Notes from the trail: Mat-Su may return to hand-counts, a chili feed on the calendar, and Sarah in new spat with NYT


Hand count? The distrust in the election process activated citizens in the Mat-Su Borough. As many as 70 people attended the Mat-Su Borough Assembly meeting on Wednesday, and about half of them testified that they don’t trust vote tabulating machines any longer, and want to return to hand counting ballots.

A presentation on hand counting was made to the Assembly by a group of citizens, lasting about 12 minutes, and others testified at the meeting, which can be seen here. (The section with the presentation starts at 1 hour, 27 minutes into the meeting.)

Assemblywoman Dee McKee has been drafting a resolution for Sept. 6 that would direct the clerk to do a hand count for borough races. Those interested should attend that meeting to learn more.

Events: The annual Republican chili cook-off takes place at the Palmer Train Depot on Friday at 5:30 pm. There will be no chili from Sen. David Wilson, who has won two years in a row. (Wilson will not have come back from the Kenai in time to cook up his secret recipe, giving someone else a chance to win for a change.) The event is a fundraiser for the Valley Republican Women of Alaska.

Palin knocks the New York Times: Sarah Palin objects to the New York Times saying she said she would vote for Mary Peltola in second place. The New York Times reporter who is in Alaska right now said that during a forum, Palin pointed at Peltola as an indication that she would pick Peltola second. Nick Begich, in that forum, said he would vote for Sarah Palin.

We’ve seen the tape and it’s inconclusive what Palin meant when she pointed to Peltola. The two appear to be chummy, but there could have been another meaning, which was simply agreeing with Peltola that she did not want to say who she would vote for second. It is clear she did not want to vote for Begich, and her own Instagram shows she did not, while Begich has been clear he would vote for her second.

Here’s the original item from the Times:

Palin also wrote, “When did I EVER say I’m voting democrat?” There is Byron Mallott, the Democrat candidate for lieutenant governor who she voted for in 2014. Palin has long been in a dispute with the New York Times, and so the fight continues:


  1. She’s full-a beans! By gawly I never pointed my dang finger fer Pete sakes. What a bunch hooey. I mean this peanut wrapper of a news paper is just the pits and I yaint foolin’. I lave Mary and I hayt Nick but don’t let the fact that I never said I’d supert the other ‘publican trick ya into thinkin I yaint true blue, you betcha. NYT is a jowk, jus cuz I wudnt say out loud I’d supert anawther ‘publican. Fooey. They’re lyin on me again, but waddya expect.

      • Awwwwwww somebody’s gotta crush.
        Get lost Greg, you proved yourself to be a know nothing coward during the plandemic. Don’t you think we remember reading all your idiotic posts about how masks and vaxx plans were smart and right? How smart you were for following the science? You’re an old fool, you quit this website supposedly because Suzanne had the gall to take advertising and refresh the page lay-out in a way that was confusing to you, or from people you didn’t like. No big loss.
        Also,Sarah does talk like that, it’s part of her costume just like the glasses and Botox. You can clearly see the “full of beans” line in her social.
        I’ll keep calling it like I see it, you can keep chirping in on Alaskan issues from Flori-duh. Tough guy…Not

  2. Any chance of getting a link to the video? The link goes to a fakebook page and I don’t have an account.

  3. Sarah will be MAGA all the way – a disrupter – a real life Sarah Conner battling the deep state risking her life and limb fighting for us!
    Nick seems good too but is untested in his will and determination to fight the evil political oligarchy.

    • I think you’re right even though I didn’t vote for her first. Conservatives shouldn’t be letting this ranked choice system divide us. Nick and Sarah don’t appear to be RINOs like Chaney or Murkowski and don’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome and that’s what I care about the most right now. I’m just concerned about Sarah becoming too big of an easy target for the left and loving the spotlight for the wrong reasons. But Nick I’m afraid isn’t disruptive enough. The nice thing is that we can change our mind by November.

    • Was siding with the communist ADN and stabbing Sean Parnell in the back “MAGA”?
      Was loudly endorsing China Bill Walker “MAGA”?
      Was publicly calling just a week before the election, for a framed Ted Stevens to resign, to help edge Mark Begich into the U.S. Senate “MAGA”?
      Was shutting down the oil producers with the Democrat written ACES MAGA”?

    • Chris, I have to say I disagree with the picture you painted above regarding Sarah Palin. As I recall Sarah Conner was gritty and tough and fought hard and never quit.
      Sarah Conner eschewed the lime light and didn’t gussy up for the cameras either.
      Beyond that I don’t recall Sarah Connor endorsing the PFD Terminator Bill Walker.
      Wait, is that what you find attractive about SP?

    • People keep calling Nick a RINO yet has never served office as you stated, having to hold my nose during elections is getting a bit tiring though. If conservatives don’t stick together during the Nov election the Democrat will get elected, as this RCV system has been designed to do.

    • Ken, I took away the keys to my “69 Pink Corvette , outed your complete lack of being anything called being anatomically correct and yet you still have this infatuation with that Palin doll!
      She is only interested in her glamor wardrobe and screeching at C-PAC. Sorry Ken she could care less about you. Me and the and the other Dolls are voting Nick.

  4. She threw me on my a–. So, Nick Begich, BEWARE! This is a mean, double-talking woman who will backstab you as soon as she gets her way. My side of the family backs you 100%.

  5. In Congress against Pelosi, AOC, THE SQUAD, Are we Alaskan’s gonna send OUR SCRAPPER, or a plain brown wrapper. Sarah has 16 years of political Trench Warfare behind her. I remember Ted Steven’s putting on his HULK tie to fight for us, and Don Young in his early years waving his arms in the air and saying Alaska needs this bill, and I’ll keep talking till it’s passed. The only person who can fight a woman is another woman. We got SARAH.

  6. I can’t wait until the Dominion lawsuit is resolved and FOX network forks out $ for mis-leading viewers on the accuracy of machine counting.

    • You’re dreaming Frank.
      I can’t wait until the discovery portion of the trial begins and all the suppressed evidence start pouring out….oh wait, that’s the last thing dominion wants. How’s your favorite “news source” CNN doing these days? How about your hero Quid Pro Joe? The fact that you are even posting this crap shows how desperate you lefties are for something…anything to help you swallow all the L’s. Get wrecked.

  7. Just like Trump, Palin is living in the heads of some media gurus. I would bet that every time MRAK takes the knifes to her she gets a popularity boost!

    • Not really.
      Let’s talk about what Sarah didn’t do. Did she point at peltola? Maybe not.
      Did she state out loud or point directly to her party mate to show her support? Definitely not.
      Are you seriously convinced that this ding bat is somehow a surly seasoned political pro that the state of Alaska can’t live without? If she was so damn smart why hasn’t she been given a job as a right wing political brain trust? Why is she not in DC now as a lobbyist or analyst? Why is she doing masked singer and not contributing to Fox or the Blaze or any number of right wing media outlets?
      She’s local talent, always has been. That’s why she isn’t talking with republicans on the large stage, not because “it’s a good ol’ boys network” but because she is out of her depth on almost any subject.
      Holy smokes, I might not know what I’m getting with NB3 but I have no doubt what will be getting with SP, Alaska’s very own AOC.

      • Frank Rasta, excellent comment!
        BTW, I think young Nick is about the most qualified candidate I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Thanks for sharing some leftist hate for Palin, Frank. Yes, we’re aware Palin won’t be voting for the socialist policies you endorse such as filling the country with illegals, ruining our military with vaccines, skyrocketing the price of energy and food basics, advocating sexual deviants and destroying our currency through inflation.

        Let’s dispense with the political distractions and just be honest.

  8. Her nasty rap tune was also offensive to men trying to do the right thing. This an example of rulership not affinity voting. She will play in the space provided. ✨ But that’s what Donald wants and needs right now evidently. Continue in prayers.

    • Good men immediately were ashamed they voted for her with that tune. Listen to it. I “get” what coming in hot was tryin to say. It still made good men disgusted. Just a fact. But who cares right. We’re
      just shit compared go you. Grow up. Or not. Who cares.

  9. She IS Endorsed by Alaskan’s in the Primary, and now the General, no amount of Sarah—Hater Ankle Biting can take that away. When you berate her, you berate us. Go hang out with the Murowski voters, you have more in common with them.

    • Sarge, hey brother, lighten up some. I don’t hate on Sarah, I just think there are better options out there to lead out Platoon. Since scuttlebutt says we are getting into some real doo doo I want a Leader that won’t cut and run when the mortars start dropping.
      BTW I gave your girl my second vote.

      • Hey Bob. The battle is over. Sarah Won. The Rank the Red carpet bomb gave her the victory. We don’t have time or resources to waste mourning the NBIII Loss. We. Need to pull all our resources to Help Kelly. Let’s Move Out Trooper Bob.

        • Sarge, Hey bruther S.P. hasn’t won anything yet so hold your fire, not wise to give up our position.
          What worries me is that an unfettered Sarah might be able to do some real damage to our cause in her short stint as a U.S. House member with her incoherent messaging. Sure it plays well in Kentucky but it’s the whole nation we need to persuade with blandishments.
          BTW, has S.P. talked with Jim Jordan lately? I hope she finds time to listen to that warrior for our cause. We need to get this right.
          Hang Tough Brother

  10. Hand counts?

    Like in the olden days?

    When the results were available the next day rather than weeks after?


    Technology and mail-in ballots made everything more efficient and accurate, right?

  11. Too much drama with Sara. She’s a female Trump who will waste time snapping at every derisive comment that comes her way. But unlike Trump, she’s just not very smart, and I’m pretty sure her term will be a rerun of her reality show. I am a Trump supporter because he actually listens to the people and fulfilled a large portion of his promises during his term. What has Sara promised?

  12. I believe she promised to be supportive of the good guys! I think that’s great! I hope she does it. Our state is in quite predicament. Large empty areas belonging to federal (foreign?) “Agencies”. Challenging transportation won’t wait problems, a foreign socialist neighbor rejecting agreements we could count on for 800 years, social problems, limited economy, major class striations in the population. ALASKA has impossibly high costs of living. Democrats are pleased with the status quo.

  13. She promised Trump she would stand with him since she was his ADVISOR in the 2016 campaign, And has, that is why he Supports her. He said several times—I owe her.. There are very few people that Trump can trust, and Sarah’s one of them. Get your head out of her Past and move forward with Trump, Kelly, and Congressman Sarah. We ranked the Red—,She won.

  14. Hand count? Good for the borough.
    FYI, I once asked the State Division of Elections about their hand counting and was told they hand count 5% of the ballots.
    The Alaska election results are produced from the Dominion electronic election system that the State uses. With only 5% of ballets actually looked at. That is not a representative sample in my opinion.

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