House committee asks for flight manifests that have Joe, Hunter Biden on them during Obama years

Joe and Hunter Biden traveled together often when Joe was Vice President. Fox and CSPAN images from video.


Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have requested that the National Archives turn over all documents and flight manifests regarding trips that Hunter Biden took on Air Force Two, as well as Marine Two, during his father’s time as vice president.

It is the latest in the ongoing probe of how the younger Biden made millions of dollars overseas and whether his father, the current president, improperly benefited from those dealings. For months, Republicans have searched for a connection to tie the two men together.

The White House has alternately insisted that President Biden never discussed business with his son and also that he was never in a business relationship with him. And there is not yet evidence that the president either profited from Hunter Biden’s overseas business activity or took actions in his official capacity because they would benefit the Bidens.

But Oversight Chairman James Comer believes he may soon find a link: flight manifests.

“Devon Archer, a longtime Biden family associate, has stated it is ‘categorically false’ that Joe Biden played no role in his son’s foreign business dealings,” Comer wrote in a Wednesday letter to the Archives obtained early by RealClearPolitics.

“Flights on Air Force Two around the world to seal business deals,” he said, “are evidence of that role.”

Throughout his father’s time as vice president, Hunter Biden often tagged along on domestic and international flights. A Fox News report cited in Comer’s letter found that he traveled to at least 15 different countries during that time. After founding the consulting firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, he flew with his father on Air Force Two to Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.

“I can catch a ride with him,” Hunter Biden wrote a business associate who was reportedly a foreign agent ahead of an official trip to Belgium and Spain in April of 2010, according to emails contained on the laptop that the president’s son abandoned at a repair shop.

Flying with his father was so frequent that Hunter Biden often informed staff to make room for him on Air Force Two at the last minute. “Plan on me being in plane,” he wrote Kathy Chung, a former aide to the vice president, less than 12 hours before a 2012 cross-country flight to California.

Family members of presidents and vice presidents often tag along during official travel, but it is rare that those next of kin are also employed as international business consultants – a fact that Obama administration officials reportedly worried would invite questions that Hunter Biden was “leveraging access for his benefit.”

One trip was of particular concern to Democrats in 2013 – and now to Republicans in 2023.

When the vice president stepped off Air Force Two onto a Beijing tarmac, he waved to the photographers. His son was by his side that year, dressed in a black overcoat. Hunter Biden had asked his father if he could travel with him during a state visit to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The vice president agreed, and Hunter Biden used the trip to meet with representatives from BHR Partners, a private investment firm controlled by the Bank of China.

On the ground in Beijing, Hunter Biden arranged for his father to meet Jonathan Li, who ran a Chinese private equity fund called Bohai Capital. After the vice president departed, they reportedly had a meeting. He later told the New Yorker, who first reported the incident, he couldn’t understand the fuss over the meeting.

“How do I go to Beijing, halfway around the world,” Hunter Biden told the magazine of his meeting with his Chinese business associates, “and not see them for a cup of coffee?”

Republicans don’t find the foreign travel on government jets, and subsequent private business, so innocent. The Oversight Committee points to that travel as an obvious abuse.

“Then-Vice President Biden’s misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two is indicative of yet another way in which the President has abused his various offices of public trust and wasted taxpayer money to benefit his family’s enterprise, which consisted of nothing more than access to Joe Biden himself,” Comer wrote in the letter.

Oversight wants the National Archives to pass along “all documents and communications” regarding Hunter Biden’s travel on Air Force Two and Marine Two as well as “all Air Force Two and Marine Two manifests.”

They are also seeking any records related to the president’s business associates, namely Devon Archer, who previously testified before Congress; Eric Schwerin, who was frequently admitted into the Obama White House; and Jeffrey Cooper, who reportedly handled the Biden family finances.

Unlike Hunter Biden, however, there aren’t any public records of those individuals flying with the former vice president.

Curiously, the committee is also requesting documents “referring to or relating to any security incidents on Air Force Two or Marine Two” during Biden’s time as vice president.

“The walls are closing in on the Biden Family due to consistent and diligent efforts by House Republicans who’ve followed the money, conducted meticulous interviews and hearings, and uncovered undeniable corruption,” said Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, who co-signed the letter with Comer, in a statement.

“The American people deserve to know how much their former Vice President and current President abused his power to shake down foreign governments and enrich his family to the tune of millions of dollars,” he added.

This article was originally published by RealClearPolitics and made available via RealClearWire.


  1. Be sure to also look for the flight logs that list Robert L Peters as a passenger. That was Joe’s fake name for illicit business.

  2. We all know that Joe was not involved in any way with Hunter’s business ventures.
    That is because Hunter is not capable of actually participating in a business venture. In fact, if it’s not drugs or hookers, Hunter is, frankly, a no-show.
    The business ventures were all Joe’s. Hunter was just the face.

  3. Obama administration officials were worried that Hunter tagging along on official flights while conducting business deals would raise questions about “leveraging access for his benefit”???
    The entire Klan knew exactly what He was peddling… except Joe who “knows nothing”!
    While it is believable Joe knows very little about conducting fraud from the highest government office in America obviously with out a care in the world about getting caught which means they had the Secret Service/FBI as well as DOJ looking the other way.
    Everyone of the security team who followed Father/Son around all those foreign countries HAD to know it was a very successful fishing expedition for the both of them and how convenient it is for them to pretend its “business as usual”.
    Obama should be the one taking the heat for allowing that situation as He knew exactly what they were doing.
    He is just as guilty as the driver of the getaway car in a bank holdup. He just played a different role in the heist.
    I know there was without a doubt scores of corruption during the Clinton years with the Whitewater investment scandal before they even got int the whitehouse and miraculously escaped any prosecution whatsoever. They had DOJ immunity already.
    Not sure how long before those years but I do know Obama/Biden took it to a much higher level with much dumber players/dull tools from the shed.
    I would guess Obama would have been a little more discreet if he knew dimwit Hunter would get high and give his laptop with a treasure trove of evidence(and porn) to a stranger because he couldnt remember his password.

    • I not not sure JB even knows what year he’s living in ! He’s in horrid mental shape ! Not sure why so much foot dragging by GOP unless they are part of the problem ? Which it’s starting to be glaringly apparent that they’ve all been feeding at the trough !

      However it’s so bad and obvious a lot of folks that work for the govt are helping with the coverup of the corruption of DC !

      No idea how big a corruption issue we had in DC ! Lots of folks provided shade to all this ! It’s like they turn the lights on and the cock roaches and rats are scattering !

      The Mitch McConnell has another stroke yesterday and crickets from media ! Looks to me like most of the problem we have in this country is old brain damaged 80 year olds in power !

  4. Comer has a deep background in banking. He knows what to look for, and where.

    Sigh. Sometimes I’m not as bothered with how corrupt Biden is as how transparent he was doing it. He knew, knew, if ever caught his backside would be covered.

    Cue Harry Belafonte

  5. Once Trump is back in office, among other things, his Attorney General ALSO needs to appoint a special council to investigate Hillary Clinton, her cronies and the Clinton Foundation. Hillary sold 20% of America’s uranium supply to Russia in exchange for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation. And that’s just one of the many scams. Hillary’s the one that Joe Biden looked up to in setting up his OWN pay for play scams with his drug addled son Hunter. He thought, well if she can get away with it, so can I. It’s time for America to vote these corrupt criminal Democrats out of office to once and for all, STOP them from “getting away with it”.

    • Hahaha stop it already. Lock her up was only a chant to get all his idol worshipper engage enough to get in into office. Ex-president Trump soon to be convict Trump had every opportunity to “lock her up” and he didn’t now they’re about to “Lock him up” oh the irony😂😂😂😂😂

  6. The FBI and CIA will have to hold onto them for awhile so they can be altered. Don’t be leave anything the government is selling to chance be careful.

  7. So glad Comer is using valuable taxpayer money chasing a recovering addict, instead of raising revenue and paying our bills as called for in the US Constitution

    • You mean like the millions democrats wasted on “Russia,Russia,Russia”? You seem to suffering from short term memory loss.

    • Cmon Frank, Lets get you up to speed here. Comers important task here is to investigate the 20-40million Joe AND his coke addict son harvested from foreign countries under direct orders from the “Chief Obama” who put Joe Sniffy in charge of foreign relations and foreign aid packages which had a massive payback into his pockets. It is not just the smartest man Joe ever met. It is ALL of them.

  8. Joe Biden is as crooked as an Alaska summer day is long. It’s catching up with him. The lying, cheating, plagerizing senator from Delaware, who thought Obama was “clean,” is as dirty as the unwashed linen from a Democrat orgy. Biden is going down. The House can spend the next 6 months in their impeachment “inquiry” getting all they need in order to put the Democrats in checkmate for 2024. One sniff of election fraud by Democrats in the next election, and the bullets will start flying.

  9. I feel like Charlie Brown standing by while Lucy holds the football. Republicans investigate, investigate and investigate. When they’re done, they do nothing. Nothing. Will. Happen.

    Who’s going to lead the charge to do something about this? Lisa? Right. Dan Sullivan? He has the backbone for this but not the stomach. And the Alaska Dees’ new star Mary has her hands busy forming the Rural Alaska Antifa crowd.

  10. Hey Frank, do ya think he’ll top Mueller’s 40 million? Or the Jan 6th’s committee’s 20 million? Or failed attempts at impeaching a cheeto?
    That bottom photo was taken at the Whitehouse less than 48 hrs before the coke was found.

  11. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Sloppy Joe & crackhead Hunter were bagmen for Obama!

    • Yes, she did fly with me on the state’s lear jet that I purchased with leftover funds from the Longevity Bonus checks that I cancelled from Alaska”s senior citizens on my second day as Governor. Lisa had her own private seat on the jet. You were talking about me, correct?

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