Notes from the trail: Sen. Lora Reinbold not running for reelection; Sen. Mia Costello endorses Nick for Congress


83,849 ballots have been cast in the special U.S. House race — the ballot that has 48 names on it of people who could replace the late Congressman Don Young. That’s a huge number of ballots in, indicating the total will be over 130,000 for this primary, with its June 11 deadline.

Endorsements: Libby Bakalar has endorsed Mary Peltola for Congress. Libby is the muni attorney for Bethel by day and a raunchy social media influencer by night.

Sen. Mia Costello has endorsed Nick Begich for Congress. She is a state senator in Anchorage, who many have considered a likely, someday, candidate for Congress. She is also a former aide to the late Sen. Ted Stevens.

A whole bunch of people have endorsed Tuckerman Babcock for Senate District D, Kenai. It looks like the Kenai Peninsula phone book. Here’s the list:

Who has filed: Joe Wright has filed for Senate Seat L, Eagle River, now that the Supreme Court has drawn the lines.

Ashley Carrick, registered Democrat and aide to Rep. Adam Wool, has filed for his seat. Wool is not running this year for re-election for Fairbanks.

Ross Beiling has filed for House to serve in the Anchorage hillside seat now repped by Rep. James Kaufman, who is running for Senate in the seat being vacated by Sen. Josh Revak. The House seat is now called District 11. Jennifer Sonne, a hardcore leftists, is also running for that seat.

Sen. Lora Reinbold not running: In a lengthy video posted on social media Wednesday, Republican Sen. Lora Reinbold of Eagle River says she will not run for reelection. She has lots of things to say; here is the link from her Facebook page.


  1. Sounds like fun. Hopefully people will remember what the sitting legislature has done TO us, not FOR us.

  2. Lora Reinbold put up a good fight against covid-insanity. She fought the covidiots as strongly as anyone in the country. Thank you Senator, we wish more of our politicians had your strength.

  3. Lora reinbold is not running for re-election that is a major loss for oath integrity absolutely lower the flags to half mask here ALL. Team oath integrity needs you badly ma’am, when I saw this it was like the death of something. Obama you shameless filthy corrupt coward of evil deeds look at our city die. So help you GOD oath breakers. BOOOOOO

  4. Suzanne I watched your video on lora reinbold just now thank Suzanne. Our governor is a piece of – – – -. Dunleavy your a coward absolutely shameless coward look at what you did to Lora. Evil exposed coward move our capital north immediately so the citizens have access immediately. So help you GOD they swore lord they can’t police themselves GOD save our country oath breakers your gonna pay mock GOD

    • I still can’t believe Suzanne published his insane screed against me. Please re-print it if only for my amusement.

  5. The loss of Senator Rinebold is a marker of how far Alaska has drifted from the republic ideals and actual support of the founding dicuments. Alaska should be penalized by the Commander in Chief. The legislators’ offense against our rights and their fights against our libertied means almost none of them should ever br elected sgain. They have done an anti-America pro-nato job. They have strong belief in the subjugation of Alaskans by force. It took America two hundred years to get this republic. Alaska’s legislature has blown it.

  6. Look here you cowards of the left who want to intimidate and bully our oath takers of integrity, call me 9075381833 and bully me here what ever the left is its a coward oath breaker to me try me cowards on the left. Suzanne your guts are awesome ma’am thank you. Citizens support our oath takers of integrity ALL citizens immediately support team integrity

  7. I watched Senator Lora Reinbold’s video and found it quite interesting. Not sure about all the recollections she had of the events, but it certainly clears the way for her to re-enter politics at a later time. She stated that she was sitting out this election. To me, that leaves the door wide open in the future. As far as the response to covid goes, having followed that closely from the beginning I can remember the paucity of information available on the disease. The overwhelming pressures for Dunleavy to declare a state-wide mask mandate from the frightened citizens whom I presumed were mostly democrats from Anchorage and Fairbanks were successfully resisted by the governor. None of us really knew what was going on at that early date and the cities and boroughs were left with the authority do do what their governing members thought best. By her comments, I assume she might be campaigning for one of Dunleavy’s opponents. I will not be surprised if she is a very active campaigner for her chosen candidate or candidates.

  8. Libby Bakalar?! Isn’t that the RESIST attorney?! WHAT a JOKE! She gave Alaskans a literal photgraph of her middle finger! A kiss
    just for us and I’m now to value her superior judgment? Not gonna happen.

  9. It is a loss to Alaska that Reinbold is not seeking reelection. When our governor was cowering in the basement afraid of Covid, she was out there in public exposing the lunacy of the Covidiots for which she was relentlessly pummelled by both Dems & Rhinos. Dunleavy should give her a commendation for taking the heat off of him during those trying times. History has pretty much vindicated her views on society’s handling of Covid.

  10. Some good, some odd. Founders bible she reads….the “historian” who sells it is a bit off and not a historian. So birds of a feather…..i am not a Dunleavey fan and not sure im a Laura fan. I think she brings some crazy to legit topics. But better than a crazy lefty so what do ya do. I wish her well and hope she wins her lawsuit

  11. Libby Bakalar has endorsed someone running for Congress? Wow, talk about the fetid kiss of death!

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