Officer-involved shooting at homeless campground


Details are sketchy at this hour, but a large police presence was at the Centennial Campground Wednesday, where there has been an officer-involved shooting. Early reports indicate that no one is dead but that an officer had to use his weapon and an officer has been wounded. Numerous reports indicate there were several rounds fired.

The campground is the site where about 200 homeless people are being housed in tents, many provided by nonprofits, in a safer environment than the various illegal encampments that were popping up around the city. There is 24-hour security at the campground, running water, wi-fi, toilets and cleared out areas for campers to set up their tents and tarps. Many of the homeless in the campground have cars and trucks with them, while some are without vehicles. Nonprofits are providing meals, case management, and other services.

A heavy police presence will be in the area of the 8400 block of Starview Drive for several hours as the investigation continues, but no roads are closed at this time. Police say more information will be released about this incident.

Check back for further details, as a press conference on the situation is expected.

6:30 am update from Anchorage police:

The preliminary investigation indicates that two Anchorage police officers were conducting a security check at Centennial Campground when they encountered an adult male who was suspected of an earlier eluding.

At some point during the encounter, the suspect produced a handgun and gunfire was exchanged.   One officer was shot, and the other officer was uninjured. Both officers returned fire at the suspect.

The suspect was shot multiple times and was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. Charges have not been filed at this time but will be forthcoming.

The injured officer was transported to a local hospital. The officer sustained serious injuries but is expected to survive. Please our officer and his family in your prayers as he recovers.

Per policy, the state’s Office of Special Prosecutions will review the officer’s use of force and determine whether or not it was justified. Once that has been completed, APD Internal Affairs will review the officer’s actions to confirm whether or not there was any violation of policy. As per APD practice, the officers will be placed on four days of administrative leave. Their names will be released publicly 72 hours after the incident. 

Once OSP has completed their investigation, their findings will be available for the public to review.


  1. Time to remove the Homeless Tsar from the budget, sharply reduce Homeless funding, and strictly enforce vagrancy laws. The increase in trash, litter, and squaller in our streets is nasty. Bye Bye

  2. Looks like we have the first volunteer for the new forced psychotropic drug law! JIT!

    Maybe round up that stabby nutbar from the Loussac and see what ole Clayton Charlie’s up to as well. I’d recommend a pharma lobotomy so clients of the program can safely fit back into the homeless camp vibe. If they complete the program and don’t have too many synapses still firing maybe they could run for a position on the Anchorage Assembly where they can deeply ponder plastic film shopping bags, homosexuality, and the avoidance of accomplishment. Work their way up to a muni car and gas card. Four on the floor and a fifth under the seat just like Lyman Hoffman, Judge Patrick J McKay… or maybe those that have hidden it better like Berky’s wife or the feisty democrat party head Lindsay Kavanaugh.

    Anchorage bums have it going on.

    On a more serious note, I hope the officer is fine and I wish you guys could aim under pressure with greater alacrity. Maybe a more Massad Ayoob-ish ‘two in the trunk and one in the noggin’ approach. It would be a better message than what we’ve been paying for. Remember that old fart Bob Musser on the Hillside that you tear gassed for three days and then killed instead of arresting? Like that but quicker and against someone that’s actually a public risk.

  3. Gee, elect and re-elect a gay Communist Assembly. Stay silent while they trample your rights over and over and over again.

    It was inevitable Anchorage would become a hell hole. Why? You wanted this. You voted for it by not bothering to vote.

  4. It was bound to happen. Juneau has a homeless center and there was a scuffle where one tenant fell out of a window and died. Forrest Dunbar was complaining about the campground on Twitter. I suggested that we bring them all to his house. I even volunteered to help drive them over, haven’t heard back.

  5. how do I get in on the free camping gear? North Face? Patagonia? Carhartt? What are they serving and when is meal time? Is there a weekly menu? Dang it I got questions. Oh, what’s the password for the Wifi?

  6. Muldoon has always been the city council’s “dumping ground” for problems like this.

  7. Wait until the APD starts using syringe and injections to calm the situations. Dead by syringe shot or dead by bullet….which is it to be?

  8. Buy them a one way ticket to California, tell them the drugs are free the booze is free, free tents with air conditioning all free. Oath breakers suck the worse by far. Just look at all the harm oath breakers cause. California is the place you want to be, take the assembly with. To all our police home of the brave, we love our police our mayor and our Suzanne.

  9. This is just the latest example of the gross incompetence of the Bronson Administration. They decided on the spur of the moment to create a homeless camp. No consideration was given to the fact that the campground is is an area frequented by bears that would be attracted to the food and trash in the campground, security concerns, or the fact that many of those who were staying in the Sullivan Arena lacked camping gear. The lack of any planning or preparation is being revealed on a daily basis in headlines about having to shoot bears in the campground, violence, and now a police officer has been shot. This administration is full of people appointed for their political leanings rather than for their competence. We need to impeach the mayor and replace him with someone who knows how to run a city.

    • Has Enuf, Nuf what bro? You ain’t foolin nobody with your reasons to impeach Bronson. We know who you are, you’re that ding bat Running guy! The guy who runs for every office known to Alaskans, has the same handle as my Subaru. Bronson beat yer fanny and now yer sore bout it, I get it, and now you want Bronson gone so as you can be appointed to be Mayor, the big cheese, uh huh.
      I’ll give you this, you are funny! After all of the disasters that you and the other commies on the Assembly brought down on Anchorage you get uptight at Bronson for Glocking a couple of Bears! You are cracking me up!

  10. Keep the mayor ~ Ditch the Nasty Nine ~ keep pretending there is not a Navigation Center site and 8 meetings so far.

    You really want the AQDs of the world bossing you? Show up at an Assembly meeting for starters — Tuesday, July 26 at the Loussac Library. Wake up, Anchorage.

    As far as last night goes, it started on the corner of State Street and Duben Ave…. Huge meth house busted, several types of police, complete with DEA and door ramming equipment. That was about 8:30 pm… it just went downhill from there, since a block away is Centennial Campground with people running from the police thru the trails toward Boundary Ave.

    The task forced moved through the woods and around to the cabin entrance…Emergency vehicles everywhere, even before they found an escapee in a tent and shooting started. By 9:30 pm the investigation started.

    Those who live near Dunlap are going to have one peaceful neighborhood now. The greyish 911 vehicles stayed at State St for quite a long while. ( meth house )

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