Notorious Kirlin Brothers: Two out, one still in jail

Chris Kirlin


Getting ten criminals off the streets in less than 24 hours had the Anchorage Police Department doing hand springs over its new Investigative Support Unit in the first few days of January.

The arrests included people wanted for theft, robbery, assault, forgery, drug dealing and absconding. But the court system is another matter. Must Read Alaska is keeping an eye on what happens to some of the more interesting cases, including this crime sweep that occurred in January.

A look at where they are now reveals that six of the 10 are no longer locked up:

1. Kevin Kirlin, 23, was arrested on a felony warrant related to first degree robbery and assault in the third degree. He’s well known to the criminal justice system and along with his brother had been kidnapped, beaten, and left for dead in October, 2016, during what appeared to be a drug deal gone bad.
OUT – Kevin Kirlin was released on community supervision, was arrested for violating conditions on March 21 (criminal trespass, violation of conditions of parole), and released on bail on March 22.
2. Keeton Mutch-Kirlin, 23, was arrested on a warrant for failing to stop at the direction of an officer.
OUT– Keeton Mutch-Kirlin was released on Jan. 8.
3-4-5. Corrina Steinman, 27, Roseanna Baehm, 24, and Cody Mitchell, 29.
Steinman was arrested when officers discovered there was a warrant for her arrest on a drug charge, and having absconded from probation. She settled with the court and served her time remaining on her original sentence, which was five days.
OUT – Corrina Steinman is out .
Baehm was arrested for failing to appear for a 2015 drug charge.
OUT– Baehm was released and failed to appear at her court date.
Cody Mitchell was also arrested for violating parole.
OUT – Mitchell was released on parole/community supervision.
6. Christopher Kirlin was also arrested that night. The 31-year-old brother of Kevin and Keeton had a felony arrest warrant for charges related to parole violation for illegal drugs and forgery. While he was being arrested, he tried to ingest Suboxin and Flexeril to get rid of the evidence, police said.
Lindy Bowie, 28, in the car with Christopher, was arrested on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for obstructing.
OUT-AND-IN – Christopher Kirlin was released on bail the next day and was rearrested in late January. He is in jail.

7. Joe McMasters, 25, was arrested in January on a warrant for failure to appear on a second-degree theft.

OUT – McMasters was released on community supervision.

8. Matthew Irwin, 37, was arrested on a probation violation for vehicle theft and failure to appear on an earlier OUI — operating under the influence — charge.

OUT – Irwin was released on community supervision.

Patricia England

Police and the U.S. Marshal in January also arrested two members of a suspected heroin and meth ring that had been on the lam.

9-10. Patricia England, 49, and Mona Galliher, 24, had been under indictment since November, 2017 for a case involving heroin, marijuana, hundreds of pills, including hydromorphone, oxycodone and Xanax, over 200 grams of methamphetamine, $200,000 in cash, more than a dozen stolen firearms and a pipe bomb. Both have long histories of drug running and related offenses.
England had felony warrants for six counts of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 2, three counts of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 3, Misconduct Involving a Weapon 2, two counts of Misconduct Involving a Weapon 3, Theft 2 and Promoting Contraband. Officers located her at Providence Hospital and arrested her.
UNKNOWN – England’s next court appearances are April 9 and 24. Must Read Alaska cannot verify she is in prison.
Mona Galliher
IN – Galliher is in custody at Hiland Correctional Center. Her next court dates are April 9 and 24.
ISU was created to help detectives and patrol officers serve search warrants, run surveillance, find witnesses, conduct long-term investigations, provide targeted high-intensity patrol enforcement, and respond to major incidents.


  1. Hi Suzanne. One of the biggest issues we have right now is the problems alcohol causes and the tax payers foot the bill. I know the state gets money, but the city of Anchorage doesn’t tax one cent. Just for police, it costs the city of Anchorage over $50,000,000.00 a year. If alcohol paid for the problems it creates, then that money could go to other things.

  2. Any idea how we can put forward our LE not turning over felons like England to Feds for Federal prosecution? Just England alone under Federal drug and weapons would be looking at live, no parole.

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