Anchorage School District plunges into ‘critical race theory’ with racism reading list


The Anchorage School District’s new “Equity and Compliance Office” has posted a reading list online that contains books with partisan anti-Republican rhetoric, as the district moves closer to embracing the controversial pedagogy of “critical race theory.”

Among the books on the list is “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo, a controversial book that centers on the unrecognized racism of the well-educated liberal elite, a class of Americans that is said to perpetuate racism, while maintaining an anti-racist exterior.

DiAngelo has made a lucrative career out of promoting the idea that whites are only interested in protecting their “white dominance” and that the more you deny you are a racist, the more racist you actually are. Some critics say she is an intellectual fraud.

Also on the list is “Antiracist Baby,” for parents of newborns to three-year-olds. The book is a guide to indoctrinating your baby in critical race theory and molding your child into a political activist.

“Beleaguered White racists who can’t imagine their lives not being the focus of any movement respond
to ‘Black Lives Matter’ with “’All Lives Matter.’ Embattled police officers who can’t imagine losing
their right to racially profile and brutalize respond with ‘Blue Lives Matter,'” wrote Ibram X. Kendi in “How to Be an Antiracist.”

Indeed, “antiracist” has become big business in the world of teaching and business coaching. There are now literally dozens of books with “antiracist” in the title, including coloring books for children and adults.

The booklist from the Anchorage School District includes:

  • Antiracist Baby by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • How to be an Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • Stamped from The Beginning by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi 
  • The New Jim Crow by Michele Alexander 
  • An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz 
  • White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo 
  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

In “White Fragility,” we learn that, “When I say only whites can be racist, I mean that in the United states, only whites have the collective social and institutional power and privilege over people of color.”

We learn on Page 27 that “Whites also produce and reinforce the dominant narratives of society – such as individualism and meritocracy – and use these narratives to explain the positions of other racial groups.”

On Page 63, we find the nuclear family is also racist as a concept: “The romanticized ‘traditional’ family values of the past are also racially problematic.”

We learn that President Trump is racist on Page 93: “We see it in the president of the United States positioning the avowed white supremacist neo-Nazis marching openly in the streets – including one man who drove a car into a crowd of protesters – as equal in character to the people protesting them.”

And finally, capitalism and democracy itself are racist, according to the author: “Examples of ideology in the United States include individualism, the superiority of capitalism as an economic system and democracy as a political system, consumerism as a desirable lifestyle, and meritocracy (anyone can succeed if he or she works hard).”

Meritocracy is a thread that runs through several of the books as an especially egregious form of racism.

The theories expounded on in the books have their critics, although it’s a contrarian point of view, and one that will brand you as a “racist.”

In The Atlantic Monthly, African-American writer John McWhorter, a professor at Columbia University, wrote that “White Fragility” is “dehumanizing condescension” that “talks down to Black people.”

“DiAngelo is an education professor and—most prominently today—a diversity consultant who argues that whites in America must face the racist bias implanted in them by a racist society. Their resistance to acknowledging this, she maintains, constitutes a “white fragility” that they must overcome in order for meaningful progress on both interpersonal and societal racism to happen,” McWhorter wrote.

“DiAngelo has convinced university administrators, corporate human-resources offices, and no small part of the reading public that white Americans must embark on a self-critical project of looking inward to examine and work against racist biases that many have barely known they had,” he wrote.

“I am not convinced. Rather, I have learned that one of America’s favorite advice books of the moment is actually a racist tract. Despite the sincere intentions of its author, the book diminishes Black people in the name of dignifying us. This is unintentional, of course, like the racism DiAngelo sees in all whites. Still, the book is pernicious because of the authority that its author has been granted over the way innocent readers think,” McWhorter continued.

“She operates from the now-familiar concern with white privilege, aware of the unintentional racism ever lurking inside of her that was inculcated from birth by the white supremacy on which America was founded. To atone for this original sin, she is devoted to endlessly exploring, acknowledging, and seeking to undo whites’ ‘complicity with and investment in’ racism. To DiAngelo, any failure to do this “work,” as adherents of this paradigm often put it, renders one racist,” McWhorter wrote.

Then McWhorter went for the throat of DiAngelo, saying her claims are wrong or disconnected from reality. When white women cry after being called racist, DiAngelo writes, it reminds black people of white women crying as they lied about being raped by Black men.

“But how would she know? Where is the evidence for this presumptive claim?” McWhorter asked.

McWhorter also pointed to a passage where DiAngelo proclaimed that students can go all the way through graduate school without ever discussing racism.

“I am mystified that DiAngelo thinks this laughably antique depiction reflects any period after roughly 1985. For example, an education-school curriculum neglecting racism in our times would be about as common as a home unwired for electricity,” he wrote.

“But if you are white, make no mistake: You will never succeed in the ‘work’ she demands of you. It is lifelong, and you will die a racist just as you will die a sinner,” he concluded.

Years earlier, McWhorter himself wrote a book about black self-sabatoge.

In “Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America,” McWhorter, who teaches linguistic studies, explored the disease of defeatism that has infected Black America through victim mentality, separatism, and anti-intellectualism.

But McWhorter’s book did not make the Anchorage School District Equity and Compliance Office reading list, and it does not fit the narrative of critical race theory, or the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Notably, in the past week, the Anchorage School District has put as asterisk by the above reading list and a note that says it does not endorse the books or the authors.

Learn more about the Anchorage School District’s Equity Office goals and aspirations at this link.


  1. Florida Governor De Santis has taken the right approach on this

    Ron DeSantis: Florida Schools Will Not Teach Critical Race Theory

    MARCH 17, 2021 By Gabe Kaminsky

    Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis denounced critical race theory at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, vowing to “expressly exclude” it from the state’s public schools.

    • Yep. He’s ahead of the game. It’s the media that can’t let supposed racism rest. Tv commercials have mostly blacks in them. Watch and see mixed race couples on tv.

    • A governor who actually stands up to and OPPOSES the left. How refreshing and encouraging that would be!

      • Yeah it’s pretty cool. We’re still a red State down here so we basically do what we want. Play our rebel flags don’t tread on me Ride along inside of old Glory. Screw DC and screw bro lives matter.

        • Now you’re really trolling Gregory. I’ve been around long enough here to have read your comments from way back and your comments of late aren’t the real you.

    • The most important part of the article is the last paragraph. The ASD does not endorse the books or authors.
      This is one more attempt to tear down a great country.

      • From the story above: “The Anchorage School District’s new ‘Equity and Compliance Office’ has posted a reading list online that contains books with partisan anti-Republican rhetoric, as the district moves closer to embracing the controversial pedagogy of ‘critical race theory’.”

        Also from the story: “Notably, in the past week, the Anchorage School District has put as asterisk by the above reading list and a note that says it does not endorse the books or the authors.”

        What? The ASD does not endorse the racist books on the racist reading list published by the ASD’s obviously racist Equity and Compliance Office? How can that be ASD? The Equity and Compliance Office is part of ASD. If the ASD doesn’t endorse the books why does the reading list exist? Despite the lame disclaimer, the ASD most certainly does endorse this reading list and CRT.

        Further, who is this reading list for? Students? Faculty? Administrators? All of the above? Also, equity and compliance for whom? Compliance with what, the racist ideology of CRT? Three generations of this garbage is how we attained the sorry state of affairs we currently enjoy.

    • Ain’t it great how one little asterisk absolves the Compliance and Equity office of responsibility for their decisions? Six figure salaries?

  2. “Notably, in the past week, the Anchorage School District has put as asterisk by the above reading list and a note that says it does not endorse the books or the authors.”
    Well, by the rational of that lawyer doublespeak they could put Mien Kampf on the list.

    • They ought to put Mein Kampf on the list, along with Mao’s Little Red Book, the Chronicles of the Elders of Zion, and all the other nasties out there. Add to them the Great Books of Western Civ and point out the differences. Cheers –

      • What absolute nonsense. These clowns should be worried about helping kids get caught up on their math, reading skills and composition, preparing them to earn a living and be proud. Skin color is irrelevant. Let’s not grow another crop of whiners and race baiters.

    • Pardon me. In 1974, Service Hanshew Junior Senior High School Complex (that’s what it was called then) library had not one, but two copies of Mein Kampf. They may still be there. I know my parents had no such fears about me reading that book. Yet you and others have nearly tied yourselves in bows about students merely exploring possible solutions to the four-century-long plague of racism that nearly destroyed this country during the Civil War and on January 6, 2021..

      • How many slaves have DIED since 1917? What did skin color have to do with it? PUT THAT ON THE READING LIST.

      • Wow, Sophie Blue Anon.

        My oh my, how predictable.
        Let’s make sure to include January 6th 2021 in your ‘four-century-long plague of racism’ script to make it work in your favor.
        To you who use trigger words like ‘racism’ to promote yourself as woke to racial suffering, that pandering is akin to Helter Skelter.
        You are actively ginning up hate and discontent until humans of different races are fighting amongst each other, truly destroying the diversity of this country based upon mere existences.
        God Bless the race baiters (Democrats mostly) who will come in to scoop up what is left of the carnage to which they cause.
        I will say, your comments appear racist with bias, revealed in your views which approve a way to creatively and acceptably pass judgement on others using the new and improved color identity code contained in the materials.

        What gets me:
        The very thing ‘woke’ culture objects to (skin color identifiers) is okay when it is re enforcing judgement on skin colors that deserve special treatment and presenting skin colors that are inherently evil – historically and currently.

        Divisional with purpose

      • Anytime there’s talk of how nasty White people are, Sophie speeds her racist self to the scene.

  3. There are very few emasculates that this beta male slop will appeal to and for the balance of the population there will be an equal and opposite reaction.

  4. Who is responsible for this travesty?
    These “equity” ideas are racist and made up by a NYTimes racist writer.

    Who is behind this? Names, ages, addresses! ! ! !

  5. These dishonest tracts are irreconcilable with the core principle advanced by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King that people should not be judged on the color of their skin but by the content of their character. These writings set race relations in the United States back a hundred years. I am with Dr. King. These other folks can go pound sand.

  6. An examination into the mind of these authors who concoct things like “critical race theory” and promote it as academic discovery, demonstrate this:

    1. They are unhappy.
    2. They are disturbed.
    3. They desire societal discord.
    4. They enjoy seeing violence.
    5. They lack self-esteem.
    6. They eschew harmonization.
    7. They are academic narcissists.
    8. They are lonely.
    These people are beyond psychotherapy because their intent is to destroy society, not uplift it. They need to be on psychotropics so that they do not harm innocent persons, such as college students. My analogy is that they are like serial kidnappers, roaming and searching for random minds to capture. Their other common trait is that they avoid confrontation by the opposition, fearful of being fully exposed as frauds and snake-oil peddlers.

    • Critical race theorists are the same type of people such as fossil fuel avengers, cancel culturists, and the highly disturbed Trump haters. Angry, unhappy and bitter folks, trying to grow their numbers. High misery loves company. Good analysis, Doc.

    • Progressives are delusional, but out of kindness we let them escape asylums in the 60s (true story, the Community Mental Health Act of 1963). Look at the cities now and the consequences we face for our ‘kindness’ to dysfunctional behavior. The inmates run the asylum.

  7. Which students are going to read these books? The 25 percent who do their homework while the other 75 percent leave it in their locker only to bring it out when class begins. ASD forgets Alaska kids have the lowest reading level, and declining. That means they can’t read these books nor any other book that Alaskan kids were reading 30 to 70 years ago.

    There was a time Schools didn’t need a governor to add a Reading Initiative program hoping it will increase reading skills. The parents used to have the initiative personally improve their children’s reading and speaking skills and/or hire a tutor. They never will get those kids to read these books. They can’t even get their students to read The Hobbit and To Kill a Mockingbird. Hahahaha

    In all seriousness I’ll tell you one author I noticed gets more Alaskan Native students attention across the state she is Velma Wallace’s “Bird Girl” and “Two Old Women.” For some reason, these two books when they were presented to a young class of new readers, they are interested in them and enjoy its content and finish them through.
    This reading list here its content is too heavy. Alaska kids don’t gravitate toward books with heavy content. Their personal lives have enough heavy content.

  8. This last week we watched Jojo Rabbit about a 10 year old being indoctrinated into the Nazi Youth movement (great movie). Why am I reminded of that by this critical race theory? Sadly, I fear that, after much pain and destruction, one movement will end much as the other. I have many friends and family of color and we all want the same things: opportunity, success for ourselves and our children and a sense of community for all. Dividing us only denigrates that vision and hurts all, especially those it purports to help..

  9. My head is exploding. The failing public schools have just hit rock bottom.

    This generation of kids are doomed. Pity them all.

    ASD perpetrates one of the evilest child abuses possible. Destroying all hopes and dreams on one side and relegating the other to oppression and destitution.

    Good families are the answer, not the problem.

    My head won’t stop exploding!

    • And we can thank the state education budget that heavily funds the sinking ship of public education at astronomical levels, and the union that has infiltrated all levels of government to keep the indoctrination engine running. Yet our state leaders plead and sob that we can’t balance the budget with cuts alone. Baloney. Why are we paying for this?

  10. Racism is not a partisan issue, associating a book with a political party is divisive and non-productive IMO

    • But it has always been one party supporting racism; the party of the Klan, the party of Jim Crow, and now the party pushing CRT onto society. One party! And I might point out that this party denigrates their own constituents by statements denying that those constituents are capable of common functions like obtaining an ID or having the ambition to get out to vote. One party! The other at least superficially advocates equality for all and historically drug the nation into a tragic conflict to free many, but that’s just history no longer taught under CRT.

    • If you look closely, it’s about a dozen books on her page and all advocating race conflict. And yes, promotion of this kind of divisiveness always associated with one political party: The Democratic Party. Sorry if facts are divisive Frank.

  11. According to a Wall Street Journal story of some years ago NYC employs 10 attorneys full time researching all the police officers claiming to be black. The advantages to being black are so great, and the tests for race are so squishy that it’s a mess. There is absolutely no advantage to anyone, nor to their family, state, employer or community in anyone claiming to be (or self-identifying as) white. None.

    • https:// akvoter . com/
      Click on those running for school board and you will get information on who to vote for. School board seats are citywide, everyone votes for them and not just the ones in their districts.

    • Four conservative School Board candidates:
      Seat B – Judy Eledge
      Seat E – Sami Graham
      Seat F – Kim Paulson
      Seat G – Elisa Vakalis

  12. CRT is based on the notion that being white is an Original Sin, one that there is no forgiveness for. As such, it is more religious than anything else. There used to be something about separation of Church and State a long time ago. Cheers –

    • Original sin?.
      Right up there with homosexuality, transgenderism, child molestation, and body mutilation? Little wonder our society is full of lost and depraved souls.

      • Our youth look to tattoos, piercings, homosexual relationships, sexual conversion, and all of the other entrapments that will lead to confusion and despair. This is where we are at now with 16 years of the Clintons and the Obamas. Societal collapse. And it’s getting even worse now that we have a new president who is not cognizant and has relinquished control to the Far Left faction of Democrats. We are facing a dismantling of hundreds of years of societal progression.

      • You’re not entirely wrong. However, when setting a goal it’s useful to set one that is obtainable without aid of a genie in a lamp.

        It should be within the capabilities of municipality of Anchorage residents to eliminate the Office of Equity and Compliance.

        Shouldn’t it?

  13. If you can, get your children/grandchildren out of public schools. Expect more of the above and with greater intensity, because the left recognizes public schools as one of its chief forces for change.

  14. Why doesn’t ASD work on raising its pathetic math and reading scores and try to dig Alaska out of the bottom of the bottom? No – creating more victims is easier and popular now.

    • Although I would never let my student attend Anchorage School district, they are not totally to blame like most districts in the state. The blame lies with the parents. They haven’t done their part. The reason? A bunch of slugs.

  15. The title of Robin D’Angelo’s book is “White Fragility, Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.” The answer is quite simple really. If talking about any particular topic invariably results in angry attacks from many seeking to be offended, the result will be very little talk.

    • Although I am both white and native American, I don’t have a problem with talking about racism. I remember when I went to middle school all the black kids were ganging up on white kids and the teachers were afraid to do anything about it. I used to wear my heavy coat all the way through May because it offered some degree of padding to the daily blows I received and this was in Kansas. I’ve suffered from reverse racism in my entire life. Discriminated against because I looked White. This road goes both ways and the media and the Democrats don’t think a white person or anybody who isn’t black let’s say can be discriminated against and that’s totally wrong. In today’s environment I would say anybody who isn’t black has suffered racism more than black people. It’s just that we’re more civilized in that we don’t torch entire neighborhoods or burn up cars or run around in mobs and attack people innocently walking down the sidewalk. So the squeaky wheel gets the grease that’s one thing that black people have learned from the 1940s on.

  16. Racism persecutes all ethnicities within a society.
    Racists always propagate race based ideology.
    Racism hides within the color of tolerance.

  17. The reason this happens is because nobody does anything about it. Here is the ASD link to file a formal complaint:

    https:// / forms/uploads / complaint.pdf

  18. From your report I gather that the concept of Meritocracy is an egregious form of tyranny to these Race Theory folks. I note that this concept extends to the N.B.A. and N.F.L where players are selected only due to their abilities and work ethic, or MERIT. Is the sports system a Meritocracy also? Should we be demanding a inclusive system in sports? The opposite of a Meritocracy would be a system that embraces Nepotism, aside from Hollywood and the Murkowski clan this is not readily apparent in America today.

  19. Amazingly, majority White America elected a Black man to the Presidency for TWO terms and now the critical race theorists contend that we have a huge race problem? This is called manufactured political cultism and an aggressive paranoia by the Left to intentionally destabilize our great country. These cultists are truly evil and have used the power of mass hypnotism through an obliging Left-wing media to spread their deceipt and corruption.

    • I thought Obama was white at least half white. He definitely wasnt African black. Oh I know he claims to be black just like Bryce edgman claims to be an Alaskan native but a picture is worth 1,000 words.

      • “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

        • Yes, words out of Joe Biden’s mouth. Obama is “clean,” as in he takes a bath. And Biden says he is “articulate,” as though Obama can speak English. And “nice looking” as though Obama could be ugly. Now, if Trump said that about Obama, that would be racist to the 10th degree. But Biden can get away with it because Biden is a Democrat, he has dementia, he’s a Lefty……… these standards he cannot be a racist. This is the crap our kids are being taught in public schools.

  20. And the current school board is voting raises for these idiots pushing this agenda that are damaging our children and destroying Alaska. Vote the idiots out! They, along with district “leadership,” are totally out of touch.

    • Prevere, … I give you credit for at least alluding to the real problem at the heart of this matter. Voters.

  21. Parents better stand up and either pull their kids out of class or start protesting at the school boards because if you allow these communists to indoctrinate your children, eventually those children will grown up communists, demanding their parents give up their wealth to the state for the betterment of “equity.” This is how culture revolutions work. Many children gave their parents over to the state in countries that have been through this tyranny before. If you think teaching your children to be a victim and indoctrinating them into communist culture revolution rhetoric doesn’t have consequences, just ask a survivor from eastern Europe. They will tell you how it felt when their own children had them imprisoned for their political views of capitalism and took their wealth from them. For the record these culture revolutions end with mass graves and democide with the wealth redistributed from those they kill off. And for those that say it could never happen here, you are braindead and ignorant to tyranny and history, because it is happening here right now. This is how it starts. Do something now Alaska or the consequences will be dire.

  22. I hope Breitbart picks this article up, so we can compare the comments. You dolts are a never-ending source of amusment.

  23. Being White is under assault. Let’s see…….there are untold minority groupings that hold exclusivity in membership according to their race.
    NAACP. Many Native Alaskan organizations. Latino organizations. Asian organizations. But, there no exclusively White organizations. That’s prohibited.
    So, where are the White racists???

    • Equality of representative organizations???

      I’ve often thought that if someone put a sign up on a building saying “NAWP” there would be a lot of soiled underwear and a shortage of toilet paper…………

  24. The socialist left is taking thousands of flimsy threads from every source they can find, and turning them into a rope to hang us with.
    What gets me is that at the core, they’re a pathetically small minority. Most of their “support” are going along, just to get along.

    • What does racism have to do with socialism? Do you even know what “socialism” means? The Left is not a small minority, Joe Biden won 10 million more votes than the Orange Man.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha! Make another funny! Every day more corruption is revealed from the election, and like 1960 eventually truth will prevail. Socialism is a wonderful theory that has caused more suffering and death in the past two Millenia than any other. But it is a wonderful theory just like Harry Potter is a fun story.

      • No single thread has anything to to with anything. They’re being strung together to build dialog, to support an agenda, to be the root of a big lie.
        They paint their opposition with the very colors that they have been wearing for decades. The label of racism is theirs, but they paint their opponents with it to cause confusion, to put their opponents on the defensive, to weaken them.
        You’re referring to Trump as the Orange Man indicates that you’re one of the socialist left. Don’t pretend you don’t understand what I said. You do understand, which is why you responded to me.
        You are part of a pathetically small minority … in that you are one of the few who actually know what the end goal is, and the tried and true methods used to get there.
        All the rest of yours are merely unwitting pawns, who only think they know anything.
        As a leader, you are to blame more than the pawns. When Yahshua said forgive them for they don’t know what they do, He was speaking of the ignorant people. The religious leaders knew what they had done, and to who they did it to.
        You will bear the same guilt as the scribes and pharisees.

      • Joe de Maria (phoney name):
        Your senile hero Joe Biden didn’t even know he was running for the presidency. He was too busy sniffing the hair of underage girls and counting his China kickback money. That is, when he wasn’t digitally penetrating Democrat staffers, plagerizing the work of others, or getting Hunter into rehab.
        3:00 am ballot dumps in multiple states, while the ballot counting was deliberately suspended, gave Old Joe a fictitious win. Our counterfeit president. A bumbling old idiot who doesn’t know the difference between the button on his overcoat and the button used to launch a nuke.
        You are pathetic!

      • Joe, Like lies much? Worship Joseph Goebbels ? He too was a socialist and told big whoppers just like you. In fact, he realized the value of the bigger the lie retold enough times produced the most impact. Don’t bother thinking or looking at evidence relative to the 2020 election Joe, you probably are to Fragile to handle the truth.

  25. One of the key educational principles of the left is that building up self esteem is paramount (think participation trophies). Critical race theory lays an irredeemable original sin on our white kids that tears down their self esteem. How ironic is this? I fear it’s purposeful though. It’s divisive in a big way and part of the left’s takeover strategy by destroying our kids confidence. We need to put a stop to it.

  26. So White people are now born with the original sin of racism

    How are we going to be able to fight against this mind poisoning BS? I pray DeSantis stands his ground and others join him

    • “No dogs or Natives allowed” is becoming “No dogs or whites allowed”. This is what’s behind opening our borders to anyone, and promising citizenship.
      Used to be projected that whites would become a minority by 2035. Seems that it will happen much sooner.
      This has been well thought out, and is deliberate. Obama was the poster child. Trump was the white knight opposing it. Biden is the Vidkun Quisling.

    • That’s not exactly true. The people in control in China are against their own people. Saddam Hussein was against his own people. Idi Amin used to eat his own people. Whites aren’t racist in today’s going on. Look at the trillions of dollars that has been given to black folks in this country from building them shelter with the projects, to welfare money and healthcare. It hasn’t solved anything in fact things have gotten worse because when you continually give handouts. The less people feel good about themselves and want to dig themselves out of that hole. if you truly want to call whites racist then you can go back to the 1960s when all this started and it was a way to enslave a population. President Johnson wanted to enslave blacks and make them dependent on Democratic aid and it worked. Now blacks are slaves to the social welfare system and they can’t get out of it or don’t want to get out of it. The Johnson administration was a modern day slave can give people free education through the United negro college fund, to try to better themselves so they can get a good job that works for some but mostly it’s a failure too. So in America whites aren’t born into being racists, they choose to be that way by becoming Democrats.

    • You’re only three-fifths of a person according to woke liberals, if you’re white and conservative. History repeating itself!

  27. How pervasive is this in Alaska now? I had to move as a teenager but my entire goal has been to return and raise my kids there. I went to Service High in the early 90s and finished in California so far ahead I didn’t even bother showing up. What it sounds like is Anchorage could easily Californicate Alaska like Portland has done to Oregon. We are looking at returning by end of this year with a job in hand, will it be possible to outrun this crap? Between the schools and Covid Vaccine requirements, I thought of all places, Alaska would be the last to fall. I see now they are turning their power grab hands towards the valley. The city government seems oddly similar to Eugene before they blew full socialist and communist.

  28. ASD has been doing this sort of thing since 2008. They don’t need the Equity Act passed since they and most districts have been pushing progressive policies like these books for years. It is only going to get worse. Just take the time to listen a School Board meeting. Might just send chills up your spine! Commenting here and on Facebook does nothing. You need to attend meetings or at least contact school board members. We are here because parents did little to stop it!

  29. Governor Dunleavy needs to follow Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ lead and ban this divisive sewage from the Alaska school systems statewide.

  30. I would hope parents of school aged children wake up to what is going on with school curriculum. Time for PTAs get vocal. Do PTAs even exist now?

    • It means it goes into the moderation bucket and I look them over and allow them through four to ten times a day. Between other tasks. – sd

  31. So you’re threatened by a reading list that might open you or your kids up to a different point of view? Do you not trust your children’s critical thinking skills?

    • My kids read a wide variety of lessons from Aristotle to John Locke to Ben Shapiro. I don’t require them to read the school system garbage nor Hustler. If they choose, I’m sure I won’t be able to stop them but I can assure that they have basic education to thoroughly analyze the trash for what it is.

  32. So which ASD Board Member candidates do we vote for that will oppose this Critical Race Theory crap? Let’s be clear…anything that supports division and hate against one another and against country is crap.

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