NPR looking for GOP women to remark on Stormy Daniels



NPR editors are working on a story: It’s about women who voted for Trump and how they feel about it now.

This is the kind of story that news organizations put in the queue as they head for the midterm elections. It’s not evidence of bias in itself, but bias is often shown by the premise of stories that are pursued. In this case, the media manufactured a crisis about Stormy Daniels, and now the media wants to know if it’s working.

The NPR questionnaire, now posted online, asks Trump-voting-women participants to explain, in their own words, their views of the president and then has just one question: “Has President Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels impacted your view of the president?”

Reporters want to know if those women are disenchanted with Trump and are regretting their votes. Will it help move them in November toward the Democrat candidates on midterm ballots?

All stories start with a premise in today’s post-New Journalism era. Reporters find the story they want to tell, and then find the people who will tell it.

Reporters could ask their friends or colleagues, but NPR reporters, and the entire Left, remain mystified that anyone would have voted for Trump in the first place, and they have no one in their spheres of influence who would have done such a thing. They have no one to ask and their friends in the liberal echo chamber are not of any help here.

Trump blew the minds of pollsters, pundits, and news purveyors, who expected Clinton to be carried on a throne to the White House by women voters.

To be sure, 54 percent of women overall who voted in the 2016 General Election went for Hillary Clinton, and 42 percent voted for Donald Trump. He is not wildly popular with the gals.

But it was black women who ended up voting for Hillary Clinton at higher rates than white women. 95 percent of voting black women with no college degree voted for Clinton, whereas 61 percent of white women with no college degree voted for Trump.

But those non-college listeners aren’t NPR’s target market. It’s the college-educated listener, the well-heeled donors that the taxpayer-funded broadcasting empire wants.

In that cohort, 51 percent of college-educated white women voted for Clinton, and 45 percent voted for Trump. Among college-educated black women, it was 92 percent for Clinton, and 6 percent for Trump.

Women in America who voted for Trump care about historic levels of prosperity, an unprecedented job market, national security, less intrusive government, judicial appointments, and tax cuts.

NPR appears to have just one concern for women who voted for Trump to focus on: Stormy Daniels.

You can take part in NPR’s story by sharing your thoughts with the news reporters here.


  1. No surprise. The Lame Stream Media (shout out to Alaska’s most well known woman Republican, Sarah) invented the Russian collusion story, thanks to Hillary pointing to Russia after her concession speech, and invented the obstruction story, and attempt to transform Kavanaugh into something he’s not, while pushing books from a known Republican hater, whose book is based on anonymous quotes and an Op-Ed piece from a “ghost writer” in the White House.

    Lack of trust in today’s media is only exceeded by lack of trust in Mrs. Clinton.

  2. The current year State of Alaska budget subsidizes Public Broadcasting with $3.7 million! But the question to ask anyone, male or female, who voted for Donald Trump is, “Do you now wish you had instead voted for Hillary?” I doubt there is one American who if able to do it over would today vote for Hillary.

  3. I think we all should take part in that survey. Yes, I voted for Trump and will vote for him again. Don’t care about Stormy Daniels. On their comments section I will say that I do not believe NPR should get so much public funding because they are so biased. John West-that is a great remark re: lack of trust of the media only exceeded by lack of trust in mrs. Clinton. Good one!

  4. Stormy Daniels, America’s New $weetheart?
    Stormy Daniels, the pin-up girl for the party of Hillary Clinton?
    Stormy Daniels who surely inspired Raymond Chandler to write: “From 30 feet away she looked like a lot of class. From 15 feet away she looked like something made up to be seen from 30 feet away.”?

  5. This episode demonstrates that “identity politics” still has a very strong hold on minds of many on the Left. It is easy for the media/Left to pivot to anything that mentions racism, sexism, homophobia and the like from the Stormy stuff.

    OTOH, the 2016 election demonstrated that many Americans are outgrowing identity politics. If identity politics is all the Left has to offer, they are moving into irrelevancy. They will lose.

    Conservatives should continue to talk about freedom, opportunity and equal justice under the law. These were good things to talk about over two hundred years ago and remain vital today. And they will win elections.

  6. I am reluctant to provide any leftist organization with information about my reasons for voting for anyone. If they are truly oblivious as to why women would vote for Trump over Hillary, let them stew in their ignorance. Their only motivation must be to somehow exploit the information they collect. I’m sure the responses to the NPR survey will be analyzed, scrutinized, and eventually strategized. No, thank you.

  7. NPR has three basic stories. The plight of the African American in racist America, the joy of being a homosexual, and the Holocaust. Any other topic is incidental filler. I play a game in the morning. I turn on NPR to see how long I can stand it. The average is 20 seconds. The grating voices of the unhappy, unfulfilled women repel me. No public money should be used to advance their agenda.

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