Alaska Airlines will allow male flight attendants to wear skirts and beards


Flyer beware: Alaska Airlines has made a huge concession in its ongoing legal battle involving the State of Washington and a male flight attendant who wanted to wear the female uniform for the flight attendance.

Justin Wetherell, a flight attendant and instructor at the airline, believes he is “nonbinary” and found it challenging to follow the airline’s uniform and grooming policies that are based on outdated sex stereotypes.

Nonbinary means the person does not believe there are only male and female mammals.

According to Wetherell and the ACLU, the company policy conflicts with the man’s nonbinary gender identity and “fluid gender expression,” which led to him being misgendered at work.

In the complaint filed by Wetherell, the ACLU, and Washington State Human Rights Commission against Alaska Airlines, it was argued that the airline’s gender-specific uniform policy violated the Washington State Law Against Discrimination. This law allows all employees to dress and groom in a way consistent with their gender identity and expression. In other words, a male flight attendant may wear a dress and also sport a beard or mustache if he chooses. He may also pair that beard with lipstick and makeup, as in he can come to work in drag.

Last week, a consent decree was issued after an agreement was reached between Alaska Airlines and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. Alaska Airlines agreed to pay Wetherell $70,000 and separately pay the ACLU $40,000 for its legal fees.

As part of the settlement, the company will modify its uniform policy to remove all gender-based restrictions and language related to uniform pieces, facial hair, jewelry, and makeup.


  1. I really don’t want a twerk show when I’m on an airplane! I want confidence that a flight attendant will save me in an emergency. Just like his definition of a man or woman is blurry his definition of an emergency might not be the same as mine or the pilot’s!

    • Neither might his definition of “save”, let alone to whom it ought apply! I’m sorry,but a sealed metal tube hundreds of thousands of feet off the ground is NO place for mentally deranged persons to be a all, let alone as employees, responsible for the lives of others! I’m scratching Alaska Air off my list of suitable airlines. There were enough other issues before; that tears it entirely!

      • Jefferson suing Alaska Airlines for breach of contract and gratuitous harassment of a customer.
        Greg, you never take an opportunity to be a willing slave to power, do you?

      • Jefferson suing Alaska Airlines for breach of contract and gratuitous harassment of a customer.
        Greg, you never miss an opportunity to be a willing slave to power, do you?

        • It’s a federal crime to interfere with a member of the flight crew punishable by 25,000 fine and a lengthy prison sentence. I dare you to cause a ruckus.

          • Are you stupid? How is calling someone a freak or refusing to answer him or shooting him a dirty look or making a comment about how stupid he looks or explaining to your 5 year old in front of the dude why he is mental af considered to be INTERFERING with his job????

        • Yes calling a fellow passenger freak on first notice would be breach of contract under Alaska Air Rule 11 Refusal To Transport J3 on your account.

          • Fellow passengers? Sisterhood and brotherhood of passengers? Maureen, the rat on patrol, ready to report all trannie haters to the cockpit. Flying was never so much fun. What do trannies do for the Mile High Club?

          • Jefferson saying my comment was not worthy of a response, by responding to it.

            Left seater forgets it was the flight attendant themselves and their co-workers who would be reporting the assault. And that LeftSeater thinks about sex those others have when made aware of others. Left seater-gentle feedback-you comment on your own powerful sexual responses to this topic. Maybe look at that a little closer.

          • Maureen, how stupid can you be? I’m a woman pilot. Instrument and multi-engine rated. Women make excellent pilots. But we aren’t having any make trannies pretending to be women pilots in my cockpit. Get a real job, Maureen.

          • And Mean Maureen just proves her inability to think logically or rationally once again.

            Just because I said that your comment was unworthy of response, does not necessarily imply that I must refrain from comments on it.

            But radical leftist extremists and logic are like oil and water, we all know that already.

          • Left seater, thanks for providing more information that helps me understand your point of view. Not believing it all, but thx for the offer.

            Still, the responses are strong. Relook at that.

  2. Of course they will.

    What happens when he wants to work nude, identifying as a non binary nudist? Or when he wants to wear a dog collar since he’s a nonbinary nudist dog?

    The western world is collapsing.

    • He can’t work nude because of his close proximity to the passengers. There are sanitary stipulations. Dogs are no longer allowed in the cabin unless they are seeing eye dogs or personal Myspace dogs. He doesn’t fit in any of those categories. It’s all good.

      • You know a lot of rules. When a rule eventually for you bumps up against your reality what will you do? Sincere question. It’s coming, best to think about now.

  3. What happens if I refuse to take any service from that. Just ride the plane and not interface with that.

    • I didn’t have much invested in AK Airlines but that one NEVER made any money. Silly me, I thought if they gave hefty bonuses to their employees, it was a sign of prosperity for them. I dropped it several years ago.

      • They are not to blame as they were sued by the ACLU. This thing needed Stenio’s so it had the lawyers sue. The Airline has to comply with stupidity. Blame the lawyers and court system as they are the ones enabling is crap.

        • I see the legal point but the story says they were in violation of Washington State law. If they simply moved their headquarters to Idaho, would they still be forced to comply? Not sure courts in other states would be so quick to knuckle under.

  4. “Nonbinary means the person does not believe there are only male and female mammals.” Should be changed to Nonbinary means the person has a mental illness that society has decided to enable. Much like giving heroin to a drug addict enables their addiction.

  5. Won’t even need to hear them talk to recognize their ‘identity’…

    Subpar service is not a big deal to those caught up in Operation Gaylord. Remember, it’s not about you. At all.

  6. They are well within their rights to hire mentally unstable flight crew. And I am well within my rights to not do business with them. Ever again.

    • To be accurate, this was capitulation to a law suit. They had rules and the guy who wanted to wear drag violated them and sued.
      Not that I will be boarding another flight with them as a result, but this was a decission they were coerced into. Albeit a cowardly one.

  7. I couldn’t care less how some degenerate wants to dress. It affects me not at all. But when my kid asks why the dude is wearing a dress, the degenerate better be able to handle the honest answer. Alaska Airlines has more issues with getting people where they want to go on time than they do with degeneracy, but whatever floats their plane, I suppose.

      • When one goes to see bagpipers, one expects to see men in kilts. It’s an old tradition in Scotland and often practiced by people who play bagpipes.

        One does not expect to see non Scottish men wearing skirts while working on airplanes.

      • Many think the bagpipes are annoying but the key distinction is that bagpipes are blown whereas Alaska Airlines sucks; more so their male flight attendant in a dress.

        Another key distinction is that were you to spend time getting to know a set of bagpipes you might eventually feel spent but you wouldn’t worry that the bagpipe might have given you a terrible disease. Men in dresses are known disease vectors.

      • Fair question.
        One honors Celtic culture, the other dishonors American culture.
        Minor children are safe around one, at risk around the other.
        One believes in God, the Creator, the other believes it is God, creating its own gender.
        One does not affirm its culture with force, the other forces its “culture” with lawyers, guns, money, and violence.
        One does not force itself on children, the other does.
        One is culturally attired, the other is tranvestic.
        One celebrates Celtic culture and value, the other “celebrates” obsessive dysfunction.
        One doesn’t require an airline company to jeopardize passengers’ safety by forcing a transvestic distraction them, the other does.

          • But we ARE talking about American culture. We cannot control what another society accepts or rejects, we have to look at ourselves and make decisions.

          • I don’t think so Paul. Sex talk in politics gets folks rowled up. Especially now regarding drag. At least for those leaning right. It’s the latest in a long line of gripes that things feel weird as the population continues to grow.

            Isolated folks are experiencing the greater world closing in around them. It’s frightening for some, I get that.

          • I agree that talk of a subject even remotely connected with sex stirs up an argument. But that makes sense to me as the subject itself needs to be addressed at the most personal level and not by force of law. My point about ‘American culture’ was meant to point out that we as Americans need to sort out our own culture. Any ideas of using the argument ‘they do it THIS way in [name a country]’ has no business here in the U.S.

  8. As long as this repulsive concession to perverted wokeness keeps itself to itself and is allowed nowhere near food or minor children, the flight should be tolerable.

  9. I’m very disappointed in Alaska Airlines. They are bowing to the woke mob and they better be careful as look what happened to Budweiser.

    I was a loyal customer to Alaska Airlines but I’ll be spending my money elsewhere!

  10. On a recent Alaska Airlines flight, we were banged about by what I believe was a former female sumo wrestler. Not one of the binary folks on board complained.

  11. What happened to the days of dignified flight.
    I remember TWA airline and the beautiful flight attendants offering TWA coffee or TWA tea.

    • And Alaska Airlines used to include little Bible verse cards with the in-flight meals 30 years ago. A nice little touch. It must have triggered a lot of atheists, because they stopped giving them out years ago. You’ve got to pay for in-flight meals separately too, but that’s Wall Street demanding share performance.

      • Bothered me that they made no note of this religious practice at ticketing. Bothered me that it wasn’t wise sayings from many. It was Psalms.

        I spoke to them about it. Haven’t seen them in forever.

        • Just me again, Maureen, lol.

          I compare your above comment to when I was in several Muslim countries. I was routinely greeted with Muslim religious based salutations and not once was I offended. It was merely the custom of that particular group and they were not ‘forcing’ the Islamic religion on me. In fact the majority were genuinely warm and nice people. They just based their daily greetings on their faith.

          I fully understand that you do not view Christianity as highly as I do, but why would a simple Bible verse on a card bother you? You are not forced to read it and you can simply place it in the seat pocket out of your sight. Consider that the execs at Alaska Airlines, at that time, felt strongly enough about their religion that wanted to share it with others. Like Penn Gillet (an avowed atheist) told a woman that gifted him a Bible, ” . . . I am touched that you care enough for me, as an individual, that you wish to share with me something this important to you”. Like it or not Maureen, some of us Christians do care about you.

          • Hi Paul no problem. Kina like hanging at Vagabon with coffees and having a good conversation about real life.

            And like it or not some of us non-“Christians” do care about you “Christians”.

            I too had no problem in Muslim countries also because I knew they were that before going. They advertise it.

            In their handing out only bible verses, Alaska was engaging as a religious organization while licensed as an aircarrier, and was proselytizing without admitting it. THAT bothered me as no advertising was provided this upon ticketing or in their overall advertising. So I spoke up.

  12. In turn, I demand the right to board the airplane as a purple-helmeted warrior.
    It’s my IDENTITY! Don’t you even DARE question it!

    • Remember not too long ago if a person IDd themselves as a Trump voter by wearing MAGA hats they were often harassed by airline staff?

      Seems selective outrage to me.

    • Doesn’t mean you can’t make a joke about them, hey I would describe being a Trump supporter at this sage a mental illness too.

      • Not a huge Trump fan however given the alternative, what we are watching now, his policies are looking better and better, for Alaska, the Country and the world.

  13. We come from a long line of commercial airline pilots, flight crew and ground crew. This is beyond disgusting. Alaska airlines will soon be Global Airlines. Time to find a new employer and a new airline.

  14. Can I sell my Alaska Airline miles, I will not use them as I will never board their airline again

  15. So kilts are now proper attire on Alaska Airlines 🙂
    This idiot in the lawsuit is looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

  16. This psychological misfit and too many more like him(?) are falling into degenerate sexual ideations and behaviors, a noteworthy and consequential evil. Western civilization’s future is bleak, indeed. There will also be the Last Judgment, where the individuals of the ACLU and the State of Washington will surely will have no where to appeal the verdict.

  17. I wish I had another airline option in southeast Alaska!! Alaska Air should be renamed Seattle or Portland Airlines. This is proof it’s lucrative to be mentally ill! The upside down world we are living!

  18. Men in skirts flight attendants is not a good business model… hello! Hopefully logic and free market enterprise principles will prevail ( don’t drive your customers away) and this Corporation will heed or go the way of Bud. Let’s see what happens.

  19. What annoys me most is when he wears his skirt and people stare or comment to their travel partners, he’s likely gonna get bent out of shape and start kicking people off flights.

    If AK Air approves this, it becomes his prerogative to dress and behave in a way that makes him and object of potential scorn and ridicule.

    He should not have the ability to punish others for exercising their prerogative of looking at him like and treating him as a carnival sideshow.

  20. And if another state passes a law against this craziness, will he have to go into a phone booth to change into a different garb before they touch the tarmac?

  21. Zero dignity. I actually do feel a little bit of sympathy for the airline. They also have many sane employees who now have to work with this idiocy. The airlines are just another industry being railroaded. One would hope such a company would uphold decorum and dignity in their business and let the fool file his lawsuit. If every business stood up to these deluded bullies they would have enough strength to fight the madness instead of just rolling over and giving up. Alas too many businesses such as Alaska Air have been infiltrated already to infiltrated by this gender dysphoric sociological contagion.

  22. I am concerned that Alaska Airlines focus upon” Wokeness” values has detracted their Management from the heavy lifting of actually operating and maintaining a safe, First Class Airline.

    I say this because in the last year alone I’ve had two flights canceled due to a major mechanical issue and one where we had to return to Anchorage mid flight , deplane, and board another jet because of an in-flight mechanical issue.

    I’ve flown Alaska for 50 years and cannot recall ever missing a flight because of a Mechanical problem until this last year of Wokeness. Perhaps misgendering a flight attendant is the least of their troubles.

  23. I do feel bad for Alaska Airlines. They are obviously being forced to do something that is absolutely contrary to their best interests. But if I am confronted with a “person” with a beard and a skirt, I’m getting off the plane and rebooking on another airline. Not gonna put up with that crap. If the flight attendant believes it is more important to make a political statement than to conform to fully reasonable company dress code, then s/he/it/they/zhe/ should go get a job in politics and stay away from jobs facing the public.

    • Dont feel too bad for them; just look up the Alaska Airlines pride-themed jet. They are in it to win it

  24. Several years ago I had a job which instituted a fairly strict dress code. I wasn’t crazy about it and had a discussion with HR about it.

    My issue was I was perfectly capable of doing my job without coat and tie.

    Their point was they were wanting to project a more professional image, and at that time professional gentleman were expected to wear coat and tie.

    I was perfectly able to dress as I wanted on my own time, but on their time a professional appearance was part of the requirement to work.

    Their company, their rules. No one’s civil rights were violated. We agreed to disagree and I found another place to work who were just fine with no ties.

    The point? The company I left had the opinion people judge you as much how you present as the quality of your work. They wanted to present a trustworthy image.

    Alaska Airlines is choosing NOT to present a trustworthy image. It may take awhile, but it will come back to haunt them. Despite what the progressives think, men in skirts who aren’t Scottish are not the norm of a sane society.

  25. On a side note, I’m frankly not keen on attendants of either gender wearing skirts, kilts, or any other free flowing clothing.

    God forbid, but if poop ever meets fan the attendants are the people who save passengers lives. I don’t like the idea of one of them getting a skirt snagged in an emergency.

  26. So, passengers will be held hostage and forced to witness outlandish behaviors and trust me, there will be!!!! Now let’s add alcohol to this forced charade! There will be consequences.

  27. Be patient my friends…Just like Disney, and “Bud Lite’, They will get what’s coming to them by the lost of the almighty $$$$$. When that happens, They’ll learn the lesson of catering to such idiocy. It might take a bit, but remember “Bud lite”; remember within a week that person got FIRED for the loss $$$$ of such crap. When will companies realize they can’t afford the loss of $$$$ when catering to these “mentally sick” people in the light of today’s financial unrest.. THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR WILL MAKE THAT DECISCION FOR THEM.

  28. MA
    That was my first thought also: this guy took a job where there was a UNIFORM required while on duty. Only after he was hired did he sue to not wear that uniform. Why doesn’t he just go get a job where he is allowed to wear whatever he feels like on any particular morning? He does not have a right to any particular job. So if wearing a skirt is more important than working in a specific job, then he has every right to go find a job that allows that.

    Also, long before Alaska Airlines caved, some ass clown of a judge caved. What judge would allow a case like this to proceed? What is the legal thinking?

    In several other threads we have debated whether people like the above flight attendant were getting special treatment or just getting equal treatment. The above story proves that certain groups not only want special treatment, but that they now have it. Think about if a straight, white, male, flight attendant had actually demanded to wear a kilt. Even if that kilt had his family colors on it and he only wanted to wear it at certain holidays he would absolutely be barred from wearing it on duty. Why? Because the company, that writes the checks, has layed out company policy requiring a specific uniform for male and female flight attendants while performing company business. But NOW since the judge and Alaska Airlines have caved to a special interest group, that group now has the legal RIGHT to overturn company policy.

    • If he had a compelling reason, say a physical issue from an injury, sure-give him a short duration exemption.

      But if the issue is simply preference, then go somewhere his preference is accommodated.

  29. This whole s**tshow is more about a freak using ACLU(another union destroying our environment) and a WOKE Washington State Human Rights Commission created by pathetic Governor Inslee. Not only to get a years salary without working for it but to force his Employer to accept its freakish desire to wear ANYTHING it wants to wear while serving customers. Remember the shop teacher wearing enormous fake breasts and a wig ignoring safe work policy while teaching young teens how to operate equipment and nobody said or did nothing? They all must be afraid of it. Alaska Airlines has now removed all gender based restrictions regarding facial hair lipstick makeup jewelry uniform pieces. The door has been forced open by (ACLU and WOKE legal system) system for any freak that wants to act out ANYthing it wants to in front of your children. The only avenue left is the customer base can choose to use another airline until they are forced by the same legal departments to accept the policy changes or keep paying out settlements which will surely be reflected in ticket prices. Catch 22!!! Its time to reach out to all your Democrat friends and thank them for the ring leaders they voted for. The democrats are using our freedoms written in the constitution and bill of rights to destroy our country all while preserving Democracy the crazy old man keeps yelling about. By the time 2024 election rolls around there will be 10 million more imported voters to re-elect this old fool and his cackling sidekick. George Soros has and WILL pay for it and the MEDIA will do the heavy lifting. Does anyone feel optimistic enough to place a large bet I am wrong???? I desperately need moving expenses. It is quite spendy relocating to another country. May as well throw up your retirement as a bet because it will dwindle away soon anyway at the rate mine has.

  30. ‘Safety of flight’ was the highest priority not long ago, cabin crew included.
    These folks who ‘need’ to don a skirt, heels or whatever, making an issue of it, require a mental evaluation before acting as flight or cabin crew.
    Alaska Airlines aka Seattle airlines has lost this rider,,,

  31. Trashy Side (with apologies to Confederate Railroad)

    Boarded the plane ready for my flight 
    OMFG, an outrageous sight 
    Attendant in lipstick, beard and skirt
    Think this time I’ll avoid the flirt
    Averting my eyes with all my might

    Do you really think we want to see
    You shaking your arse in front of me
    Show some respect, be one or the other
    But please don’t try to look like my mother
    Most others in flight will all agree

    Not many onboard think you are right
    In your loafers, you appear a bit light
    But don’t shashy too far or wide
    As you bounce, forcing your pride
    You just might spill someone’s Bud Light

    • So you said some professional stranger at their work, in make-up and skirt means that person is flirting with you.

      Also-just saying-if you are really having the responses above upon seeing this professional on their job-it would be good to consider those powerful responses of yours.

  32. If you are so afraid or offended by male legs being visible, have you stopped going to a gym or to a beach? Why are you not irrationally ranting about women flight attendants wearing pants which was not acceptable for so many years? Just relax and enjoy the flight. Stop acting so offended about something that has nothing to do with your life. Chillax!

    • Really. You think this is just about seeing male legs? This is about a company’s right to conduct business as it see fit. Like it or not, the majority of passengers will NOT be impressed with this idiots attire. Even if you are not ‘afraid or offended’ by his attire, how would you deal with this situation if you were, say, traveling with children? What about the parents rights to not expose their children to this stuff until they deem it the right time? And it’s not like you can just walk away from it, your stuck inside an aluminum can for several hours with ‘him’.

      Now, from an executives point of view, lets say you are looking at 150 passengers per long flight. Then consider that around 100 of them are going to be pissed off because this ‘guy’. How well does that play when it comes time to buy tickets for the next flight? If they just fired this guy and payed him off in a lawsuit, it would cost them less money in the long run.

      • Except the numbers would not be as described, unless of course you were on a chartered plane of church people, or a right leaning political group.

        I believe most wouldn’t care. Some will be REALLY upset and some will be REALLY happy about it.

        • Actually my numbers although not exact are fairly close. Most people upset with being served by a guy in a skirt will not openly complain. This could be partially due to the normal human reaction of not being ‘that guy’, but now days it’s more likely due to not wanting to be vocally or physically attacked. And that would be followed by the usual ‘racist/homophobic/bigot’ attacks on social media platforms. So the majority of the people offended will quietly get off the airplane and find another airline next time they travel. I’ve been told repeatedly that when a government official receives an angry email/letter, they automatically assume ten to fifteen more with the same sentiments, that did not respond.

          • Except silent others are now speaking up too in defense of the the flight attendant

          • That freak would have been readily identified as a monumentally disturbed individual and he’d have been institutionalized and probably lobotomized in more civilized times, Maureen.

        • Of course no one wants to institutionalized folks to suffer the abuses they did nor us pay for anything so we don’t have institutions anymore.

          I believe you shot yourself in the feet.

          Sorry for your struggle.

  33. As long as the pilots are real pilots and identify as pilots, I could care less what flight attendants wear. Depart and arrive on time and I’m good.

      • Children are being exposed (literally) daily to this nonsense. Just have them look away when the attendant walks by, tell them it’s a Halloween costume.

  34. Our constitution guarantees the guy, Wetherell, the right to dress and appear however he wants. However, he VOLUNTARILY entered into an employment contract with a private party. In so doing he promised to conduct himself according to its terms. Be clear, he was not being forced to work for Alaska Airlines under its rules–he made the choice. Nevertheless, he complains to government bureaucrats who abuse their power in a tyrannical, unconstitutional manner to victimize Alaska Airlines. The problem is not the homosexuals, crossdressers, etc… these people have existed since man crawled out of the cave. Rather it is tyrants who empower them with tyrannical and unconstitutional interpretations of law that destroy our culture.

  35. It is apparent that this gentleman needs psychiatric help. Alaska Airlines should be doing that instead of giving him what he wants like you would a temper tantrum throwing two year old. I don’t know how we all here in Alaska would boycott the airlines, but I did with Amazon and continue to do so. It would be a challenge for sure, but that is what needs to be done.

    Pray for Our Country,

    Sally D

  36. The definition of non-binary given in the article is incorrect. A non-binary individual is simply a person who rejects old fashioned sex roles and stereotypes. The changes Alaska Air made include allowing all employees to wear nail polish, to have two earrings in their ears, a nose piercing, and a wider choice of clothing. Professional grooming and uniform standards still apply, e.g. no revealing clothing, beards must be trim and neat, etc. The changes are not likely to be unsettling for the majority of Alaska Air passengers, as non-gendered professional attire has become very common in the vast majority of Alaska’s markets.

    • An unhinged troon in garish make up and a dress with significantly greater odds of harboring nasty diseases than normal people might carry being tasked with handing out drinks and snacks is disgusting at best but the prospect of having that freak take charge in an emergency is unconscionable, SA.

      Please get back in your closet and quit presuming the rest of us are okay with the decay of Western civilization or that we’re in agreement with your bumbling, dissembling effort to redefine gender.

  37. I make my living in a plane. For decades, I’ve flown all over Alaska and the world, sometimes in terrible weather, no biggie.
    But, if I see some deranged and confused pervert on a commercial flight, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna PUKE ??

  38. I always carry a brown bag lunch on the plane. I don’t trust eating from flight attendent servers who swish and pretend to be females when they aren’t.

  39. People force others into roles too much. Let people dress without regard to stereotypes. If this fellow likes skirts and dresses, fine with me. If everyone could clad themselves without fitting gender boxes, maybe fewer would feel a need to classify themselves as some creative gender label.

  40. Wow that’s a lot of comments.
    This is actually old news. I flew in January and a gate agent was wearing a skirt, boots and a beard, obviously a guy. Did his or her job well. So I guess the next step was flight attendants.
    We’re isolated up here in ak, so if yas wanna go somewhere you’ll have to get over it, they’re everywhere doing most jobs.

    • Exactly.

      Lots of folks left outside to isolate here. Away from exposure to others, or limited in options. The rest of the nation moved forward.

  41. Time to eliminate the mandates making these people necessary. If you survive the crash, for sure you can figure out how to open the door and crawl out of the burning can. The airlines could save a lot of money by eliminating this outdated position. Send them out the same way as the navigator and flight engineer. Problem solved. The computer monitor will give instructions on how to put your seatbelt on and refreshments will be offered at the gate prior to boarding. The sky marshal will maintain law and order, at no cost to the airline.

  42. These mentally deranged people are ruining America and somehow getting away with it. Ak air should take a lesson from bud light.

  43. This is the kind of kooky stuff that becomes actionable when legislation like SB108 becomes law. It becomes unlawful discrimination at the same level as racial, sexual, age, marital status or religious discrimination to tell a man that he can’t dress like a woman while working for your business. Businesses in Alaska shouldn’t be forced to capitulate to this gender identity nonsense.

    This bill has a hearing in Senate State Affairs tomorrow.

    You can weigh in by sending an email to the committee at [email protected] – Here’s a link to the bill:

    HB99 is the companion bill in the House…

  44. Will be cancelling my AK Airline Visa card, My husbands business AK Airline Visa Card and will fly Delta. Take your woke crap and shove it up the Space Needle!

    • Oh snap! Delta is a much more traditional company for sure. Sharp and professional. They don’t bow to the woke left.

      Well except this time… ‘

      But I guess it was just that one time… Ah crap! ‘

      Surely it doesn’t continue! well, damn…’

      Face it, they’re all woke man.

  45. Scroll to the bottom for all the latest ones. As you can see we aren’t left with many places to shop or airlines to use. ? So many are caving to this insanity for fear of lawsuits.


  46. Remember the suicidal copilot, Andreas Lubitz, who deliberately crashed Germanwings Flight 9525, killing himself and 149 others; why now the flight attendant occupies the cockpit when one pilot leaves it?
    In November 2008, Lubitz suspended his Lufthansa pilot training after he was hospitalized for severe depression.
    In August 2009, Lubitz resumed training after a psychiatrist said his depressive episode was over.
    In March 2015, Lubitz, psychotically depressed, crashed Flight 9525, killing himself and 149 others.
    You’re an airline CEO. Depressed, suicidal pilots could be bad for your corporate image. What can you do? You make a rule: two crewmembers in the cockpit at all times, especially when one pilot’s on potty break.
    One airplane driver gets terminally depressed, decides right now’s a good time to meet Jesus, the crewmember already in the cockpit can get the sane pilot back to rescue the situation.
    But wait…
    The crewmember, Justin, who takes the potty-breaker’s place may be a DSM-V classic: a paraphelic transvestite, fully equipped with attention-seeking histrionic personality disorder and just enough frotteurism to make his dream of physical contact with 200 victims for 3 hours in a closed metal tube a delightfully erotic career choice.
    Attention seeking? Frotteurism? Meaning: “I’m in your face and touching you because I can and if you have a problem, you’re outta here”?
    Transvestic disorder, like a male flight attendant who wanted to wear the female uniform for flight attendance, “…is characterized by at least 6 months of experiencing recurring sexual arousal brought on by the act of cross-dressing. This arousal may manifest as sexual fantasies, behaviors, or urges that cause the patient significant distress ****or impairment in important areas of function, such as social or occupational settings****” (emphasis added).
    Distress? “Due to the distressed feelings that mark the distinction between transvestitism and transvestic disorder, feelings of psychosocial distress and depression are often commonly reported. As such, transvestic disorder should be treated with psychotherapy with a focus on negative self-perception, and the use of antidepressants, particularly serotonergic drugs, should be considered”. [–5-302.3-(f65.1)]
    Full circle? The only sane pilot gets up for potty break. A copy of clinically depressed Lubitz takes the controls. A clinically depressed Wetherell, on or off his medications, joins him.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Alaska Airlines executives might be understandably reluctant to explain why they would set aside fiduciary and safety obligations to hire a flight-crew member whose inherent mental instability is obvious, give him access to the flight deck, and expect passengers to comply with his instructions or submit to his unwanted physical contact.
    One expects the explanation will appear in NTSB reports, but why wait?

  47. The righteousness and indignation displayed in the comments section is simply breathtaking. I mean wow, are a lot of people absolutely apoplectic with something that has almost nothing to do with their lives. So some clown gets to dress how s/he wants to at work. By the reactions you read in here you’d think this person was murdering babies with a spork and getting away with it.

    Folks, y’all need to take a deep breath, sit down, and ask yourselves, “does this really affect me, or do I just not like this how this person expresses themselves.” Nobody’s kid is going to become suddenly gay because of this and this person isn’t going to try to sexually assault you when you board the plane.

    Get over yourselves!

    • So, your answer is to normalize mental illness and just get over it? Meanwhile a child is asking mommy why a man is wearing a skirt and looks like something out of a clown show. No, absolutely not. I would rather drive thousands of miles than support an airline that doesn’t have a clue. I say let Alaska Air feel the same financial pain as Bud Light.

      • Dress up. The adult is playing dress-up.

        How hard is that?

        Is this THE Michael Johnson of 1990s ABT fame? If so tour comments are a scream.

  48. We live in interesting times.

    Men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men are celebrated.

    Psalms and Psalmists are denigrated and cast aside.

    Whatever your political or ideological doggies in this fight, I am pretty sure that none of this is going to end well.

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