Officers put holes in man they say discharged weapon in East Anchorage

Anchorage Police Chief Sean Case

Police Chief Sean Case was only six business days into his new job heading up Anchorage Police when he was in front of a microphone explaining to the media why a man had been shot early Monday morning.

At 3:27 a.m. on July 8, Anchorage officers were dispatched to the Circle K Gas Station at 1405 Bragaw Street regarding a disturbance with a weapon in the parking lot. Prior to officers’ arrival, they were told by those on the scene that at least one shot had been fired.

Almost immediately after arriving at the scene, one shot was fired at the police, an officer reported. A confrontation ensued during which two officers ultimately discharged their weapons. 

The adult male suspect was hit twice, once in the lower body and once in the upper body. He was transported to the hospital with what are believed to be life-threatening injuries. His name has not yet been released.

No officers or any other civilians were injured. The entire incident was captured on police cameras, including body cameras, and was seen by witnesses and likely captured by nearby security cameras.

While the investigation is under way, the State’s Office of Special Prosecutions will review the officers’ use of force and determine whether it was legally justified. Once that has been completed, APD Internal Affairs will review the officers’ actions to confirm whether there was any violation of policy. 

As is the policy of the department, the two officers will be placed on four days of administrative leave. Their names will be released publicly 72 hours after the incident. 

Other officer-involved shootings this year include these recent incidents:

On June 19, Anchorage Police responded to a disturbance with a shotgun on the 7400-block of E 20th Avenue. During a SWAT operation, an officer discharged his weapon and the victim was later found deceased inside the home where she had holed up with her long gun, having fired multiple shots during the confrontation.

On June 3, officers responded to reports of shots fired in an Anchorage neighborhood, They took one shooter into custody but the other resisted, reached into his clothing, pulled a gun, refused officers’ commands to drop it, and was shot dead by officers; three officers discharged their weapons.

On June 1, officers heard shots coming from a downtown parking lot. Officers encountered a man who was armed with a gun. Officers opened fire, and the man was struck in the upper and lower body. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

On May 13, four officers discharged their weapons at Kristopher Handy, who they say had pulled a gun on them on Bearfoot Drive in West Anchorage. The suspect was declared deceased at the scene.

Watch the July 8, 2024 press availability with Chief Case here:


  1. The investigation should be brief, and then the two officers should be awarded a municipal commendation. Hurrah for these two officers!

    Any police officer who will not immediately return fire to effectively stop such an assailant belongs in another occupation, perhaps elected to the municipal assembly of self-admiring geldings. And if any family member of this character steps forward to laud his good nature…, well, it won’t be the first time we’ve heard that sort of story. Call me ‘Fed Up.’

  2. Oh! They are building the narrative to ban weapons in Anchorage! How many illegals or mentally ill are guilty of possessing these weapons and getting shot by LEOs?

  3. These out of control characters with handguns must feel safe with LaFrance now in office. Crime will go up exponentially. I just hope APD doesn’t put up with it.

  4. I absolutely love the head line you used!!!!!
    This is why MRAK is my news source.

    Keep doing God’s work on reporting….

  5. Relatives live across the street and woke up when this clown started shooting. Good on the APD officers. Ambivalent toward the perp. If you’re going to shoot up the place with people living nearby, you get what you deserve. Fully expect the family to be lined up outside the AnD and Channel Two to express their outrage for their baby who didn’t do nothing. It’s all so tedious. Hoping my family can get out of that neighborhood soon before they get caught in the crossfire.

  6. As the story goes, stupid people with guns either on drugs or whatever?, when goofing around, thinking they have the rights to shoot at anyone they want. they’ll get what’s coming to them.. just to protect the public in a crowded area. Thank you, Anchorage Police Dept. for our protection.

  7. I am 💯 percent behind the police!!! I do believe that the police were justified to use deadly force! I just don’t want the people that already hate the police and looking for another reason to accuse them of misconduct to overreact just because of the careless wording of a headline. Lately there has been a lot of negative press for the department. Let’s be professional is all I am saying

  8. Lots of people believe in evolution. Evidence points to the contrary…. and there’s an old Book that sorta explains the problem. Sad to see in these days about the growing lawlessness everywhere. Even up there in the beautiful country of Alaska. You ain’t seen nothing yet. I escaped from the People’s Republic of Kalifornia three years ago.


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