Nome school was on lockdown Monday after potential threat


Nome’s Beltz High School was put on lockdown after a concerning social media post was reported to the school’s administration.

Police were to detain the suspects responsible for the post, including an 18-year-old who was charged with terrorist threatening in the second degree, a class C felony. His social media post was on the SnapChat platform and had the words “Active Shooter,” and an image of a gun.

The 18-year-old was remanded to Mountain Correctional Center and charged with terroristic threatening in the second degree; he was held with no bail set.

A female juvenile was also taken into custody in the incident, said Police Chief Michael Heintzleman.

Last month, a middle-aged man in Juneau was arrested for planting cards around the community that appeared to be a threat against children. His case is still pending.


  1. Until society forces the legal system to punish people for internet threats, nothing will change.

    And by punish, really punish. Significant jail time and loss of rights.

    But currently America seems to be determined to reward sociopathic behavior instead of punishing it.

  2. Surely these kids in Nome just need a healthy dose of CRT added to the curriculum like the kids in Eagle River who’re no doubt much enriched for their experience.

  3. The first step is the arrest, then the trial, then the judge to have the spine to correctly punish the perpetrator(s). It’s about time the justice system started working properly and quit coddling these wrong-doers.

  4. You all didn’t hear about the postings of one of the Glennallen School’s “teachers”?There was a tiktok video brandishing a firearm, offensive language, and several parents complained. That teacher was on paid leave for a day or two and then already back in the classroom…

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