October Surprises: Walker sinks lower still



All year, Gov. Bill Walker has been the least popular governor in America who is facing reelection, according to Morning Consult, which has been tracking governors’ popularity since 2016. But it’s gotten worse.

54 percent of Alaskans polled said they disapprove of the job Walker has done. During the first quarter poll, 52 percent disapproved of him. This is not the direction an incumbent likes to crow about, and you’re not likely to read a press release from the Walker-Mallott campaign about this abysmal result.

What has to concern Walker even more is that his approval rating slid from 29 percent in the first quarter to 25 percent in the third quarter.

That matches up where he has been in other polls, too — even the Ivan Moore poll, which leans left.

Here are the Morning Consult rankings.


The “October Surprise” is almost an article of faith in political gossip circles.

KTVA reporter Rhonda McBride warns one is coming in the governor’s race. The target: Mike Dunleavy.

Art Hackney, political consultant to the stars, told McBride it’s coming. He’s heard it, she reported.

Progressive pollster Ivan Moore told McBride that an October Surprise is all but a certainty.

But what is it really? It’s likely an October Smear. With just 21 days left, there’s not much else for a low-performing candidate with a lot of cash to do.

Rhonda could not get them to say what the Walker camp has in mind, or if she did she is not telling the public. She’s laying the groundwork for what is likely to be rolled out next week, on Oct. 22 — something so vicious that the media will HAVE to pick up on the story. Reporters will not be able to ignore it.

According to Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock, this is a case of reporter’s itch, a condition known to make a journalist’s face blush.

“Rhonda couldn’t land an exclusive interview with Dunleavy so she’s taking her revenge by reporting that there’s an October surprise,” said Babcock. “She’s tossing her journalistic integrity out the window, reporting on gossipers gossiping about gossip, with no substantiation.”

Dunleavy has given interviews to some journalists, but not all of them — at least not to date. McBride may have a tough time landing an interview with him now.

Vince Beltrami and Gov. Bill Walker, signing a labor agreement this weekend.

“[Ivan] Moore says, based on what he’s heard in various political circles, an October surprise of some kind has been in the works for some time – one that could possibly cut into Dunleavy’s comfortable lead,” according to McBride.

“Based on what he’s heard in various political circles?” This is the Ivan Moore who does polling for Democrats. The political circles he runs in have just one mission — search and destroy rising Republicans.

That Dunleavy lead Moore referred to is comfortably in the high 40s, which is good for a three-way race.

Meanwhile, Walker’s disapproval rating is now the highest that it has been since he was elected governor: Just one in four Alaskan approve of his performance.


In McBride’s story, she interviewed random people in Anchorage and it appeared to her that most of them like Bill Walker or Mark Begich for governor. She asked them who they favor for governor.

But Must Read Alaska ran the voter registrations on the 10 random people she interviewed to see what party they most likely identify with:

  • Four were Democrats
  • One was Libertarian
  • One was Republican
  • Two two were undeclared
  • Two didn’t show up in the voter registration lists at all


  1. Remember what Begich did to Ted Stevens,looks like Walker took lessons from him.and coming out with a smear campaign. Whatever it will be I hope the Alaskan voters will ignore it and vote for Dunleavy

  2. Yawn… What are they going to do? Feinstein him? These people are ridiculous enough to try anything. Watch your back Mike!

    • Mallott gets Begiched (aka Feinsteined, aka Schumered)! His own party.

      Perfect way to weaken Walker/Mallott and force a merger or withdrawal. The numbers still won’t pencil out for Begich. While most (or almost all) of Begich’s votes would go to W/M if Mark got out, W/M’s voters will split. Mark may get a majority of W/M voters, but a significant chunk of them will go to Dunleavy (who’s already at nearly 50%).

      Mark and his folks will somehow convince themselves that this keeps him relevant…despite the fact that he will still have lost TWO statewide elections in a row.

  3. I already got my October surprise from Walker (two years running): A PFD check much smaller than it should have been.

  4. McBride is not a journalist or a reporter, she is a gossiper with a job. I learned a long, long time ago to ignore gossip and, as a result, to ignore her.

  5. Ms McBride is very successful at creating the impression she is balanced and reasonable. She is not. She was also very successful at creating the illusion that she is an Alaskan Native. She is not. I believe she was born in New Jersey or some similar place.

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