Nordstrom closes two stores in downtown San Francisco


It’s tough being a retailer in San Francisco, what with all the druggies and homeless wandering around and defecating in your entry.

Nordstrom, based in Seattle, has thrown in the towel and joined the ranks of companies that are leaving or have left downtown in the city by the bay. Both of the store’s locations will close; Nordstrom is politely saying it’s because of “the dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years, impacting customer foot traffic to our stores and our ability to operate successfully.”

Nordstrom closed its Anchorage store in the fall of 2019, as the economy declined under the leadership of former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and his community development appointee Andrew Halcro.

Nordstrom and its sister brand Nordstrom Rack will close 15 stores across the U.S. and Canada this year, with 13 closing in Canada. The only two stores in the USA that are closing are in San Francisco.

The Canadian stores closing are in Calgary, Edmonton, Langley, Ottawa (2 stores), Toronto (5 stores) and Vancouver.

Also leaving downtown San Francisco is T-Mobile and Saks, both leaving Union Square. Whole Foods announced in April it will be closing its San Francisco location just a year after it opened, due to employee safety concerns. Walgreens, CVS, and Amazon are also leaving.


  1. This is what happens when cities let the liberals take over! Where ever the liberals go, crime attacks like a cancer!

    • Our Assembly is aiming us in this direction, every Tuesday with every ordinance they propose and then self approve (majority of commies) against we the people.

    • And heres to never cleaning up the voter records!
      These commies need the votes of those that moved and died. The Anchorage Assembly has direct oversight if our elections, wolf guarding the henhouse here in Alaskastan.

  2. This is how our small business employers respond when its store managers and employees refused for years to take a increased participation in city govenance from voting to councils. Now where are their employees going to go. Go find another job,another town, and repeat the same apathy until that employer closes. I see AI isn’t our greatest threat to humanity, its drug(and that includes weed dope head!) and poverty (the sight of

  3. Escape from S.F.- Ryan Renolds stars as Snake Plissken, an undercover government agent posing as a Nordstrom’s security guard………..

    • Jay,
      Great Idea, BUT the only current actor who could possibly play Snake would be Jeremy Renner.

  4. Dear beloved Nordstrom! Please! Return at once to Alaska. I promise to shop there faithfully!

    • We have a Nordstrom Rack in Anchorage. That fits the marketplace better now in the age of the internet. Unless you are really wanting a $350 sweater.

      • Not. The same shopping experience. Oh well we have thrift stores. Mediocrity is key for Anchorage.

  5. It’s not just the crime, drugs, and rampant homelessness.

    SF has gotten so insanely expensive people who’d shop at Nordstrom can’t afford to live there.

    SF is classic 3rd world. Uber rich ruling class, virtually no middle class, and legions of poor.

  6. Nordstrom will go the way of Sears, Montgomery Ward, K-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. They don’t stand a chance against Amazon. Fred Meyer is going down the same path. At one time, their shelf space was so valuable, the managers had to decide which items not to display. Now it’s the other way around. Plastic storage containers and ice chests have proliferated – because they easily fill up all the empty shelf space.

  7. One would think that all the problems seen in these liberal cities would be a wake up call for the voter. Either the majority does not care or the elections don’t matter as the outcome has been predetermined. This is history as a once great nation destroys its self over non critical political stances that really do not affect most of the population. Let’s get on with it so we can start over with new rules.

  8. I’m old enough to recall walking past p-ss and ? at the main entrance of Nordies in Los Anchorage..once was enough..embrace the suck, leftists..

  9. Just another math equation. When the cost of doing business becomes equal to or greater than any profit being made, a smart owner will close or move that business.

  10. And still the insane woke cultists will NEVER see or acknowledge the direct consequences of their perverse policies in these kinds of inevitable outcomes.

  11. Wow those huge stores would make perfect homeless shelters if they only had easier access to liquor stores.

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