No joke: Haaland sets up Instagram event with Hollywood climate justice warrior


Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and climate justice advocate Mark Ruffalo will hold an Instagram Live conversation to discuss the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to “build back better,” including the American Rescue Plan’s significant funding for Tribal communities, the Department of Interior reported.

The ARP makes a historic $31.2 billion transfer of funds to tribal communities, the largest single investment the United States has ever made in Indian country, including $1.75 billion in funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education.

Ruffalo is a radical activist and actor who became the “face of anti-fracking” after gas companies showed interest in his family’s land in New York State. He He claimed in GQ magazine that after he organized screenings  of a documentary about natural-gas-drilling called Gasland, he was placed on a terror advisory list for Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency disputed that: “His name is not in any of our bulletins. … There is no list, we never even had a list,” it told Time magazine.

In 2017, Ruffalo posted a petition on Twitter demanding that NBC stop hiring white conservative commentators.

The Instagram event is on the White House Instagram account on Friday, April 2, at 7:30 am Alaska Time.


  1. Each week the Left gets more emboldened to show their colors. At least we can’t say they have something up their sleeve anymore. Then again, let a week go by and we’ll say, “I never imagined he/she would have pushed for that!” Check back in a week!
    I do wonder if Haaland will set up a meet with Sullivan. More and more of us are realizing any apology to the Left will never be forgiven. Sullivan’s vote for her may turn out to yield nothing. Check back in a couple of months. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate Justice. It just keeps morphing with no end in sight. And this is the gal that Sullivan said he could sit down with and mitigate the damage to Alaska’s Oil and Gas development. Not change her mind but LIMIT the damage. Good luck, Dan. Compromise should be erased from the political dictionary because the left doesn’t recognize that word let alone concede any ground. I wish our side would stand up for us like they do theirs.

  3. He just couldn’t bring himself to vote against an indigenous person, no matter how radical or bad for Alaska. No guts!

  4. Our Senators don’t represent Alaska or its people. Don fell asleep somewhere and know one knows where.

  5. Unfortunately, Mark Ruffalo has a long and well-documented history of mental illness. (Check his interviews). A very depressed and sad individual, who may get kudos for his films, but not someone who can provide intelligent opinions about true, science-backed climate conditions. Ruffalo is only about Lefty politics. An extremely misinformed person who knows nothing about fossil fuels or economics. Ditto Deb Haaland.

  6. It’s pretty clear now. Beyond any doubt. I know it’s hyperbole when every says, ‘they’re trying to destroy America’, but the Left are literally trying to fracture and destroy the real world integrity of the contiguous United States’ and all forms of Constitutional overnment. By emboldening tribes, groups and other entities they are attempting to dis-unify the country ethnically, politically and geographically and purge from it what they perceive as a European invasion. Prepare for a long haul against these people.

  7. I’m so tired of the Hollywood elite dictating how we should live. Its all “do as I say, not as I do.” Like the rest of them I’m sure he flies all over the country and world, rides in limousines, has a mansion that sucks up all kinds of energy, and has closets full of clothing made by child labor overseas. Reminds me of George Clooney, who tells us how we should live then jets off to his lakefront mega mansion in Italy.

  8. Dr Dan above:
    I read the same thing. You look at most of those Hollywood celebraties and you see nothing but schizophrenia, paranoia, extreme narcissism, and depression. They are activists for the climate, animal rights,
    babies with AIDS in Africa, no oil and gas production, anti-gun ownership, etc, etc……yet……
    they all live luxuriously with armed bodyguards, drive expensive cars, fly in their own jets, own mansions with swimming pools, own exotic animals, travel on a whim anywhere,……..etc, etc.
    and they tell the rest of us regular folks how we are supposed to live our lives by listening to them.
    I say, BALONEY!!!

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