Nike brands itself on a ‘Satan Shoe’ with a drop of human blood in each pair


Nike has allowed performing artist Lil Nas X to create a limited edition “Satan shoe” that is said to contain a drop of human blood. The shoes are called Nike Air Max 97s.

Nike says that while the shoes are sold as Nikes, the company has nothing to do with the creation or sale of the “Satan shoes.” But they do have a swoosh on them. And they are licensed by Nike.

Lil Nas X is a rapper and songwriter from Lithia Springs, Georgia. At age 21, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 most influential people on the internet.

According to TMZ, the shoes have a Bible verse on the side: Luke 10:18, concerning Satan’s fall from heaven. They also have the number 666 on the stern of the shoes, which have a suggested retail price of $1,018 and which come in a box that has a decidedly hellish theme. They are a concept made by viral product manufacturer MSCHF.


    • Why? Nike had nothing to do with this. Dude just bought some Nike’s and repurposed them. That would be kinda like someone buying something you had to sell, then turning it into something nasty…would you want to be blamed for it?

      • Don’t be naive, Karen. “Nike has allowed performing artist Lil Nas X to ‘create’ a limited edition”…of a Nike endorsed product. “Nike says that while the shoes are sold as Nikes, the company has nothing to do with the creation or sale of the “Satan shoes.” But they do have a swoosh on them. And they are licensed by Nike.” Nike may have had nothing to do with the creation or marketing of them, but you cannot release a product with your name on it and not have influence on its marketing. You can bet your sweet bippy, they will profit from the sale. What stake holder do you know that will allow their name and logo to be used without suing to protect their intellectual property or have a slice of the pie. I’m with Michele.

        • Basically, it’s like someone buying Comfort Cotton T Shirts, and designing on them it’s NO DIFFERENT. Nike needs to sue, and they surely will, but the misinformation being spread about this is crazy.

          Dude just bought xxx number of Nikes, had them shipped to MSCHF and THEY designed everything you see “Bad”

          This SAME company made Jesus shoes with Holy Water in them in 2007. Same thing, bought a bunch of Nikes and had them sent to them.

  1. Marketing genius: even Satanists can be duped into paying $1000 for a pair of China-made shoes. They’re embossed with blood alright, that of child slaves and prisoners. If I ever gave a whit about brand shoes, this would be the sinker for me–Nike? Never.

  2. This article is written so poorly with such little knowledge. Nike has no control over this. The Company that is selling this shoe buys the plain black Nike shoes and customizes them with the design. Because it has a Nike badge on it dosnt mean some secret approval from Nike and implying that is lazy sensationalist journalism.

    • What about the slaves they have making the regular Nike shoes in China? Or does Nike not have control over that either? In the words of Joe “Come on, man”. Nike is no less guilty of their sins as this third party design.

    • They are licensed by Nike. THEY ARE LICENSED BY NIKE. But then there is this;Indeed, while internet users can locate “Satan shoes” at, they can also find “Jesus shoes” at (but those are sold out).

  3. So it’s actually a third-party artist named MSCHF that partnered with Lil Nas X and bought the Nike’s at normal retail and just customized them. Nike has stated they have no affiliation with the creation nor the design

  4. Nike is NOT partnering with Lil Nas X. It’s another company (MSCHF) to repurpose the shoes.

  5. They can do what they want, but why would any sane person spend $1,000, or even $100 for a pair of shoes?

  6. Like many folks I quit buying anything from Nike years ago. I hope this convinces everyone else to do the same.

  7. I’m officially done with Nike. It’s time to pick a side. There’s a dark, dark force infiltrating our nation and world.

  8. Suzanne, I detest Nike brands, but your article does not cover all the details and is written in such a way as to indicate that Nike approves this shoe. I urge your readers to do some fact-checking for themselves. Suzanne, I’m disappointed in this article…I thought you held to a higher standard that only reporting some of the facts…just enough to mislead.

    Readers, imagine if you will you sell something to someone else, and that someone uses it to make something that “worships the devil”. Should that automatically brand YOU as a devil worshiper? I’ll leave you to think that one over.

    • Karen,

      Nike has NOT issued a cease and desist….which in my book, that is condoning it!! I do not believe they had nothing to do with it, they’re just trying to save he loss of billion’s of dollar’s now that they see a HUGE DISGUST, AND BOYCOTT happening over this!! Boy they sure did misjudge this repulsive, dark world we live in…..there are still Jesus loving, God fearing Christian’s out here!! NEVER NIKE EVVVVVVVER AGAIN…..SPREAD the word, that’s how we found out about it!! We will ALL have to answer to God one day, whether you believe so, or not…..WILL YOU BE READY? GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  9. Well, Nike is a business, they obviously see it’ll add to its sales selling to the tens of thousands in dead souls worshipping Satan who’d they never will see nor anyone else they thought would be in Hell: the place of total isolation and darkness absent from God’s presence. I much rather be in Heaven surrounded by people than being Alone for eternity. You being alone absent of companions in the world is hard enough and to think being alone not only absent of your companions but also God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit for ETERNITY is Ghastly. Its a Nightmare!

    • You can feel alone because of lacking companionship and friends. But if you know the Father and saved through his Son Christ, you can never experience loneliness in this world though you don’t have a friend as Adam lived before Eve was made for him.

  10. Nike has been making shoes with the blood, sweat and tears of Asian children for decades. I will never buy or wear a Nike product.

  11. Im guessing that if you had a shoe with a nike logo promoting Christian values or talk of the fraud of the past presidential election you’d see the opposite response from nike.
    Join me in rejecting anything nike. I’ve been doing that years now. If you have a few minutes to burn, stop at a nike store and take a look around. When someone asks if they can help you, nicely inform them you refuse to buy nike.

  12. I can’t believe this is something that someone would buy or even try to sell. It seems like a publicity stunt and is not Nike’s issue. Imagine taking a Ford, painting what you want on it, and then blaming it on the automaker. It doesn’t work that way. Both “sides” seem to be in overdrive trying to utilize fear as a motivator, including copious amounts of shocking “news.”

  13. Must Read Alaska, I told you that Nike hadn’t anything to do with this particular issue. Will you be publishing about Nike filing the lawsuit on Monday, 3/29/21? If you’re going to report the news, you HAVE to report both/all sides of a story, or you’re no better than the leftist mainstream media. I hold you to a higher standard, Suzanne, because you say you’re a journalist. I would love to continue believing you’re not a puppet of either the left or the right.

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