Marna Sanford shows liberal leanings at debate: She’s Pro-taxes, and pro-Gross


Candidate Marna Sanford of Fairbanks is a strong proponent of raising taxes on oil and plans to vote for the Democrat nominee Al Gross, she said during a debate with Robert Myers on Tuesday.

The event for Senate District B took place on a Zoom video teleconference and was sponsored by the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. The moderator was Bill Bailey.

When asked if she is in favor of Ballot Measure One, which would jack up oil taxes, Sanford was a strong “Yes.”

She’s also in favor of broad-based taxes on Alaskans. When asked by the moderator, Sanford didn’t hesitate — she raised her green “yes” card, eager to tax.

In past messages on social media, Sanford has supported full tribal sovereignty, the Green New Deal climate change agenda, and Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator and former candidate for president. Sanford signed the recall petition against Gov. Mike Dunleavy last year.

She is running against Republican Rob Myers, who beat John Coghill in the primary election by just 14 votes.

Senate Seat B represents North Pole, Ester, Goldstream, and Farmers Loop.


  1. Most of us already knew that. She is a sheep in wolf’s clothing running as a Independent. Yeah, right, vote against her

  2. Sanford was against Kavenaugh’s US Supreme Court confirmation, and she was for Recall Dunleavy. Further, she supports Prop 1 and Prop 2.
    Robert Myer’s positions are exactly opposite of Sanford’s positions. Money and votes coming your way, Mr. Myers.

    • Where the hell is John Coghill? Son of Mr. Republican, Jack Coghill. …..crickets…
      John Coghill, a supposed preacher, a man of God……..supposedly. Coghill, a victim of jealousy, revenge, envy. Wow! John Coghill really tumbled downhill!

      • Actually, the Republican Senate District B is the victim of John Coghill. He’s a sore loser. Sour grapes. Coghill is the envious one. Angry. Jealous. He got his a$$ handed to him by a veritable nobody. Shows you how the constituents of that district really feel about John Coghill. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever enter Coghill’s church. Now, Coghill wants Sanford to win. Satan has taken John by the horns.

    • Thanks, Naomi. I’ve heard that Marna Sanford was floating the “Independent” mask. These people are such frauds. I’m glad that Sanford is being exposed for what she is: Left-Wing, Marxist Democrat. Yes, I will send Mr. Myers a campaign check too

      • Ditto! Marna is horrible for us Fairbanksans who love OUR independence from lecturing Democrats. Robert Myers gets our entire family’s votes.

        • Ours too. This person, Marna, is a pure socialist and is a terrible fit for Senate District B. Moreover, the woman is full of herself. Robert Myers to win!!
          ps… Democrat Party just have paid off Eads. And then paid off John Coghill too. Both a couple of LOSERS.

  3. John Coghill got booted out, in part, because of his support of the give
    away- SB-21. Same with Giessel. The give away has cost us $7,000 each
    in lower dividends. It also cost us our savings because our production
    tax revenue has been a negative number after we subtract the corporate
    welfare payments Big Oil demands. The system is badly broken. If its
    not fixed, we are going to lose our dividends and have to pay an income
    tax. So, we better vote “Yes” on One, unless you want an income tax.

  4. That’s right, tax the oil companies more. Make those evil people pay up. Why do you think BP sold out? Unstable tax structure, because when the state needed more money they simply changed the tax rules. As to an income tax, how about cut spending? You want to go back to Sara Palin’s plan, when the oil companies make more, the state makes more, when the oil companies make less, the state makes more. Brilliant economics lesson. I guess you got an F in that department.

    • Jerry, A few points: Where would BP pay less taxes than Alaska? Right now the production tax is below zero after the corporate welfare credits. Second, corporations are not people. Third, BP had a $64 billion dollar clean up in the Gulf of Mexico- BP needs to sell assets. Forth, the tax structure was changed several times at the request of Big Oil- SB-21 is the prime example. Fifth, we’ve cut the budget, where do you propose to cut $2.3 billion? Finally, its better to get a fair return for our oil than pay an income tax.

      • We need a thin efficient accountable government. $14,000 per year per person in government spending is unsustainable. It is the highest or near highest per person rate in the country. You cant tax enough to get there. Tax oil at insane rates like prop 1 the oil companies will get oil elsewhere. The world has plenty of oil. Without the oil industry Alaska’s economy is decimated. no money for roads schools etc. Then you and others will want more taxes income, sales, property.

  5. Well Marna is on the Government’s dole so of course she wants more money. But after the beat down her party took in the borough this month she should be stocking up on her biodegradable hankies.

  6. Sanford is a radical Left-winger. She tries to hide it, but Democrats can’t help themselves. Put her in the “loss” column.

    • What? With Tammie Wilson just elected to the FNSB Assembly? In a landslide election? Well, that idea just went up in smoke.

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