped him off without his keys, without a jacket, and without his wallet. Must Read Alaska found him sitting on a curb nearby, his arms tucked into the body of his shirt as he tried to stay warm in the 57 degree, breezy evening.

From Darden’s perspective, when Zaletel gave him the officially signed resolution to hold during the photo opportunity, she had used her power as an official of the city to include him. Must Read Alaska asked him what he planned to do next, and he was mulling his options as he sat on a curb, waiting for a friend to bring him another set of car keys so he could go home.

Watch the Pride Month recognition ceremony at this link:


  1. Once we go down the LGBXYZ+?, etc, road, it will never end. For many of these folks their status or identity is all that matters. Identity will overshadow and control substantive issues. The answers arrived at will be moronic and flawed. I am not a genius but have seen and done a few things. A society organized around identity is destined to fracture, fail and collapse.

      • Agree 100%. Its odd how in today’s times, frequently when being introduced to new acquaintances new co-workers, new contacts etc… anyone whom is LGBQTIDGAF seemingly must be introduced as so, and yet no-one who is heterosexual introduces themselves as such.

        The absolute reality is that when I meet someone new, its weird, odd, and inappropriate to learn about their sexual preferences within the first 5 minutes of being introduced to them.

  2. So the same group of geniuses who cannot define what a woman is when asked under oath, can now absolutely define (on the spot) when someone is not one of the scores of alt. gendered bipeds they claim exist.

  3. Freedom. Freedom of economic association. Deprived of his property. Deprived of his liberty. Kidnapped by people in costumes. I think they owe him some money, individually. Public can go to public meetings. He was kidnapped and assualted. Not ok.

  4. Shouldn’t the traffic police be out helping professional drivers drive according to professional standards?

  5. It is not benign nor safe to choose to associate with public servants. The servants feel entitled to subscript the liberty from attendees and routinely humiliate those in attendance. They use the police as armed force against the people, taxpayers and voters. The people have a right to redress of grievances. I am grieved by the antipathy of the public servants as the servants usurp the Constitutional rights of the concerned public.

  6. Inclusion is the new exclusion.

    Nice to see the politburo denying the “rights” of the serfs they rule.

    You elect and re elect these tyrants, Anchorage. End of the day, you asked for this.

  7. Imagine making such terrible life choices you need to take an entire month each year to force all of society to pretend you are okay.

    • My office is now taking new customers. Group therapy begins at 10:00 am. Special government rates are available with photo ID. Medications are discounted on Wednesdays.

      • Doc,
        Can the entire Assembly qualify as a group session? Do you do psychotherapy, or is it all done with medications? Can I suggest electric shock for a few of them.

      • Yeah. Just like Feb.
        Because, if the blacks in the US did not buy into the leftists BS, they would be an economic force to be reckoned with. Their children would be attending, and graduating from top universities based on merit, not based on AA quotas.
        If the blacks in the US stopped playing the victim card that the democrats keep dealing them, their history month would not be necessary at all. In fact, the accomplishments of blacks would be listed alongside the accomplishments of all races without mention of race.
        The leftist in their misguided benevolence have doomed blacks in the US to ghettos, projects, and slums. Not deliberately, but through government handouts, welfare, and claims that the entire race is discriminated against, even though nothing besides normal human nature is to blame. Tell me… why do the leftists think blacks are incapable of getting a photo ID?
        Without the leftists always pointing out a person’s skin color, the term “systemic racism” would not exist.
        Yes. It is poor life choices that led to black history month. The entire concept should not exist, and would not have first happened in 1976 had it not been a leftist demand that people be identified by their skin color. And a desire to subordinate other races, at least for a month.

  8. Apparently, having sex with the same sex (LG), or with multiple numerous partners of both sexes (B), or thinking you want to dress up like the opposite sex, or you want to mutilate your sex organs trying to become the opposite sex (T), or you are just not sure or your sexuality (Questioning) or you are just plain Queer is OK and should be the all-encompassing focus of your life and who you are as a person, and trying to force the general public to accept your particular sexuality is of utmost importance, but being Dustin Darden’s sexuality is not accepted. Sounds very exclusive and judgmental. Of course, sexual freedom is more important than the economy, the security of our nation, and jobs for all people. So, it is good that the Anchorage Assembly is focused seemingly entirely on LGBTQ issues and has a disproportionate number of LGBTQ’s and LGBTQ-sympathizers (or closeted LGBTQ’s) on the assembly.

    • Well said. Thank you as my sentiments exactly but you did a great job of consolidating! ?

  9. The gay face of discrimination. Mr. Darden was assaulted for being a heterosexual, and that is a hate crime.

    • He’s a white male. Nothing will come of it. No story here. Imagine if Dustin was African American and pushed by a white male. Or suppose it was indigenous peoples month and one of them was pushed off the microphone and removed by police. Perhaps we would be hearing “defund the police?” Sad when a society feels the need to make any ethnicity lesser or greater then another.

  10. I hope those cops get disciplined. We only need good cops out there, not ones willing to break the law and steal stuff from people.

  11. Why did the police drop Dustin off “without his keys, without a jacket, and without his wallet?!” Why did they take these essentials from Dustin and not give them back?!

    In Suzanne’s Facebook video, the police can be seen taking Dustin’s bag when they cuff him. An officer is carrying Dustin’s bag as they walk out. I heard the police emptied Dustin’s pockets after leaving the building while they had him on his knees, cuffed with hands behind the back?

  12. These alphabet morons are the toilet of the world…. No brains, no morals and no thought of tomorrow. LGBTQ? Yeah Defund all of that immediately.. How’s that for “inclusion”..

  13. Also, I was thrilled see Dustin bringing his own dinner in a sack lunch. I think that is something profiteers could emulate for the time being.

  14. Instead of demanding a fancy dinner each time they show up. We are equal. Not privilege collectors.

  15. My new hero is Dustin Darden! I can only hope that brave people like Dustin continue to attend and embarrass that ridiculous assembly at every meeting. Good on all those stalwart folks who attend and sit thru hours of that nonsense from those awful and despicable assembly members. (I live in Palmer)

  16. ANother SAD DAY in anchorage, the head of police said he was a witness and that dustin should not have taken out that sandwich and observed the illegal trespass in a PUBLIC PLACE ! it was about the sandwich. Outside they had him on his knees with several people touching him, taking out things out of his pockets with cuffs in the BACK ( which is only for dangerous people )and Im not sure but it looked like they were about to take his clothes before putting him in the car. A similar thing was done to an older woman who clapped one too many times last year and they actually put cuffs on the back also at the instruction of suzanne lafrance and police.

  17. I saw a guy stick his rump out at the dais. I think that was wrong. What did that mean? I would refuse to accept an award from that dais at this time. We spent an hour on nonsense. Thanx ever so much.

  18. How does assembly not know ‘D+’ is not a gender? By all the gender and pronoun term that the homosexurals thought up, there is a new gender invented every day, and he pointed out a new gender. Dardin made his point their lucridousness of genders. If he can define ‘D+’ and show
    it as a gender term, the sinful sodom council would have to accept it.

  19. So the brave APD sworn officer took down this non-violent man who was exercising his constitutional right to free speech and not the person who assaulted him? I hope you’re reading this pal. I am a retired 25 year peace officer and a military veteran and your actions disgust me. I still bleed blue but you’ve lost any respect I might have had for you. Sickening LE response and you damned well know it.

  20. Anchorage Assembly governance is embarrassing to our citizenry. Why can’t Anchorage elect some adults?

  21. Reminds me of the time I was thrown out of the non-conformists’ club because I was not conforming with how they wanted me to non-conform.
    Seriously. This is the problem with Pride month of any kind. It starts out innocently enough, with encouragement that an individual should be proud of who and what they are. And, it always morphs into requiring the population as a whole to subordinate themselves to whatever group is proud this month.
    If the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+-*/ community is really all about inclusion, why do they demand the removal of heterosexual individuals from their events?

  22. And how ’bout that math at the end of the clip. Since 10 percent of the audience came forward that means there are 35,000 alphabet queers in Anchorage? Huh, go figure!

  23. So, let me see if I have this straight.
    1. The Muni is looking at a $80M+ budget hit because FEMA is not going to reimburse expenses for housing the homeless in hotels.
    2. There is not a single company, organization, or government agency that is not putting Pride month front and center.
    3. You cannot turn on a TV, radio, open a news paper, or even take a flight without hearing about Pride month.
    4. And, the Assembly is wasting time on a resolution recognizing Pride month????
    Is there a human being alive in the USA that does not already know it is pride month? I want to meet this person.
    How about the assembly do their job, and try to find a way to pay for their adoration of the homeless idiocy without screwing over the taxpayers? I suspect it is because that would take actual work, whereas pushing meaningless resolutions recognizing whatever is trending this week does not.

    • If being homosexual is truly an inherent fact of birth, and not a choice or preference, as all the gay activists insist, then what is there to be “proud” about in being homosexual? Should those with blue eyes or brown eyes or blond hair or red hair be “proud” of those physical aspects of their being as well? And if not, why not?

      • If you want to be proud of your blond hair, blue eyes, or whatever, please go ahead and be proud of them. I am good with it, in fact, I am happy you are proud of your physical traits.
        I will not celebrate them with you. I do not care what color your hair is. I do not care what color your eyes are. I do not care about your height, weight, heritage, sexuality. Nor do I want you to care about mine. Please be proud of your Asian, Black, Hispanic heritage. I will be proud of my European heritage. However, I will require you to be equally proud of my heritage.
        And, that is why I have a problem with PRIDE month, or any other month that celebrates fill-in-the-blank. The mandatory requirement to participate and celebrate something that you are not part of. I would never want to subject anyone to European Heritage month, and I do not want to be subjected to every other individuals pride month.

  24. My Lord, Don’t all of the worlds religions warn about this behavior as this behavior brought down many previous civilizations? (IT’s not about cry baby individuals or their extreme self- righteousness and their hurt feelings)! And the high left knows all of this and it is in their long plan. Useful idiot brown shirts must not know it either or in their unabashed outlandish narcissism – care. I need to go light a candle at the church. Playing bridge tonight, wish me luck. What a world – what a world.

  25. I hope Mayor Bronson will immediately review the police actions against Mr. Darden. To leave him blocks away from the Loussac with no wallet, jacket or keys is totally out of line. To remove him from the meeting in the first place was wrong. What exactly was the violation? Maybe if Darden had offered to share his sandwich it would have worked out better.

  26. False arrest, kidnapping, the list is endless. I would file to sue the muni and the anchorage assembly before the exhaust from the cop car dissipated.

  27. Why is there no “H” in the alphabet acronym? Why are Heterosexuals excluded from the group?

    • Because every darned one of those activist homosexuals have daddy issues and can’t quite get over the fact that they are the product of straight sex. That’s about it.

  28. “The police searched Darden and drove him several blocks away, dropping him off in the back of the Lowe’s store parking lot, without his keys, without a jacket, and without his wallet. Must Read Alaska found him sitting on a curb, his arms tucked into the body of his shirt as he tried to stay warm in the 57 degree, breezy evening.” The Bible says in Rev.13:11-18 that ‘enforced’ false worship will become a worldwide decree. The ground work is plainly being laid here in Anchorage and the world. The LGBTQ agenda will quickly switch to a certain religious worship agenda.

  29. Why are conservative Christians so concerned with what and with whom others do with their naughty bits?

    • Fine, just don’t wave it in my face. I couldn’t give a crap about what you practice behind closed doors. But stay always from the kids

    • Gosh, Lucy, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because they keep shoving it in our faces, as if they need more rights that straight folks, and somehow are so burdened by society that they can force people out of a public meeting for simply engaging them. Maybe that.

    • We are not concerned about what you do with your naughty bits. Frankly, we do not care.
      Nor do I want anyone else to care about who or what I am attracted to. I do not care whether you are sexually attracted to microwave ovens, or people of the opposite sex. Does not bother me at all.
      What bothers us conservative Christians, and every rational thinking human alive, is PRIDE month is not about the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ community being proud of who and what they are. It is about demanding every company, organization, and individual celebrate it.
      Turn on the TV, look in a newspaper, spend a few seconds on line. Is there any ad anywhere without the pride flag colors? I have to search for it. The various government websites are slathered in the rainbow flag. Airlines are painting their aircraft with “Fly with pride!”
      This has ceased to be about pride, and has become about dominance and control. And the treatment the Assembly provided to Darden drives that point home.

    • Misuse of the body is not healthful and such practices do not preserve procreative ability therefore resulting in family loss of genetic potential for participation in future generations just as the world wars limited them. These are spiritual values not yet recognized by this little group of God opposers.

  30. Darden has more strength of character than all of us posting on this comment board put together. He should be honored accordingly.

  31. The only thing I want to know is does the city pay for booster seats for those Cops of Restricted Growth or do they bring their own from home?

  32. The LGQTBS et. al. “community” is always so willing to “coexist” with others, just as long as those others are exactly like them. Anyone else needs to be removed from society. As for APD, apparently they now only hire cowards…… M.John.

  33. I’m stopping by Subway to get a 12-incher for the next Assembly meeting. Thanks for the tip, Dustin.

  34. Quite simply…….Dardin stole the show. LMFAO.
    If we could get him to attend each Assembly meeting, Anchorage would start getting back to normal. Can the mayor present him with an award, please.

  35. If Mr. Darden was the one who did the pushing anchorage would be in flames by now. Tread lightly folks, the left is now above the law.

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