Nielsen: Tucker Carlson dominates cable news shows


According to Nielsen, the Tucker Carlson Tonight show was the top cable news show in total viewers in May, with an average of 2.94 million, followed by Hannity with 2.63 million, The Five at 2.63 million, The Rachel Maddow Show with 2.52 million and The Ingraham Angle with 2.06 million

Fox News dominated the competition in May, but overall cable news viewership declined from the same period in 2020, when the presidential election and Covid-19 drove the news programs to higher rates. The Biden presidency doesn’t offer the kind of compelling drama of the 2020 election cycle.

In primetime, Fox News averaged 2.17 million viewers, down 37% from the same period a year earlier; MSNBC posted 1.49 million, down 22%; and CNN drew under one million — 913,000, down a concerning 45%.

Across America, Tucker Carlson had three of the top five spots for cable viewership, beat out only by the NBA playoffs.

Gay Americans, isolated as a group in the Nielsen survey, had completely different news preferences during the survey week of May 17. They are getting their news analysis on cable from Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell, all of MSNBC:


  1. This is news MRAK?

    Carlson is nothing more than an entitled, rich white kid who promulgates outrageous viewpoints solely for the sake of notoriety, ratings, and money. He is using you Conservatives to line his pockets, and would never lift a finger to really help any of you at all.

    I wonder if he will feel even a slight tinge of remorse when his incendiary words ignite something that he can’t stop.

  2. I watch or DVR him every night. No longer argue with liberals. Just tell them to watch Tucker. He even got me to sign up for Fox Nation!
    Actually been a fan of his for years…way before Fox. Believe he lived in bow ties back then!
    My concern is his safety!

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