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Noir vision of Alaska is Walker’s strange theme


A dark and stark vision of Alaska is the theme of Gov. Bill Walker’s second campaign video, posted just a week after his first one, which was poorly received by Facebook critics.

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The first Walker campaign video was almost cartoon-like, with the governor shoveling show endlessly, then shoveling it again, while his critics, pictured as clowns and idiots, made snide comments from the other side of the road.

See “Walker Digs Out” — his first campaign video.

But now, in high contrast black and white — and mostly black — the governor is shown as wooden. In still photos with tense and mournful music as the audio, he speaks to shadowy figures, or looks craggy and tired in an apocalyptic landscape that has little vegetation, beauty, or hopeful vision for the future.

The ad speaks to the problems that Alaska has and how we need a governor who can fix it. Was this “50 Shades of Gloom” ad done by a Mark Begich infiltrator in the Walker camp, or could it really be the governor’s own campaign team producing it?

“The dark theme fits perfectly with someone whose budgets are up, where his SB-91 has driven crime up, where his economic policies have driven unemployment up, where education scores are down, Permanent Fund dividends are down, and economic prosperity is down. It fits well with his record,” said Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party.

Film critics are invited to leave their comments below on Walker’s second effort at communicating his vision for Alaska.



Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I had to listen twice because the first time I thought I heard him say that revenues are down year-on-year while the State spends more year-on-year. I mean, that’s a fact, no matter how he’d like it not to be, and it’s under his administration that Operating Budget spending has continued to climb. I just found it interesting that he was actually proclaiming it.

  2. Was that from George Orwell’s 1984? Big brother Bill is watching our wallets and send us the Democrat re-education camp and make us all gender confused and bathroom disoriented. Maybe that’s the grim outlook if re-elected.

  3. Mr delusional
    You are working too hard it’s obvious that you have lost your mind in the process
    Time for you to sit (step) down and rest a spell you are showing signs of exhaustion and a significant oxygen deprivation memory loss and mental breakdown it’s painful for us to see these things happen to our dearly soon to be departed governor get yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy your golden years

  4. Are you sure that he was shoveling snow in the first video? Because it smelt like a load of XXXX! You can fill in the smelly four letter word of your choice.! The second video smells just as bad. Maybe the Governor should practice what he preaches and actually cut the budget instead of asking for one of the largest budgets in the sates history, and then just keep adding to it! Spending more doesn’t make things any better!

    It is time that WE THE PEOPLE vote him into RETIREMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bill time for you was 4 years ago…you failed yourself and the trust we had in you at that time! Now your failures are so many to count! The only crisis in this state is you. Thru put was in decline before you should up as Governor and its not his job to make the production it’s the leaseholders (private sector) the same ones that have decided that a Gas Line is not feasible at this time yet you have a pipe dream that’s BS ! You will lose the election and it’s not “YOUR” state to lose you already did that when you took our PFD! The Promise made the promise you broke! This Dark commercial shows you really worked hard for your ego and greed!

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