Nine Americans dead after Hamas attack on Israel


The State Department has confirmed that least nine Americans were killed in the surprise Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday.

Terrorists, backed by Iran, launched a multi-tiered attack that included firing thousands of rockets from Gaza to multiple locations in Israel, while terrorists paraglided in and randomly killed, tortured, and kidnapped those who were unfortunate enough to be in their path. Israeli media reports over 700 dead and thousands wounded, and Israel quickly declared a state of war and retaliated, resulting in many deaths of Palestinians.

“We can confirm that there are nine American citizens who have lost their lives as a result of these horrific attacks,” State Department Spokesman Matt Miller said on MSNBC on Monday morning.

Israel’s military reports that it killed several Hamas warriors who had crossed into the country from Lebanon, which is in the north, as Israel responded to attacks on multiple fronts at once. The Lebanese Army is skirmishing with Israeli forces along its border.

Palestinian officials say that 500 Palestinians have been killed in retaliatory attacks, as Israel announced its largest-ever mobilization, calling up more than 300,000 Israeli Army reservists.


  1. Nice going Joe. How many hostages did you give them?

    This dolt is blundering us into a war we’re not ready to fight.

    • Is there anything you wouldn’t blame on Biden? Does Netanyahu have no responsibility since he is, you know, the Israeli leader?

      • I don’t recall Netanyahu giving $6billion to Iran who sponsors Hezbollah, so, no, he has no responsibility in the devious and evil sneak attack on his own country. But then, I can read, so there’s that.

          • You’re the first I’ve heard that caught that, but you can bet that date for the attack is not coincidental. Muslims worldwide cheered when the towers fell. Think hamas is trying to get a reaction??? Bibi is already calling brandon to ask for more bullets – who will reply, “sorry, we sent them all to Ukraine and Afghanistan”

        • Biden, whether you like him or not, has not given $6 billion to Iran.

          That money, which not one penny has been spent of by Iran, was their (Iran’s) money that was invested in western countries that was frozen due to sanctions.

          Biden’s administration only released those funds due to an agreement made between Iran and those western countries.

          • “Biden’s administration only released those funds due to an agreement made between Iran and those western countries.”

            Right, so he gave them access to $6,000,000,000.00 they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. In short he gave them $6 billion.

            Gotta love how people defending terrorists and the slaughter of innocent women and children parse their words to protect the guilty.

          • It’s interesting to see how this rationale is shifting as this poop show gets worse and worse.

            Eventually you need to learn economics.

          • Steve-O, the agreement with Iran was that if they release international prisoners we (the international community) would release the hold on $6 billion in oil revenue stuck in South Korean banks.

            They have not spent a single dollar of that $6 billion.

            And where am I defending the terrorists? I made a comment correcting a falsehood that the release of the $6 billion was funding this attack on Israel.

            Is it right that Iran either directly or indirectly funds Hamas? Hell no. Full stop end of story.

            Do we stick to an agreement made with a country when they fulfill their end of the bargain? The answer is yes, unless we want to have even less bargaining power in future negotiations with not only Iran but other countries that don’t always agree with the US

          • Masked Avenger,

            Where am I defending these terrorists? I corrected a falsehood that the $6 billion released by South Korean banks is directly funding this attack by Hamas on Israel.

            The fact of the matter is that not one single dollar of those funds has been spent by Iran yet. Has Iran funded Hamas in the past? Yes, no argument here from me, but to say that that $6 billion released in late September is directly funding this current attack is totally false and provably false.

          • Pablo,
            In your line of reasoning when you give a drug addict a ten dollar bill, as long as that drug addict doesn’t spend the EXACT ten dollar bill then you didn’t contribute to his drug addiction. Yeah sure he spent the other $10 he had in his pocket that he would have used to pay for his child’s food but he didn’t spend your $10.

            Asinine. Foolish. Absurd.

          • Steve-O,

            In my comment I did not deny that Iran has/is funding Hamas. I will not refute that statement. They do. No argument from me.

            The talking point I refuted in the original comment is that Joe Biden released the $6 billion in Iranian funds and those funds were the bankroll for these horrific terrorist attacks. That is patently false as not one red cent of that $6 billion has even been moved from the South Korean banks they are held in.

            And to further that, when Iran goes to spend those funds, they must prove they are going to humanitarian efforts before one red cent is allowed to be withdrawn and spent.

            No one, other than those savage terrorists is to blame for these attacks. Not Israel, not Trump, not Biden, not the Palestinian children, not anyone other than Hamas.

          • Pablo,
            The fact that you deny the obvious connection between the two says more than enough. Yep the $6,000,000,000.00 definitely didn’t free up any other monies to be used for anything else…this is where you look up the meaning of the words fungible and gullible. It’s laughably naive and beyond ignorant to think that the $6,000,000,000.00 is in a vacuum to be used for humanitarian efforts in a country that DOES NOT BELIEVE IN HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS!!!

          • Steve-O,

            Perhaps you saw in the news today that the funds have been frozen again and have not been spent and cannot be spent until Iran’s alleged involvement in these heinous acts has been investigated.

            If Iran wanted to spend the funds on anything other than humanitarian acts, they would have been denied access to them.

            Again, I refuted a talking point in another comment that was provably false.

          • Pablo,

            I did see where Qatar decided to stop the payment and the US allowed them to stop payment. Of course you realize this proves what you said is demonstrably false, right? No, you still think that money isn’t fungible? That money in one of your pockets is spent in a vacuum from the money in the other pocket?

            “The world just changed, and it changed because Iran has built a barbaric terrorist organization inside Gaza that just raped and murdered hundreds of Israelis,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

            Senate Banking Chair Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) along with numerous Democrat Senators called on Biden to rescind the funds.

            You’re on the wrong side of this, stop defending terrorists, stop defending the funding of terrorists. It’s not too late to admit you were wrong and you believed the lies your government has been telling you, just open your eyes and use your brain.

          • Steve-O,

            I will say it again, as I have in my previous comments, I am not defending terrorists. I am correcting a false statement made in an original comment.

            Have you seen in any of my other comments where I have stated that what Hamas and Iran have done is wrong? If not I will say it again. What Hamas did/is doing in Israel is wrong. Unequivocally wrong. There is no defense for the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel. Period.

            Previous funds from Iran may have gone to/probably did go to Hamas, but not one red cent of that $6 Billion we are discussing has gone to Hamas or Iran as of the current time of 3.01 pm AKST on 10/13/23. That is what my original comment was meant to convey. And I stand by that statement in my original comment.

          • Pablo,

            No one is saying that a singular exact red cent from that $6 billion went to support Hamas, anyone who knows how money works understands that if you have $6 in one pocket and $6 in the other pocket you have $12. If your mom gave you $6 and you put it in your right pocket then she told you not to spend the $6 on candy but you had $6 in your left pocket and decided to spend the $6 in your left pocket on candy and then told your mom that it wasn’t the money from your right pocket…you still spent $6 on candy. Even the Biden Administration has admitted that giving Iran $6 Billion and less than a month later a surprise attack with the Iranian funded Hamas at the helm was reason to stop the payment of the $6 billion…it’s not that hard to figure out, like at all…even the Hamas loving Biden Administration figured it out.

      • Boo hoo CMAN, is there anything you haven’t blamed on Trump? The left brought us all down to this level….so use those sour grapes to make some whine.

      • C’mon… Bibi is the victim – his responsibility is the response. The correlation between brandon boot-licking the Aya-told-you-so and this attack is its own message.

      • The Israeli PM is not responsible for causing a terrorist attack against his country.
        On the other hand, history is abundantly clear on this front. Every time Iran gets a payout from the US, or sanctions are relaxed against the country, Israel is attacked.
        Thinking for a second that it would be different this time lies wholly and fully on the Briben administration.

  2. Correction: nine Israelis who happened to also hold American dual citizenship.

    As an aside, I can remember when it was strictly forbidden, and illegal, for an American citizen to simultaneously hold citizenship in another nation. When did this change?

    • I don’t know about illegal, but…

      The US does not recognize dual citizenship (yet, give Grandpa bloodstains time). Many other nations do. It is entirely possible Israel gave citizenship to these people and did not require them to drop US citizenship.

      This is extremely common among US citizens of Irish descent.

      The main advantages I’m aware of are things like being able to visit places like Cuba or Iran US citizens are not allowed or discouraged to go.

      The other is it establishes citizenship in the second country, allowing said person to access whatever benefits said country may offer.

      Additionally, and I’m pulling a long, long time back to my high school
      political science classes… while the US doesn’t recognize dual citizenship, it’s not illegal unless you try to skirt US law (tax evasion, draft, etc) with it.

      You can, in theory, proclaim yourself King of the Republic of Jefferson and the government can do nothing about it. Assuming you don’t use it to scam.
      I’ve never known anyone to try it. If you do I’ll be curious how it turns out.

      Regardless, they do hold US citizenship so they are our issue. Assuming Grandpa Bloodstains doesn’t forget they exist.

  3. This is exactly what Israel should be doing, not sitting on its thumbs and letting their feet dangle over, which is what our country is doing because of this administration. If Americans are over there, they should get out. If they don’t that is their decision. No matter if they are there visiting or to help, it is still a decision.

  4. What a time to have a corrupt and senile, doddering old imbecile as Commander in Chief! We are screwed!

  5. *Not Retaliated. But Defended itself. Word choice is important regarding Isreal.
    Retaliate implies Isreal is petty. Isreal doesn’t retaliate, Isreal either is strategic improving its defensive position or it Defends itself.

  6. A very telling point is to notice how the “compassionate” progressives give less than half a damn about the slaughtering of civilians, raping of women and girls, hostage taking and a savagery sane people can’t comprehend doing. It begs a question. Why not?

    Jealousy. For many it’s want they want to do to us, given the chance.

    • Well, conservatives seem to have no problem when its done to Ukrainians. I would hope it would be condemned no matter where in the world it was going on, yes?

    • It’s too bad Trump shared classified information about contingency plans for war with Iran! Can you imagine Donald in office now with so much going on. So he likes Russia in one war and probably would be with Iran in the other. Maybe Tuberville can give us some advice about military strategy in the Middle East.

  7. The economic illiteracy of the left shows. It’s true Iran doesn’t have the money yet. But that’s ignoring two things.

    -money, even in its promise, is fungible. We can take a moment for the illiterate left to google the concept. 6 billion Iran knows is coming immediately frees up 6 billion to be used elsewhere. Like buy our arms from the Taliban and giving them to Hamas, for example.

    It’s not like Iran is known for fiscal responsibility or honoring commitments.

    -it’s also ignoring the Grandpa Bloodstains, against the advice of damn near everyone not named Obama, lifted sanctions on Iran, allowing them to sell oil in amounts not done in years. Oil which is selling high in no small part due to Grandpa Bloodstains killing our energy sector.

    In the real world stupidity has real cause and effect consequences. We’re seeing them now in Israel. I wonder when we’ll see them inside our own borders?

  8. I was going to leave a comment on the bias of our largest daily print media on the attack on Israel here in the South Central region, but there is so much trolling going on here it is pointless.

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