Dunleavy signs sport new look: Save the PFD


The Dunleavy for Alaska campaign has set a new bar for graphic design excellence, and Alaskans have collected the whole set of campaign signs just because they are so attractive.

But the campaign just took a graphical turn: The new sign is short on looks and tall on message: “Save the PFD,” it reads. The sign encourages people to text PFD to the number 55022. By doing so, you’ll get updates from the campaign between now and Nov. 6.

“Save the PFD” is one of those unique phrases that only Alaskans understand. PFD stands for Permanent Fund Dividend, and the fact that Bill Walker, the sitting governor, cut Alaskans’ dividend in half is one of the big campaign themes of the year.

So Walker is trying to explain himself — his sign. with his own “Saved the PFD” message, is seen on buses around Anchorage:

In the meantime, The Dunleavy for Alaska legacy signs already on roadsides and yards come in a wide range of colors and graphic representations that look like coveted Patagonia apparel decals: