One Dept. of Interior moratorium on oil and gas permits to expire on Sunday


The Department of Interior moratorium on processing the more routine oil and gas permits on federal land will expire on Sunday. The moratorium was issued Jan. 20 at the secretarial level by the interim secretary, Scott de la Vega, who has since been replaced by Deb Haaland.

The order put at least one Alaska company in a bind for a couple of weeks, but that company was eventually able to get its permit signed off on by one of the political appointees in the department; career staff had been sidelined from signing drilling permits.

The Biden Administration thought the Trump Administration was too liberal in issuing permits.

Separately, President Biden still has an executive order pausing new oil and gas leasing.


  1. The Biden Administration is going to turn us all into paupers that don’t work in government.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. This is what happens when our delegates negotiate on their knees.

    • Electric snowmobiles on the horizon. Recharge them by plugging them into an electrical outlet, which gives power through coal-fired generation plants. The wave of the future.

  2. The hair sniffer has graduated from groping women to molesting Alaska. This will not be good.
    It’ll be worse for that young construction family w/ a little too big of a house payment, a couple newish rides in the driveway, freshie snow machine in the back yard and momma’s got a bun in the oven. We have a lot of those young families and they’ll get hit first and hardest.
    Save your money, kids… and beware the groper. He *is coming.

  3. Let’s wait to hear what our new a Chinese masters tell their lieutenants when they meet here today. They’ll pass on to Chairmen Biden whether or not he’s allowed to let us open anything or not.

  4. So sad, Alaska has so much potential in the way of oil production, fishing , mining, tourism….It’s just gut wrenching to see all this taken away. Taken away for what reason? Political agenda and the push to place us all on government dependence. Our founding fathers are turning in their graves right now. Along with all the brave veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free from the tyranny that’s now upon us.

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