Nick Begich for Congress fundraiser draws crowd at same time Peltola phones-in to a town hall meeting


Congressional candidate Nick Begich drew close to 150 people to his fundraiser in the Lake Hood area on Tuesday evening. It was at the same time that Rep. Mary Peltola had a telephone town hall meeting with Alaskans.

Begich reminded his supporters of some of the things that Peltola has done since taking office last year, including voting against parents rights, against public safety, and having the worst record for no-show on votes than all but 11 other members of Congress.

Nick also made the case that Alaska was once living up to its “North to the Future” motto. Today, people hear about places like Texas and Florida for opportunities for young people, and he wants Alaska to be the place known again as a land of opportunity.

Bernadette Wilson, who emceed the event, said that before Nick decided to run for Congress for a second time, he and many other leaders, including herself, called Republican activists across the state for weeks on end to see if anyone else was interested in running against Peltola.

After numerous conversations, it was clear no one was interested, Wilson said. Recognizing that the last thing he wanted to do is end up with multiple credible GOP candidates, Begich said that was a deciding factor, and he agreed to run again.

In 2022 general election race, he ended up with 5,000 votes less than second-place Sarah Palin, who has since closed her campaign account.

Wilson also highlighted that the Begich campaign is putting together a statewide finance team and has secured a robust team of regional chairs across the state.

While Peltola claims to be “Fish, Family, Freedom,” Wilson said one more word can be added to that motto: “Hashtag #FAIL.”

Alaska House Speaker Cathy Tilton, who supported Nick during his 2022 run, introduced him. Other elected officials attended, including Rep. Julie Columbe, Rep. Jamie Allard, Sen. James Kaufmann, Mayor Dave Bronson, and former Sen. Mia Costello.

While Begich took live questions from the crowd on Tuesday, Peltola was on the phone with her supporters in a telephone meeting that required participants to give their names and phone numbers to her office in order to participate.


  1. Regardless, he’s still got to overcome that last name. For a lot of voters it’s a really tough ask.

    • True.

      I got a phone call last night that went to voicemail. It was Peltola telling me her town hall was meeting in 4 min and asking me to phone in. I did not.

    • Yes, you could say that about a lot of politicians. They have a lot more against them than sharing a name. If voters do their own research, they will be voting for Nick. I , for one, don’t fear disappointment. Every tree has a few bad apples, that doesn’t mean the tree is bad.

    • “……..he’s still got to overcome that last name………”
      Seems to work for Lisa………among a myriad of other dirty tricks……..

  2. Nick was the best choice in 2022. He still has a great message and the solutions he’s focused on (ie: American Energy First) is a great fit for Alaska and Alaskans. He will most likely be the best choice in 2024, provided the ticket isn’t diluted with egomaniacs and narcissists.

  3. Oh I really like Nick Begich! He is what our state needs not only to survive, but to thrive. He has the spine to do the next right thing and I fully support his candidacy! Whatever I can do to help, I will do. Thank you Nick, for putting your hat in the ring!

    • Nah, he bears zero resemblance to Kim… Kim’s hair grows straight up, and he slicks it back with a flattop cut – Nick combs his to he side. Having had lengthy conversations with Nick, he’s the man, and can be joyfully supported by conservatives and everyone else that isn’t communist in the State. I’m guessing he takes 65% of the vote.

    • I really wish people would stop digging in the weeds to look for things that aren’t there.

  4. Nick
    You need to go ask all the democrats why they vote for thief’s. Why are they ok with their PFD taken by the politicians they voted for. Then ask them to put the state of Alaska on their bank accounts.
    I just don’t understand why people are in a hurry to have the state control their future.

  5. Peltola is not doing Alaska any favors, give Nick a chance. Hopefully the ticket doesn’t get diluted from any last minute candidtates like last time or we’ll end up in the same darn place again with Peltola winning – again!

  6. I will in deed vote for Nick again! Why is his haircut a topic for some people??? Keep your eyes on the agenda!

    • Because it’s an odd look and sometimes people need to take a break from all the fuss.

      Besides, if he can’t take some ribbing from his own side, how is he gonna like it when the left goes after his appearance full speed.

      Easy, don’t make more than there is here.

      • The left is not going to go after him. He has been separated from them to make it look like he is not one of them, but my gut says that once he got into office, he’d be running to stand by Murkowski and Peltola to find out how to serve his masters as they wish.

  7. He needs to get his second choice voters from the last election, to not vote for Mary first in this election. He also needs to get the Sarah Palin voters who are the majority voters to vote for him. Calling Sarah and her supporters names is a sure way to defeat.. After so much Negativity directed to Sarah and her voters, and the Rank the Red betrayal by Begich Voters I will probably not vote for him. I would probably vote for the Alaska Independence Party Candidate.

    • That would be a vote for Mary. Before you do, check him out for yourself in person before making that mistake. Nick is the real deal!

    • Good thinking, hand the race back to Mary because you don’t like the fact he stated some uncomfortable truths about St Sarah the Hypocrite.

      And BTW: it was your holy Sarah who was saying not to rank red and how much she liked Mary. The betrayal you’re looking for was done by your girl. Not anyone else.

  8. Let’s get NB3 elected this time. I’m totally onboard. I think I can get Sarah to help with a fundraiser too, as long as she doesn’t hit me up for more child support.

    • I gotta keep her away from my buddies. All she wants to do is date guys my age who wear their baseball caps backwards and have trust-baby bank accounts. Mom just never grew up.

      • Her favorite intellectual newspaper is the Enquirer. Especially when she’s on the cover.
        She is so proud at the grocery store check-out line.

          • Interesting!
            Sarah Palin has finally allowed herself to be reduced as a stooge for the Left. Even the family, and ex-family, seem to have removed themselves from her kitchen window viewpoint.

  9. Who has really researched Nick? There are things about his business dealings and his past that are wishy-washy and his vocal, close supporters want to push past these topics and talk about other things. Last name, who he is in business with (look at area around Slana), who is his father and why is there never any talk about his parents? Is there still involvement in his father’s website? Why has his father pretty much gone quiet about HAARP and related topics? Just asking. Who are our other choices? I only see Nick for 2024.

      • Fire, I got it wrong on where Elliot Creek is. I was thinking it was closer to Slana, but it is farther south. Anyway, I was trying to find the prospect mining information and still cannot find it. But, here is a link to a his 2020 profile page on CFG Foundation’s website that lists some things that people can research.

        I have a problem with him trying and trying to get into congress because of the businesses he is involved in AND given his family’s political record. I have little faith that he will work for his constituents. I more so believe that he would be working to better his own business prospects. Just my humble opinion.

    • Nick’s mom and dad divorced long ago. His mom’s parents raised Nick in Florida, as a Conservative Republican and Christian man. He is loyal to his grandparents. Parents…….probably not so much. And NB3 is no fan of his wacko Left-wing uncles.

      • Why don’t you tell us about his business holdings with family members, including with his father? And, why did his father drop out of the limelight when he was making progress on a topic that he was passionate about? Maybe you can clear the air up since you seem to know about him – what you have said about his family is public knowledge. Once again, here is someone else saying what I have heard everyone else saying. How about answering some of the other questions I put out there? I still say that he is being made out to be a swell guy – too good to be true. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  10. Second guy in from the left is Bob Seitz. A sharp and analytical man by any standard. If that’s the kind of supporter Begich is attracting he’s doing something right.

  11. Rhinos have a habit of diluting the pot! Snd they do it on purpose! Most chances are the looking for their democratic buddy that’s on the other aisle! Nick has my vote! Don’t look for your buddy on the other side of the aisle! Don’t be one of them!

  12. I will be voting for Nick unless someone better comes around. But the question is “Nick what are you truthfully going to do when you get to the swamp” join them or fight them like hell. Also why hasn’t rank choice crap been gone yet?

  13. Dav3, I agree! What are we
    Going to do about this rank choice voting! We are a small enough state to get our butts down to a election hall and vote! And we have enough people to help people to get there! And we have enough people to count votes!

  14. Nick seems like a nice guy.
    That is all.
    Not a lot to brag about in that resume.
    I wish a strong conservative would come along to show Nick how it is done, or to eliminate him from the race. If not, I will vote for Nick.
    I guess.
    If I have too.

    • I met Nick at the fairest last year and again this year. He has a couple decades in business, worked as a manager at Ford, has started several successful businesses, degrees from top universities. I know he was on the MTA board out here for 10 years in Palmer. He’s self-made. Peltola never finished college. If only voters cared about resumes.

  15. Anyone who was serious had 9 months to get in the race. No one did. I’m with him this time. Get on board with Begich or we get Peltola for the next 20 years.

  16. I hope that we find out the time and place of any appearances he makes in the Matsu Valley beforehand, so we out here can attend them.
    I attended one in Big Lake last go around, and would like to again.
    Let us pray that Sarah is busy enough with her east coast boyfriend that she doesn’t feel starved for attention, and jump in again to siphon votes away from a man who is the real deal.

    • I think/hope St Sarah the Hypocrite is angling for a position with the Trump administration if he wins.

      She really burned bridges last year.

  17. We beat Peltola now or she’s a lifer. It’s that simple. At a time when the left is at the height of its madness, Alaska could install a Marxist drone for the next 40 years, if it can’t coalesce around one solid candidate. Nick appears to be that candidate- will Alaskans see the proverbial forest for the trees? Remains to be seen.

  18. I just paid the highest price for gas in my short 71 years please tell me the phone number for this democrat call in.

    • Howdy RINO. Sarah won the Jungle Primary by a wide Margin. She led the General Primary. Gross and Sweeny dropped out sending their votes to Mary, for a win in the first general election . This was pretty much repeated in the second primary and general elections. If Nick had dropped out like Gross and Sweeny did, Sarah would be our Congressman. Sorry Suzanne, I know you love Nick, but he was the Spoiler in the 2022 races.. After all the hatred directed at Sarah and her supporters, it is impossible for me to vote for Nick. I think a lot of Sarah voters feel the same way, they just don’t want to be shouted down for saying so.. Fishing for Food nailed it. We need a NEW CHAMPION, that Rank the Red can get behind, otherwise it will be Mary Forever. A fractured Republican Party cannot win.

      • Sarge Rudd, I am in agreement with you! Sarah would have been the winner in that race. Maybe Nick was put in there by the demonrats to throw the race (which it did). They knew Sarah would win instead of Mary, so they put Nick in there to throw a wrench in the system. I believe that if Nick would have won, he’d be doing what Mary is doing now. If he wins the 2024, he is going to continue what Mary is doing. I liken it to the what-should-have-been Obama-Killary one-two punch end of the United States. Sarah screwed up their plan by running and she really should have won.

  19. I just don’t see Nick igniting any enthusiasm with independent voters, and without them he’s toast!

  20. I have supported and voted for Nick in the primaries and the general and I will continue to support him. After having spoken to him at length at the Convention in Fairbanks, I was convinced by his conviction and values. He campaigned for over a year before Young passed and Palin was nowhere to be found. But when Young passed, as we saw from the wood pile that accumulated on the ballot, I believe that Nick’s shot was stolen by Palin, who never really campaigned, rather blew into town and third legged her way into the mix, convoluting the outcome, in spite of the fact she had to come back into the state to try. The only thing I don’t care for is the statement Wilson says Nick uses to make his determination to run; “Recognizing that the last thing he wanted to do is end up with multiple credible GOP candidates, Begich said that was a deciding factor, and he agreed to run again.” It makes it sound like he wants a free ride and not to have to work at this nomination. “Credible” GOP candidates are hard to find, and the only difficulty is in getting GOP voters to come together on one! Especially if we don’t get rid of RCV.

  21. Why shouldn’t Sarah run. She was the #1 GOP vote getter in every race in 2022. Her voters don’t care when she enters a race. Begich Voters think that the sooner you throw your hat in the ring entitles that Candidate a victory.. No wonder such logic caused so many Begich supporters to Rank the Blue. Fishing for Food stated what Nick needs to do.

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