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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Oh, really, fact-checkers?

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We constantly are tickled by the media’s left-leaning antics in putting their favorite candidate’s best foot forward.

Take, for instance, a piece that appeared on KTUU headlined, “Fact Checker: Alyse Galvin ‘isn’t a liberal’ campaign ad.” Galvin is running to unseat Congressman Don Young.

The campaign ad in question, paid for by the Alyse for Alaska campaign, says through a grandfatherly man, “Don’t believe anyone who says she’s a liberal.”

So, is she? 

“Alaska News Source’s Fact Checker cannot necessarily fact check if Galvin is a liberal or not, as many people will have a different opinion on what constitutes a liberal, but Fact Checker can evaluate claims to evidence of what Galvin has previously stated,” the story says.

In the past, Fact Checker noted, she has said she will stand up to the national Democrats on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, protect gun rights, strengthen our military, balance the budget and oppose higher taxes on working Alaskans.

“Fact Checker rates this generally true, based on Galvin’s positions and statements throughout her present-day and 2018 campaigns,” the story says.

Really? That’s it? So, if Galvin says all that is true, it is “generally true,” the Fact Checker says. That, despite Galvin being the Democratic Party nominee, taking truckloads of money from Democrats and getting lots of love from liberals such as Nancy Pelosi. That, despite her giving money to a long list of hard-Left liberals, such Ethan Berkowitz, Byron Mallott, Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton.

This is her second run against Young. The first time she ran against him, in 2018, she ran as a Democrat. This time she is masquerading as an independent. She has received campaign backing from the New Democrat Coalition Action Fund, Nancy Pelosi for Congress, Committee for a Democratic Future, Democrats Reshaping America, Elect Democratic Women, End Citizens United and Schiff for Congress, FEC records show. 

They must believe her a liberal, “fact-check” or not. The rest of us do, too.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • But really, what’s in a name? You have to go by her record. It actually plays like a broken record, look at who she’s in bed with. Known liberal socialist from Hillary to Pelosi which members of her own party can’t even stand. We’ve seen these independent turncoats before. Some like Bryce Edgmon change horse in the middle of the race. The outcome is never a good thing. Best to just peel back the layers of this onion and see that she is true blue.

  • Television is slightly different. KTUU is licensed and can lose the license if they abuse their coverage responsibilities. They must follow federal Federal Communications Commission statutes.

    The coverage on the fact-checker was blatantly biased, partisan and unfair. What were the qualifications of the fact-checker? What affiliations?

    Section 315(a) of the Communications Act and Section 73.1941 of the Commission’s (FCC) rules require that if a station allows a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use its facilities (i.e., make a positive identifiable appearance on the air for at least four seconds), it must give equal opportunities to all other candidates for that office to also use the station. KTUU’s supposed fact-checking report required equal time but they did not provide it to Congressman Don Young.

  • If she not a Liberal Democrat I’ll sell her mothers cast I found at a pawn shop after her Father broke her moms arm

    • But hey, she’s married to someone in the oil industry. Snake oil, perhaps?

  • The Democrats are desperate. Galvin? Really? To whom does she appeal? Is she qualified? At least Sarah Palin won a local election for Mayor once.

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