Notes from the trail: Palin gets endorsed by Ted Nugent


Rock star and activist Ted Nugent and his wife, Shemane, endorsed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her campaign for Alaska’s at-large congressional seat.

“The great governor Sarah Palin embodies the spirit of the American Dream as envisioned by our founding fathers where we the people celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the Nugents said in a statement. “This courageous woman represents the heart and soul of the best America has to offer and would certainly make Alaska and America great again.”

“Ted and Shemane Nugent are great Americans who live and breathe the independent spirit of Alaska, and I’m grateful for their endorsement,” Palin said. “As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, Ted understands, like I do, the importance of preserving and defending our God-given liberties. Shemane has overcome tremendous personal adversity to become a wildly successful fitness advocate, proving along the way that hard work and perseverance are still the bedrock of success.”

Other endorsements: Tara Sweeney got the endorsement of Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation.

Around the state: Tara Sweeney, running for Congress, is swinging through the Kenai where she was spotted in Homer.

Kelly Tshibaka, running for Senate, spoke with students at Holy Rosary Academy about the significance of public service and the impact they can make in their community.

Final four three: Sarah Palin, running for Congress, has said she will not attend the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club congressional candidates forum on Wednesday at the Megan Room at Davis Constructors. It appears just Nick Begich, Tara Sweeney, and Josh Revak are planning to attend.

Signage: Tuckerman Babcock, running for Senate on the Kenai, has put up 48 4×8 signs across the Kenai-Soldotna area.

Dena’ina energy conference: Politicians are like beagles for finding crowds. On Monday several showed up at same venue — the Energy Sustainability Conference. Spotted were Sen. Lisa Murkowski (via Zoom) and congressional candidate Tara Sweeney, as well as former governor-current gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker, people not normally seen at a Dunleavy event.

Writers in the house: Washington Post Magazine writer Tom Frank, of Seattle, is in Southcentral, having a hard time finding Sarah Palin. He is writing a story for the publication about the congressional race.


  1. Ted you know nothing of Sarah, you do not live here. This is exactly what the state of Alaska does not need. A person like Palin getting endorsement from a big mouth, has been like Nugent.
    She’s no more than a clown looking for work.
    Look at her picture here. Does this say respectable politician to you? No frigging way…. Tells me it’s exactly what we Alaskans know.. Its all about SARAH..
    I will pass thank you.

  2. I have enjoyed Ted Nugents music over the years, however the only thing he knows about Alaska is there are plenty of animals to kill and eat. If he cared about Alaska so much he would perform here more than every ten years plus.

  3. If Ted had spoken to anyone else besides Sarah the diva, I think he would have endorsed Nick Begich. That painting behind Ms. Palin sure looks like Hillary Clinton??? The photo of itself should be a deal killer.

  4. Sarah just loves being around celebrities. As a politician she really makes poor choices for Alaska. When she chose Click Bishop up in Fairbanks to be her Commissioner of Labor under her governorship she had no clue what was on store. Click Bishop is a Democrat but holds himself out as a Republican. Now the Republican Party has censured Bishop. Just another example why I’m voting for Nick Begich III.

    • You must have been in misery, Todd. Living with a cougar who would rather be in the company of rock musicians and hockey pros. Good move, buddy.

  5. And that should matter why?
    Nothing against Nugent, but I’d be more impressed by endorsements from people who know business or government

  6. I’m curious, was this Texan’s endorsement received while she was campaigning for Purdue telling us that he was about to be the next Governor of Georgia (lost by 50) or was it while she was at her fundraiser in Jacksonville? It’s hard to keep track.

  7. I agree with the endorsement and I like Ted Nugent. I hope Sarah does well for Alaska in Congress. I’m voting for her. And yes, I’ve been in Alaska for a while (31 years) and know her history. I trust Palin to make waves in Congress and fight for our nation, unlike most of the members of Congress right now.

  8. I don’t want someone that will just make waves. She’ll surely do that. I want someone to have a spine and get the deals done for our people, without sacrificing to political back scratching. She’s a back scratcher and I don’t want that. She should know about putting lipstick on a pig, she does it every day. No Thanks Sarah. And Ted, although I like your music, glad I never bought any of it. A musical activist without a clue is like a hog with no balls. And you shoot pigs from helicopters. Quite the hunter you are.

    Nick Begich +1

  9. I for one am just waiting to see who Kid Rock endorses. Then I can confidently cast my vote. Unless Kanye weighs in, then I’ll have to reconsider.

  10. Look at him grabbing her like that. Maybe he has some inside information on what she likes. 😉

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