Mayor LaFrance transition team’s open house is Tuesday

Suzanne LaFrance, incoming mayor of Anchorage, takes part in a parade that featured anti-semitic slogans on June 29, 2024.

Anchorage Mayor Suzanne LaFrance’s transition team will hold an open house on Tuesday on the ground floor meeting room of the Loussac Library, on the corner of 36th Avenue and Denali Street. The event will run from 4-7 p.m., with comments from the transition team scheduled for 5:30 p.m.

The event is a chance for Anchorage residents to hear about what LaFrance and her kitchen cabinet have in store for Alaska’s largest city.

The team has 18 members, nearly all of them from government or the Anchorage government subsidiaries that are commonly referred to as nonprofit organizations.

The transition team and its portfolios include no special emphasis on the growing problem of vagrancy, drug abuse, and anarchy in Anchorage:

Good GovernmentMike AbbottEleanor AndrewsJane AngvikJennifer JohnstonJasmin Smith
Safe streets and trailsBob DoehlLeeAnn GarrickWalt MoneganBeth NordlundDave Rittenberg
Building our futureSheldon FisherCarol GoreJoelle HallRadhika KrishnaAaron LeggettBill PoppIvy SpohnholzJonathon Taylor


  1. Come serfs. Kneel at the feet of your Empress.

    Oh, and leave your wallet, your car note and your house title on the way out. They’re all mine, now.

  2. ……..And be sure to show up in your best drag costume. And bring your kids. Free zones for pick-up and cruising.

  3. Maybe she’ll have Drag Queens twerking outside like our Stunt Mayor, Austin Quinn-Davidson had in her driveway for everyone – including kids – to see. Try doing that with a hetero female pole dancer and see how quickly it would be reported and shut down.

  4. The purpose of all “underprivileged” groups is to attract funding for employment of Leftists. There is less than zero interest in graduating them. They are to be harvested in perpetuity. That’s life.

  5. Until every trace of Camp LaFrance is removed, what could the Peoples Transition Team have to say worth hearing?
    If the regime won’t unleash the awesome might of the Peoples Code Enforcement Constabulary to do to Camp LaFrance what they did to Kriners Diner, to churches, what could a transition team have to say worth hearing?


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