Citizen: Monitoring cameras go dark in Anchorage ballot counting rooms for three to four hours a day


For more than 16 percent of every 24-hour period, the cameras monitoring the ballot counting at the Anchorage Election Center at Ship Creek go dark to the public on YouTube.

That problem of a three- to four-hour gap in the livestream was laid out in detail by a member of the public on Wednesday night at the Anchorage Assembly. The only Assembly member who appeared to care was Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

Terina DeSautel Clark, who testified for three minutes, also said that no one is supposed to be in the building after 5 pm, but a person was observed between 5:40-5:45 pm inside the building on March 21, as observable by the livestream camera. This, she said, causes concern.

The problem is that, according to the Municipal Clerk, YouTube puts a 12-hour limit on livestreams that can be run continuously. After election workers leave every day at 5 pm, they push the button to restart the livestream of cameras in the Election Center. But they don’t return to work until 8 am the next day, when they restart the livestream, after the cameras stop recording at about 5 am. That

In addition, there is no live footage of what is going on inside the Election Center on the weekends because no one is in the building to keep the livestream going.

To see how the livestream works, check out this link.

And yet that one person was observed on camera after hours, Clark said. That person had a backpack on. It could have been a worker from the upstairs offices, or it could have been someone else, but the problem identified by clark shows that there are people in the building after hours, and at least three hours of every weekday and all weekend the public cannot monitor the security of the ballot-counting area.

Insecure mail-in elections prompted the campaign of Mayor Dave Bronson to park a recreational vehicle outside the election office last May, just so campaign volunteers could keep an eye on the building. They identified numerous problems with processes; at one point a car pulled up and blank ballots were loaded into the building without explanation.

Clark pointed out that that on March 19 and 20 there is no video footage posted, while on March 16, only 18 hours and 40 minutes of footage is available. On March 14 and 15, 20 hours of footage was posted on both days.

In the final days of December, the Anchorage Assembly passed an ordinance that gives the Municipal Clerk vast powers to decide who can be inside the ballot counting facility. That, combined with the lack of transparency due to the limitations of the livestream, bring into question how well the Municipal Clerk is able to manage the mail-in-only elections.

The 2022 Anchorage election is under way, with ballots now starting to trickle into the Election Center at Ship Creek, where there are dramatically fewer observers than there were for last year’s mayoral election. The new rules in place, requested by the Clerk and passed by the Anchorage Assembly’s leftist majority, make it much more difficult for citizens to become observers. Read more here:


  1. I expect this Municipal Election to be wrought with errors and misconduct. It is already happening.
    The Nine know that they will no longer have the power that they have become addicted to. The people they have swayed to their thinking will be the ones blamed for any wrongdoing, leaving them free to go about their business.
    I have witnessed one elected official refer to the population as, “The Stupids” for feeling the PFD should remain the way it was intended. That, “They should just take what we give them and shut up!”

  2. Election process problems? In Anchorage?

    No way.

    Face it. Anchorage is as corrupt as Chicago. Maybe more.

  3. If you control the counting, then you control the outcome,. Too much room for fraud, City Clerk is definitely looking to keep the Left in power.

  4. This is one of the ways Trump elections were stolen. Want Proof? Because the left constantly rants about how it was not stolen!

  5. Get ready to reply to the crooks running the election. This is going to be a mess. If the libs are still there then after the counts I smell something rotten.

  6. If we are lucky enough to take back the city, first agenda item: fire barbara jones
    Incompetence, cheating, lying, obfuscating at every opportunity both the commie nine AND babsy.
    Cheaters always cheat, they will always find a way to cheat, lie and break their oath of office.
    Commie nine, time to resign and take babs with you.

    Im gonna take my ballot to ship creek on the 5th, dont trust them.

  7. This is simply fraud in progress. You can bet the left and the Clerk are well aware and knew before this article even when those cameras aren’t/weren’t functioning. Anything short of a massive sweep of the election by Republicans must be considered fraudulent.

  8. You know, you all never purported to mistrust elections until Donald Trump put the idea in your heads. Stories like this continue to create unsubstantiated suspicion in the election process, staff, and systems. And why? It’s all done to prepare the ground for claims of fraud in case Conservative candidates lose elections. That’s what’s really going on here. Modern elections are fair, accurate, and fraud-free and everyone knows it, including the author of this story. Doubt was never voiced about any election until Trump lost (yes he really did), and now such claims are poisoning the minds of the electorate and undermining the most important element of our Democracy.

    • Not true. When Hilary lost, she claimed the election was stolen. When Abrams lost, Kamala Harris said “Let’s say this loud and clear: without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia”. There are many other examples of Democrats claiming election fraud before Trump came along. I’m just too tired right now to look them up, but I’ve heard the claims in the past from Democrats.

    • Gee, it’s almost as if we on the Right have not been subjected to the Hildabeast and the entire Demoncrat party screeching for the past 6 years about The Russians!! stealing the 2016 election from the Hildabeast……

    • Your comment is completely false. For 4 years following the 2016 election of Donald Trump, and even continuing today by the loser of that election, we have been relentlessly told that “Trump stole the election” through some sort of (factually disproven) “Russia collusion”.

        • Who said anything about not liking the conversation. I welcome it. The reality though is it is not a conversation. It is bunch of people that still believe elections are stolen by Democrats without ever being able to prove it. All the theories get debunked and yet some conservatives just cannot be convinced. It is this cult like behavior so pervasive on this topic that is just mind blowing to watch. The amount of coordination, the sheer number of people that would have to be involved, that no one is ever caught, and so many other factors that make the whole argument so ridiculous. There is some notion that a Democrat would be okay with an election being stolen. That is just not the case. I would be appalled and join in any fight over a stolen election no matter which side was doing the fraud.

          • You liberals said, the Russian agent Trump (liberal conspiracy theory du jour) was completely successful in rigging the 2016 election, with the help of his buddy Putin.

            Go away conspiracy theorist– how’s that Hunter Biden Laptop conspiracy theory working out for y’all…… #itsinthenytthereforeitmustbetrue

    • Not true. I worked elections in Anchorage long before Trump ever dreamed of running. I worked the one where Murkowski forgot to add herself as a candidate and a judge kept changing the rules. In the end, AFTER voting took place, the judge decided the law didn’t have to be followed. And that is just one example.

    • Wake up to reality!!! Don’t know what is fogging your thought process, just believe your lying eyes!

  9. If we can watch the bears at Katmai 24/7, I suspect we can figure out how to run a video system 24/7 for voter integrity. Mayor? Apparently these folks need your help.

  10. Why does someone have to be in the building to start the camera. I’m pretty sure this could be done remotely.

  11. Nothing gives us confidence in the integrity of Anchorage’s ballot-counting process.
    The Clerk, who works for Assembly members, counts ballots which re-elect Assembly members; if that doesn’t assure her employers’ job security, what does?
    Election “observers” have no clue what they’re watching during ballot counting, they don’t know how the proprietary software in the Dominion or the Bell & Howell vote tabulation gear works or how to tell if it’s been fudged to alter vote-count results.
    Remember that huge amount of school-bond money up for grabs by a school board full of union thugs who openly made double-damned sure only their union pals could get it? Why should voters be confident school-bond “approval” isn’t already a done deal, “vote count” be damned?
    We call bullsh(oops…) on monitoring cameras going dark for three or four hours a day; no other government, private, or commercial surveillance operation seems to have this problem. Why in this technology-centric age should video surveillance be a problem only at Anchorage Election Center? Is this just the best lie someone with absolute contempt for voters could come up with at the moment?
    Then there’s old-school ballot harvesting, labor-union thugs helping their own plus communities of non Engish speakers, mental incompetents, bums… fill out and mail their ballots, what could possibly go wrong?
    Don’t forget the city’s amateur handwriting experts, government employees whose handwriting analysis isn’t admissible as expert testimony, but who can disenfranchise you, without notice, in a heartbeat, if they don’t like your signature, or maybe your zip code, or maybe if the boss tells them to… you don’t know… you’re not allowed to know.
    What about the U.S. Postal Service to whom you trust your mail-in ballot with no chain-of-custody record? Who knows whether an activist postal employee delayed, lost, or even trashed your ballot simply because you’re from the wrong zip code or your appearance offended him. The answer is no one, no chain of custody exists for your ballot. Like the proverbial message in a bottle, you cast it, you hope somebody found it, maybe even counted it the way you wanted it counted.
    But you don’t know, you’re not allowed to ask, or see proof your ballot was counted the way you wanted it counted.
    Even a generation ago when elections were slightly more honest it was: “Laugh about it, shout about it, When you’ve got to choose, Every way you look at it you lose”.
    Now it’s just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, no?

  12. Anchorage elections are a joke. They’re controlled by the same jackasses who are destroying America with their absurd woke, socialist, squishy-soft, gender-ambiguous, doomsday-green agendas. They’re the geniuses who sent our tech / manufacturing IP and jobs offshore so they could reap greater profits using cheap labor in environmentally-unregulated Asian, eastern European and South American countries. What could go wrong with that approach? They’re the brains behind shutting down our oil & gas industry, so we now get to watch gas prices rocket through $6 per gallon. They’re the ones who have been printing and passing out dollars to the masses, so the $1 we had in savings a year ago is now worth 70 cents. They also happen to be the piggy bank that funds traitors like the Anchorage 9, Berkowitz and Murkowski.

    Individual Alaskan citizens have a right to select their own representatives.

    Let’s go old school. Eliminate mail-in, online or email ballots for the general population. Instead, set a date for elections. One single day, not weeks or months. Require in-person voting using Voter ID. (Mail-in ballots should be by exception only for active military or physically incapacitated voters.)

    Outside organizations need to be blocked from participating in our elections. Don’t let them run ads, lobby or host fundraisers for candidates. Let them all watch. From Outside. While Alaskans support, lobby for, contribute to and vote for their own reps.

    OR… we can sit back, do absolutely nothing and for the next decade watch our already ridiculous property taxes rise to pay for the sublime pleasures offered by Anchorage’s diversity initiatives, ever-expanding homeless camps, pot-holed streets, breathtaking crime rate and debt-ridden-and-soon-to-be-bankrupt city government.

  13. The problem with actually enacting any substantial election integrity reforms in Alaska, or indeed the United States, is that the ensconced establishment politicians like things the way they are, from the Governor/President all the way down the line, whether RHINO or Dem. If this article was about Russian elections the mainstream media would be on fire with indignation. Here in the USA we get yawns! We are losing our country & most people are too ignorant to give a damn.

  14. My understanding is the Assembly modified the ordinance to have livestream ballot counting 24/7 available from the Muni website.

    • Great point, Frank.
      Recalling what Assembly members, School Board members, and the Assembly Clerk are capable of doing, and have done, to voters
      … it seems reasonable to wonder when this mob’ll figure out how to put Election Center cameras on closed-loop recording so all one sees is a looped recording of the same old empty spaces most of 24/7.
      Doing this so it’s virtually undetectable is not rocket science. No election observer’ll be allowed anywhere near Election Center surveillance gadgetry.
      Like ballots, recordings won’t be saved, they’ll be erased.
      Motive, means, and opportunity, the mob wins again, voters can’t do a thing about it.
      Looks like the permanent, perfect crime, no?

  15. Full election audits across Alaska! Time to put this “stuff” to and end and the criminals where they belong, not running our state at any level.

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