Occupy Anchorage continues as more tents go up downtown


The bedraggled posse of anarchists who have occupied the Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage to drive home their objection to budget cuts?

They’ve decided to stay.

Sources tell Must Read Alaska that the group has never had a permit to camp on the park area, which is used by families, kite fliers, and soccer teams. They had a handshake deal with the municipality and promised to clear out by 4 pm Sunday.

So much for handshake deals with the radical Left. By 5 pm Monday, more tents were showing up, and going up. The organizers have invited the homeless to move in with them. While there were 14 tents on Saturday, there were 24 tents Monday.

A few weeks ago, the House representative for the downtown district, Zack Fields, penned a letter to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz telling him to clean up the homeless problem because it was causing a dangerous situation in Anchorage.

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Fields convinced several legislators to sign his letter, which suggested that the homeless could move to the Chugach National Forest, where there’s plenty of room.

Since then, they’ve moved into the most visible park in Fields’ district, and show no signs of leaving.

Locals who live along the park strip say that noise continues night and day as partying and drumming disrupts the liberal-mellow neighborhood vibe.

The protesters have also been sleeping on the Veterans Memorial, to the irritation of some veterans.

Police are now trying to figure out how to evict the protesters, most of whom have new-looking tents and equipment and who are there under an expensive banner that set them back several hundred dollars.

Meanwhile, this afternoon a lawn bowling league tried to find a place to play alongside the growing tent city, which is now an eyesore, and a political problem for Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.


    • HappyEverydayEveryoneEverywhereForeverAllways-don’t buy the coal tar based toxic food dyes that are quietly culling the population due to unawareness/ignorance of self ingested things being sold more colorful and cheaper than healthier… also beware of the electronic prison of commercialistic and capitalistic greed that we place each other in out of a lack of all for all based communion type of living that is so hard to try to achieve in a perpetuated state of consumerism… yet judge not lest ye be judged… at least we’re not the 45% of the insect population that has been killed due to one species unharmonic and unsymbiotic ways, or the mass dying of birds or whales or any other form of life that gets no day for it’s memorial to be turned into another marketing gimmick… “homeless”… homeless indeed… if you think living in a box is bad at least it’s less acidic than we’re making the oceans… People in tents is not so much a problem as the people who are rich in blood money enough to save the world, yet too poor to pay attention to the decaying world around them…

    • This is very sad. I lived in Anchorage for 12 years before moving to Florida for 22 years. Now living in Michigan. I still miss it. Back in the ’80s and early ’90s this wouldn’t have happened.Anchorage used to be unique. This really is sad.

      • Really? Evidently, you weren’t aware of what Brother Bob Eaton and Brother Dave Sifferman were doing on the Park Strip in 1982 with the explicit blessing of Archbishop Francis Hurley. Yes, exactly this!!!

  1. Berkowitz deserves way more credit for the dysfunctional legislature than he’s being credited for.

  2. Where do you go poop and pee when your camping in an area not set up for camping? How do homeless people afford new tents?

    • Homeless doesn’t mean jobless, stop thinking the problem can be fixed with some short coming policies and brute force police tactics… this state has dividends in the oil industry, use it to build housing that’s affordable, not track homes or rv / mobile home parks… instead of feeding the meth addicts that plague the city.

  3. When the defecation overruns the green grass, Zack’s constituents can form a poop patrol and start bagging it.

  4. I was thinking that Anchorage Museum looks like a nice place for camping. I’m not a Leftist though. Would it still be okay for me and my buddies to set up camp there?

  5. We used to camp host in the Tongas National Forest. The forests have a rule about camping. No more than 2 weeks in the same location. Its possible a permit could be obtained for a longer stay, but I’m not sure.

    There were several times we had to report campers who overstayed, usually to avoid paying rent in town. But if you don’t regulate how long people can stay eventually they will start building makeshift structures & the costs of cleanup go way up. More than once we had to clean up feces and discarded used pampers etc(even though outhouses, toiletries & trash bins were available) after the campers had to leave. Sometimes I think the mess was left as a statement of resistance.

    In any event, I doubt the squatters would be welcome on State or National Forest land for an extended period beyond 2 weeks & the clean up would certainly be costly just as it will be for Anchorage if the people continue squatting.

  6. Hey how about all RV owners in Anchorage start parking their Motorhomes, Travel Travel trailers, Toy Haulers in the Park Strip and see how fast Mayor Berkowitz gets his APD officers to have them towed off.

    • No doubt. Isn’t Andrew Halcro the head of the new parking fairies? Round up the RV’s and have a “park-off”. See what happens.

  7. This is a show of dominance. They know that in these PC times, no one would dare physically remove them. When cats don’t cover their poop, it’s a display of dominance. This is no different. Just involves humans.

  8. First place Alaska izsngt yours it belongs to the natives and your part of the carpet baggers which stood Alaska and it’s resources . the nerve of you maggots giving yourself a cost of living increase then rape the pfd. . I’m. American Indian and I say lay off 50 percent of the state work force. Then pass a law which says it takes a vote by the public before these parasites in Juneau can give away Alaska. resources. Disband the state workers Union and make these state workers pay out of their own pocket for their insurance. Then do away with that 300 a day which these politicians receive. Let em stay at the homeless shelter while in Juneau. By the way. Being that most of you are retarded. The majority of the homeless which you see everyday camping across Anchorage does so because the brother Frances shelter keeps everyone up until around 12:30AM THEN KICKS THEM OUT ON THE STREETS AT 5:AM. For the homeless it’s hell never getting even one good night’s rest!!! every night they have to watch the same violence on the tv . the place is designed as a prison. With no view. ! Yeah the tents are cold and wet but there like a condo compared to that concentration camp called brother Frances shelter. Not to forget they are robbed raped and beaten by employees of the shelter .

  9. This was not written by a Christian. This was written by a self-righteous, heartless and selfish individual. Would Jesus write the same article? And what is the author doing to help? Maybe the author could write an article about how much of our tax money goes to war besides judging some single mother getting a hotdog at 7-Eleven on the tax payer’s dime. Nobody wants to be poor. . The author is a deluded brainwashed individual who has come to believe the right wing rhetoric that the poor, mentally ill, immigrants, nonwhites, and the children who get free meals from elementary schools are coming to take your stuff. I’m sorry you feel so threatened. But I’m more concerned about your influence over uneducated individuals who read your divisive-no solution-article. I hope you change your mind and rhetoric for positive change and adopt Christian values.

    • Wow. Your comment made me laugh. Mostly because you were calling someone you probably don’t even know “self-righteous, heartless and selfish individual” for writing at what, to me, is simply news. My favorite, though, is accusing someone else “deluded brainwashed individual”.
      First, America has free speech and the right to say just about anything they want to say (including you). If you don’t like what was written, it’s your choice to not return.
      Second, your post, IMO, is unintelligent and has little to do with the actual article. Where, exactly, is the author blaming the “poor, mentally ill, immigrants, nonwhites, and the children who get free meals from elementary schools”? Where is the “judging some poor single mother”? You must have a link or something that I don’t have because I can’t find anything remotely close in this article.
      Third, “deluded brainwashed” “right wing rhetoric” sounds very similar to what many Democratic Socialists say about anyone they disagree. I think many of young people in Alaska that attend public schools are deluded brainwashed morons, but I don’t go around calling them that. It’s unproductive and childish to call people names.
      Fourth, if you’re that concerned with the author’s lack of Christian values, why not try to send her a few decent churches she could attend? Since you’re such an authority of Christian values, apparently. I’m not.
      Thank you, Mike, for a great chuckle!

      • Mike: your address and phone number please. I’m going to recommend to some homeless in Anchorage that you are now ready to feed and shelter about 25 of them……the good Christian that you are.

  10. The problem exacerbates. The move (in) by the “occupiers” is calculated to incite public opinion against Governor Dunleavy’s vetoes. Wonder what the “hand shake deal” really entailed. Unfortunately for the “occupiers”, Alaska isn’t leftifornia, oregone or washingone. I don’t think they’ll receive such a warm welcome here, especially once their sewage starts to stink up downtown Anchorage, the garbage heaps up and local residents must be careful where they step, not to mention increased crime from a crowd like this. How will this affect tourism and local businesses? Not positively, I suspect. All the mayor needs to do is instruct ‘his’ police to clean up the area. A public nuisance is covered by laws/ordnances intended specifically to rectify a situation like this. Does anyone think that’ll happen? Wouldn’t bet on it. After all, they’re serving a dim/socialist purpose, trying to intimidate Alaskans into supporting their socialist/lib “utopia”. Public spaces/parks aren’t meant for squatting. How about citizens rights to that space? Will anyone want their kids playing around something like this? Will women or anyone else feel safe around this insufferable situation and the people involved, especially since the nights are getting longer? Those who would do something like this tend to not be respectful of others’ rights. Getting your money’s worth from little ethan yet, Anchorage??

  11. I am so sorry Anchorage is turning into a shithole, I left about 3 years ago, and I tell everyone it is a turd world city. Anyway hopefully Russia will take it back.

  12. Due to budget cuts and the pfd situation, I too will probably be joining the homeless soon. Budget cuts cut my income from my job by 60% and the pfd cuts have hurt me as well. Last winter I lived without propane. I dont have internet or tv or anything extra in my home. I live small but this winter I will likely have to give up electricity as well. I have less than 2 years left before my property is paid off but with the way things are going, I don’t see me making it. If I could afford to leave the state I would. I figured this would happen after the vote NOT to accept the 25,000 dollar buyout. Those greedy bloodsucking leaches want the money and there is no stopping them.

    • Thank you! I am Christian and what you’re saying is so true. People use religion for dominance. I found the article laughable yeah she does use words and language that is condescending and I don’t find Christian at all sorry I don’t think this is how Christ would react to a situation of people that can’t afford homes are living in the con Ami that is outgrowing them.Terry I’m sorry that you are experiencing not I had the same problem last year and was couchsurfing for close to 8 months it was very scary game 50 years old and not being able to afford a place to live and then once I’m in I could barely afford the bills I get paid $12 an hour as a caregiver taking care of someone who has tourette’s and congestive heart failure.

  13. Suzanne, what are you doing as a journalist? This is a poorly written article your not even going to report on why they are protesting?

  14. I know some of you will be pissed off but here goes. Alaska was purchased by the American goverment for 2 million dollars with the stipulation that the natives are well cared for. We all make up the American government and elect officials to do what we tell them to do. So Alaska belongs to all of us. If you do not want to be a part of the American government then you can simply move. To where? Who knows or cares. So here is a recap Pat. Alaska belongs to us all. As for the mayor of Anchorage, grow some balls and clean up Anchorage boy.

    • Bravo. Well said and to the point. The elected work for us. We need to remind them of that. We need to trim the excess social programs and force responsible spending, but first I guess we need to agree on what is necessary, not what we want or what feels nice.

      I’m a minority who is the only one in my family to finish highschool or college. I work for my pay and work hard. I have a wonderful family and care for them well. These people insisting that others need to take care of them need to change their own situations and get off their rear ends.

      I want my family to feel safe in this city and to be able to enjoy it. That’s not the Anchorage of today, it’s a crap city and needs a no BS mayor who can clean it up and spend responsibly.

  15. This is what happens when liberals want everything for free and they think it’s owed to them with out working for it !! All they know how to do is raise taxes on the working class Americans ! P.S . I don’t care if any one is offended by what I said.

  16. Like a friend said: “Water the lawn with firehoses! It looks like the grass is dying.” 🙂

  17. This is very sad. I lived in Anchorage for 12 years before moving to Florida for 22 years. Now living in Michigan. I still miss it. Back in the ’80s and early ’90s this wouldn’t have happened.Anchorage used to be unique. This really is sad.

  18. What’s sad is people don’t have respect for other’s it’s always about them ! Maybe if they had a real job and stop living off of the welfare system they just might feel better about themselves !!


  20. It would be interesting to know how long these folks have resided in Alaska and whether the promise of a large PFD brought them here.

  21. I was interested in reading this article….then I felt dirty. I am a born and raised Alaskan, I’ve never left. Both sides of my family were pioneers here and my father and grandfathers are/were Veterans. I’m a registered Independent and LOVE my State! With that being said… How dare you! If you are going to represent ALASKA…and write about Alaskan issues…keep your political hate out of it. You can write an article without blame…or despise. You can be solution based… you can recognize the issues and not those speaking out about it. That’s Alaskan….either pull your boot straps up and do something about it….or shut up and get out of the way so someone else can.

    • Who cares why these people are squatting in a city park. The fact is they are making a mess. Suzanne’s article is spot on. She clearly advertises Must Read Alaska as a conservatively based newsletter & she can write whatever she wants. I’ve found her writing factual but she is not afraid to drop in an opinion or two. The reader can sort it out. Thats free speech and independent thought. And that includes placing blame if the shoe fits.

      And speaking of feeling dirty..the last time we visited the park in downtown Anchorage we stepped in fresh human feces/toilet paper on the sidewalk by the Eisenhower Alaska Statehood Monument which had been vandalized as well. The feces was about 25 feet from the public restroom. We called the city & reported it. Then on the way back to the motel we drove by a city park & there was a guy sitting on a picnic table bench & another guy kneeling administering to his needs. I’ll leave it at that.

      There is an element of permissiveness in Anchorage (and many other cities) otherwise these things would not be so blatant and committed without fear for all to see and experience. I think its just fine to place blame as part of reporting on these things in order to facilitate getting something done about it. Apparently people like the Mayor don’t see anything wrong or excuse these things as being the result of injustices in society which are not the fault of the perpetrators. In that situation nothing will happen unless responsible officials are held accountable as well as those who live like this.

    BOO! YAA!

  23. Get ready for them to stay the winter. This kindler gentler administration does not evict homeless once us reaches 38 degrees. Been there done that asked for 6 months they don’t even respond.

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